The Switch Fix

The Switch Fix Blue-tea-ful Hair Care Bundle

₹ 1,279 ₹ 1,638

Promote overall healthier hair and scalp

A combo pack that takes care of all your scalp and hair blues. Gently cleanse, strengthen and detangle with our blue-tea-ful haircare combo. beautiful, isn't it? The bundle contains:

  1. Hair Oil Before Bath: Hydrate your thirsty hair with deep conditioning of coconut, sweet almond and olive oil along with the soothing aroma of ylang ylang in this better scalp health hair oil. This oil provides better scalp health and softer hair. 
  2. Blue-tea-ful Shampoo BarYour ex may have flaked, but your scalp won't - even when exposed to dust and pollution. Blue-tea-ful keeps scalp blues away with its antioxidant-rich formulation. It is an antioxidant rich shampoo bar that boosts overall scalp immunity. 
  3. Blue-tea-ful Conditioner: The world might be a hot mess but your hair won't be. calm your hair with antioxidant-rich blue tea infused deep conditioner that will smooth, strengthen and detangle your hair. 

Size: 85 gms x 100 gms x 100 gms

Who is it for?

For normal to oily scalp and hair.

What's in it?

  • Seek greatness and you’ll find grapeseed. Light, non-greasy and moisturising. it also makes hair strong and healthy and is effective in treating frizz and split ends.
  • Blue Tea Flower Extract is a herbal tea with multiple health benefits, predominantly due to its high concentration of antioxidants. blue tea fights signs of aging and promotes scalp health by increasing blood circulation.
  • Soothe and calm your scalp with chamomile. Its antioxidant properties boost your skin immunity.

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The Switch Fix is a clean and conscious personal care brand. At The Switch Fix, we make sure that we don't have to choose between what works for us and what works for our planet. We believe looking after our planet is an act of self-love, that's why our creations have been formulated to be safe & effective for us and our planet. Our products are Vegan, Cruelty-free, Non-toxic, Naturally-derived and Plastic-free (Yes! even our packaging).

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