What is Clean Beauty and Why is it Important?

What do we mean when we say safe, clean beauty?

We believe that looking your best shouldn't come at the cost of your health. 

To put it simply, it isn't too different from eating "clean". Staying away from toxins in beauty products is like staying away from junk food (that is until we get waylaid by that bag of chips!)

Like that bag of chips, most moisturisers are harmful to our health. Now imagine eating a bag of chips every day! Our daily beauty products - like our soaps, shampoos and creams- contain seemingly harmless ingredients that are actually disrupting hormones, messing with your health and damaging your skin, long term.

These are the most harmful ingredients that have gotten a bad rep over the years, that we avoid in our products. Here's why.  

1) Sulfates 

You know that feeling of tightness in your skin after you wash it? Sulfates may be to blame. Found mostly in cleansing products like soaps, shampoos and cleansers, sulfates are the reason your soaps or shampoos foam as much as they do. What they also do, in the bargain, is strip your skin of its natural oils, triggering allergies and irritation in its wake.

Our brands, on the other hand, are mindful of this and use cleaner alternatives to gently cleanse your skin. They may not work up a bubbly lather but they'll leave your skin squeaky clean without stripping it off oils.

Like the bath collection, we've curated from natural, clean brands like Cowshed, Sukin and Bare Necessities. 

2) Parabens 

Parabens are the reason your products have a long shelf life. Used as preservatives in most skincare, makeup and even deodorant, they can disrupt hormone function. A recent study at the international journal of molecular science recently discovered that parabens mimic estrogen. Research has even linked parabens with cancer. 

Which is why we work closely with brands who have found natural alternatives to preservatives, like coconut oil and oil extracts. 

3) Synthetic Fragrances

Apart from your perfumes and deodorants, fragrances are everywhere you look. Your favourite shampoo smells of green apple and your soap of citrus, probably thanks to this synthetic, which can make you quite ill. Scientists found that this seemingly harmless ingredient is linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, hormone disruption and even respiratory issues. We'd recommend switching to brands that use natural fragrances, like essential oils or flower extracts, to keep you safe and smelling naturally fresh. 

 To summarise, staying safe while looking your best is the basic philosophy of Clean Beauty. It's essentially an ingredient game. Getting to know them well, is what we'll help you do. We are right here, by your side while you make those important choices, that impact your everyday. 

Real beauty begins here. 


- Uttara Krishnadas

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