Getting to know your skin : Acids are good for you !

If you’ve been seeing the word acid on an ingredient list and throwing it into the discard pile before someone can say “toxin-free”, then we are here to tell you…

“Acids are good for you!”

Here’s the thing about them though. There are different types of acid, and they can affect your skin in wildly different ways. We’re here to help you understand that with a quick guide (yes, we hated chemistry in school too!) so that you’ll know what to look for, the next time you’re buying face cream or exfoliators.

Stumped about what would work for your skin? Check out this infographic on what acid best suits which skin type.

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What you need to know about acids is that despite the scary sounding name, they are mostly derived from natural substances!  

What are these acids made from? ..and how do they benefit you?
Read on below to find out!
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We understand the idea of putting an acid on your skin can seem daunting. But there are so many acids out there that can do wonders for the skin, it’s just about finding the right one for you.


If you're looking for a safe place to start, we'd recommend Lactic acid. It's gentle on your skin and you'll reap benefits like an even skin tone, brighter complexion and an overall younger glow. 
Here’s our favourite pick from products that contain a healthy dose of Lactic Acid:
Sukin Super Greens Facial Recovery Serum
The Sukin Super Green Facial Recovery Serum  Benefits: Promotes youthful looking skin, gives your skin light, easy-to-wear hydration and nourishes it from within. Find it here.   For a gentler version of tartaric acid, citric acid, here's a product we like  Sukin Purifying Face Mask Sukin's Purifying Clay Masque Benefits: Gently removes excess oils and impurities, while mildly exfoliating and softening the skin.  Find it here.   

For a mix of polyunsaturated fatty acids, that combine citric acid, mandelic acid and vitamin C:   Dr. Scheller Argan Oil & Amaranth Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Serum

Dr. Scheller's Argan and Amaranth Anti Wrinkle Intensive Serum Benefits:  Boosts skin's elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Helps to replenish the skin's natural protective layerFind it here. 

Happy shopping!