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The Switch Fix Viva La Sativa Hair Care Bundle

₹ 1,329 ₹ 1,637

Nourishing and restorative haircare bundle 

A bundle to give you that creamy sativa care. high in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, it helps restore your hair’s lost moisture and lustre while building strength from within. It contains:

  1. Viva La Sativa Hair Oil: Destress your hair that comes in regular contact with pollution. This highly potent formulation works to deeply nourish, restore and strengthen your hair from deep within.   
  2. Viva La Sativa Shampoo Bar: For some reason, life feels a whole lot better when you're having a totally rad hair day. For this reason, we made Viva La Sativa. Its damage repairing formula deeply nourishes your scalp and hair. 
  3. Viva La Sativa Deep Conditioner: Do you miss that feeling when you could run your fingers through your hair without worrying about half of it falling out? You may feel it again with our rich, nourishing hemp seed oil infused formulation.

Size: 85 gms x 100 gms x 100 gms

Who is it for?

For dry and damaged hair.

What's in it?

  • Come kokum, come hydration. get the richness of buttery moisturising goodness without clogging pores.
  • With Hemp Seed Oil Get high on surface moisture. presence of omega fatty acids along with antioxidant-rich vitamin e makes it deeply nourishing and restorative especially to damage caused by pollution.
  • Moringa will help your scalp breathe by bringing oxygen to the roots. it further forms a protective layer to protect against pollutants.
The Switch Fix is a clean and conscious personal care brand. At The Switch Fix, we make sure that we don't have to choose between what works for us and what works for our planet. We believe looking after our planet is an act of self-love, that's why our creations have been formulated to be safe & effective for us and our planet. Our products are Vegan, Cruelty-free, Non-toxic, Naturally-derived and Plastic-free (Yes! even our packaging).

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