Why we love : Ruby’s Organics

If there’s one class of ingredients you should avoid in your makeup, it’s parabens. 
They’ve got a bad rep. And for good reason.  
Allergies, skin rashes, irritation are all side-effects of parabens. They also happen to be the most widely used preservatives in cosmetics and can very easily penetrate into your skin.
BUT transforming from a plain Jane into JLo doesn't have to come at a toxic cost.
At least not with Ruby’s Organics .
All their cosmetics are paraben free, vegetarian AND made with organically sourced ingredients.
Rubys Organics
We also love that they’re honest enough to admit they can’t give us greens and blues since all their pigments are mineral based and natural.
Creating green or blue tinted makeup would require chemical pigments which Ruby’s actively avoids. All their cosmetics are made with bioactive ingredients. Which means, their make up contains healing or nutritional ingredients that are usually used in skincare. So your make up doesn’t just doll you up but takes care of your skin! Check these out:
  • Blush made with Kaolin Clay (Protection from the sun and softens skin),
  • Lipsticks made with Beeswax (Helps seal moisture and hydrate)
  • Eye pencils enriched with Almond Oil (Helps soothe dry eyes)

So all those wonderful nights out with friends where you want to look like a million bucks don’t come at a toxic cost.

Interested in finding out more about Ruby’s Organics? Explore their range here. 
All our brands go through a meticulous screening process to check for parabens. Find out all about it, here.


We love getting to know about new products, educating ourselves about ingredients and looking out for new brands that share our passion and values. 
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- Sharvanee Thale