Sublime Life

Glow Gang Gift Set

Rs. 2,850 Rs. 3,269

Give your skin the ultimate refreshment with an all inclusive gift set that gives you that coveted glow that you longing to get for the festive season.

This combo contains:

  1. Ritual Face Cleanser With Matcha Green Tea & Hemp Seed Oil: An antioxidant-packed cleanser that's PH balanced, non-drying and hydrating. The non-comedogenic and toxin-free formula naturally lathers and rinses quickly without messing up with your skin barrier. A wonderful acne remedy too.
  2. Hydrating Mist Toner: Our alcohol-free Hydrating Mist Toner combines Rosewater and Chamomile to help soothe, purify and cool tired skin. It can be used after cleansing, before and after makeup application or any time your skin is feeling tired, stressed or overheated. 
  3. Multi Vitamin Super Hydrator This elixir-like serum breathes life and radiance into your skin with just 2-3 drops of application a day. This formula is a perfect blend of ingredients that repairs, nourishes and helps with daily maintenance. 
  4. Repairing Night Cream: A must in your night regime, especially for dry skin, Coccoon's Repairing Night Cream regenerates your skin while you sleep, resulting in a natural effortless glow. Coccoon’s Repairing Night Cream will pamper your skin, making it ethereal at sight and soft at touch.