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    Green And Beige y'aura Banana Boat

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    Green And Beige y'aura Banana Boat

    Banana and anatto soap  

    Daylight come and we wanna go home and have a nice, refreshing shower.

    Size: 100 gms

    Who is it for?

    Suitable for all skin types.

    What's in it?

    • Freshly pounded Banana puree has the ability to hydrate and moisturise skin.                                            
    • Sesame oil rich in antioxidents is also a  great for skin moisturizing and conditioning.
    • Annatto oil acts as an emollient with antioxidant benefits while adding a rich sunny color.
    • Geranium, cedar wood and spike lavender essential oils fragrance this soap and also bring their beauty benefits to the party. 

    Complete ingredient list:
    Vegetable Butters and Oils: Cocoa butter, Olive, Safflower, Sesame, Coconut, Sunflower. Essential Oils: Geranium, Spike Lavender, Cedarwood. Additives: Banana puree, Anatto. Saponified with NaOH.

    Expiry date:

    Country of Origin:

    Does not contain:
    • Parabens: Ethyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Butyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben
    • Pthalates: DBP, DEHP, DEP, DMP)
    • Sulphates: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulpate SLES
    • Heavy Metals: Mercury & Mercury compounds, Lead
    • Aluminium Cholordhydrate
    • Resorcinol
    • Animal fat
    • Coal tar
    • Toulene
    Address of Manufacturer / Importer / Brand:
    12, 1st Floor, Gurunanjundiah Industrial Estate, Abbigere, Lakshmipura Main Road,Bengaluru- 560090

    We created Green And Beige for ourselves and people who believe their skin and hair deserve love and attention. Who love themselves enough to not cover themselves in harsh and harmful chemicals. Who love themselves enough to insist on products that are not just natural, but 100% clean.

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