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    Green And Beige Armpit Mask

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    Green And Beige Armpit Mask

    Pore cleansing and odour detoxing armpit mask 

    Body odour is the cause of much discomfort and to be honest, much ostracisation. Armpit Detox unclogs pores, tackles odour causing bacteria, and fades pigmentation. Hebeatol® Plus DEO; with antimicrobial properties works as a deodorant. It contains 100% biodegradable functional ester made from Xylitol and caprylic acid – both of plant origin. The other hero in Melavoid™, an active fraction from the roots of "Boerhavia diffusa L.". It acts on the initial mechanisms of pigmentation, reducing melanogenic activity and causing a decrease in tone and skin spots.

    Size: 100 gms

    Who is it for?

    Suitable for all skin types.

    What's in it?

    • Activated Coconut Charcoal is highly porous and adsorbs dirt and grime which is why it makes a great ingredient in an armpit mask.
    • Bentonite Clay is an absorbent clay that forms after volcanic ash ages over time. This clay absorbs negatively charged ions thereby drawing out left-over ingredients from antiperspirants along with buildup of sweat and impurities from your underarms.
    • Safflower oil is light and non-greasy and quickly absorbed into the skin where its high level of linoleic acid helps to balance the sebum levels in the skin. Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E which help in promoting skin health.

    Apply to wet armpits, leave on for about 10 minutes and then rinse with water. (Rinse well to ensure charcoal does not stain clothes.) Use at least once daily for best results.

    Tip:A little goes a long way.

    Complete ingredient list:
    DM Water • Helianthus annuus seed oil* • Bentonite Clay* • Carthamus tinctorius seed oil* • Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Glucoside* • Cetyl Alcohol* • Coconut shell Charcoal* • Phenethyl alcohol† (and) Caprylyl Glycol* • Boerhaavia diffusa root extract* • Mentha piperita oil* • Boswellia serrata oil* • Caprylhydroxyamic Acid (and) Glyceryl Caprylate (and) Glycerine* • Pelargonium graveolens flower oil* • Xanthan Gum* • Propanediol* • Xylityl Sesquicaprylate* • Sodium Gluconate* • Pinus sylvestris oil* • Carnosic Acid* *100% vegetable/natural and sustainable source. †Free from Parabens, Silicon, Formaldehyde, Thiazolinone.

    Expiry date:

    Country of Origin:

    Does not contain:
    • Parabens: Ethyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Butyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben
    • Pthalates: DBP, DEHP, DEP, DMP)
    • Sulphates: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulpate SLES
    • Heavy Metals: Mercury & Mercury compounds, Lead
    • Aluminium Cholordhydrate
    • Resorcinol
    • Animal fat
    • Coal tar
    • Toulene
    Address of Manufacturer / Importer / Brand:
    12, 1st Floor, Gurunanjundiah Industrial Estate, Abbigere, Lakshmipura Main Road,Bengaluru- 560090

    We created Green And Beige for ourselves and people who believe their skin and hair deserve love and attention. Who love themselves enough to not cover themselves in harsh and harmful chemicals. Who love themselves enough to insist on products that are not just natural, but 100% clean.

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    Very nice Product




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