Why we Love : Dr Scheller

Most products are chock full of ingredients like silicon, which deceptively make your skin or hair look smoother on the surface. But it’s really only a temporary, surface effect. It’s like a cheap hack that brands use to get you to believe they are ‘working’.

The reason we love Dr.Scheller is that they would never do that.

They don’t use silicon, PEGS (petroleum-based compounds), parabens (synthetic preservatives) or sulfates (cleansers used in detergents).  They stay away from that and all that other goop (like synthetic colourants).

Safe to say that your skin is in clean, soft hands with Dr.Scheller.

What’s great about them is that not only are they squeaky clean, they are also environmentally and socially conscious. Check out their certification!


Another reason to trust them is that they have been in business since 1986. They definitely know what they’re doing, since they’ve been at it for a while!

For the science geeks, you’d be interested to know...Dr Scheller is pretty path-breaking and innovative. Check out the patented technology they came up with.




To us, it looks like they work doubly hard to make sure their products do their job, safely and well. It’s this care and attention to detail we look for in brands and want to bring to you so that you feel great in your skin.

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We love getting to know about new products, educating ourselves about ingredients and looking out for new brands that share our passion, ethics and standards.
All our brands go through a meticulous screening process to check for restricted ingredients.  Read more about it here.

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                             - Sharvanee Thale