Why we love : Cowshed!

While a barn might seem like an odd place for an award-winning bath and body range to be found. That is exactly where Cowshed was born.

Not only did they start in an actual cowshed but they actually first started as a spa in 1998. It was through their roots in the health and wellness industry that they first realized the importance of creating skincare that was both :
Nourishing (Made with Organic and Effective ingredients)
Therapeutic (Aromatherapy based Mood Boosting properties)
    They try to ensure nothing they make affects you adversely.

    So all those Parabens and Sulphates you keep hearing about ?
    Cowshed avoids them like the plague.

    We also love that they honestly fess up and tell you they try to avoid animal ingredients BUT cannot avoid using organic beeswax and wildflower honey in some of their products. They promise they’re working on that though.
    And for all your other moods we are absolutely sure you could find something here. 

    Their names may be playful BUT they still take their formulations very seriously.

    So seriously in fact that they even maintain a glossary of the ingredients they use. Read all about it here.
    We think it’s now safe to throw all worrying about toxic ingredients out the window and decide what mood we’re in !

    We love getting to know about new products, educating ourselves about ingredients and looking out for new brands that share our passion, ethics and standards.

    All our brands go through a meticulous screening process to check for restricted ingredients.Read more about it here.

    Explore and shop Cowshed here.

    - Sharvanee Thale