5 Things You Should Look For in a Beauty Brand

You may have used the same face cream for years. Your shampoo has topped this year's best-seller list. You love the way your shower gel smells! Why would you switch brands if these products are working for you?
We have a few good reasons.
The most important one being, harmful chemicals that may be giving you short term results but slowly leading to sleepless nights, clogged lymphatic nodes or hormone disruption. This is why we urge you to be picky about the beauty brands you chose (and their values!). 
And you know why it’s going to be super easy? Because there are brands out there that believe in the same values as you do, and you can leave it to them. Blindly.
That is after you’ve put them through this checklist.
Here’s what your beauty brands should be looking out for:
1. Their products are sulfate and paraben-free. This shows that they care about your health and are making an effort to avoid using ingredients that could be harmful. 
2. Their products are dermatologically tested. This means that a dermatologist has looked into the product and checked how the skin reacts with it. 
3. They assure you of the safety of their ingredients. This means that they are steering clear of the harmful chemicals and trying to find safer, cleaner alternatives in their ingredients. 
4. They are against animal testing and are cruelty-free.
5. Naturally derived ingredients are used in their products. This means that while they use chemicals, they use chemicals that are derived from plant extracts (like coco betaine from coconut oil). These are safe synthetics, unlike the ingredients created in labs. 
We are hoping this list will fully inspire you to switch to a cleaner, gentler approach to beauty and hunt for brands you think fit with your values.  Or, you know, you could just buy from our curated list of brands just like these, here! 

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