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4 Basic Principles of Resetting Skin Balance

With daily changing trends, influx of new products and content every moment..we are so overwhelmed and then there are routines like double cleansing, eye creams, retinols, acids….the list goes on and on...In order to achieve the ‘reel skin’ as we call it, we lose sight of our real skin and its needs. 

All this while, what we do not realise is that over usage of products like acids, topical harsh scrubs, drying masks (the list goes on and on), we are actually disrupting the skin barrier and in turn balancing the skin. Signs like itchiness, dry patches, redness, sensitivity, rashes under eyes, tightness are to be watched out for. All this imbalance leads to disturbed pH levels, excessive dryness or dehydration, excessive sebum production that leads to acne and might also result in more severe allergic conditions.

With all this said, let me tell you, there is no ideal skin..only healthy skin which is meant to be your choice. You are meant to enjoy your rituals and routine instead of being confused about them.

With being at ‘ONE’  with ‘OUR’ own skin at the core of Ekavi’s philosophy...we are here to hold hands with them and help you reset that balance that takes us many steps close to our healthy glowing shelves. Let’s take a closer look at the basics of good skin care practices for getting a healthy barrier back.

1. Cleanse

Daily skin cleansing is supposed to remove all the dirt, grim, makeup and pollutants off your skin. Cleansing is basically a prep step that you do to get your skin ready to receive the serums/essence or moisturisers and get them to work effectively. Creamy or milky cleansers are a great option as they do the heavy lifting without stripping the skin of its natural moisture whereas, a foam making soapy cleanser or powder cleansers generally end up leaving our skin dry and deplete our natural moisture if used the wrong way. Ekavi’s Gamya is a Purifying cream cleanser with a versatile, velvety cream texture that effectively removes makeup, dirt and leaves your skin clean and refreshed without being aggressive or stripping.

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Read more about finding the right cleanse for your skin type here.

2. Hydrate

The next step would be to hydrate your skin and replenish that much needed water. Skin with a disrupted barrier is generally dehydrated that might lead to appearance of fine lines, dullness and an overall look of patchiness. We know that water is basically a building block of the life cells. Having a nicely hydrated skin improves elasticity, balances oil production and plumps the skin. A good hydrator is a humectant that binds the moisture and oil to the skin and boosts its function. While browsing through, we found that Ekavi's Taral is a hydrating skin essence that is multi-functional at serving you as a mist and essence with well functioning ingredients that optimally hydrate the skin and replenish that much needed hydration.

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3. Moisturise

Moisture is another equally important aspect that we need to care for when taking care of our skin. Hydration is all about water and moisture is all about oils. It is essentially important for both these to work together to bring out that health. Oil is the one that binds with humectants that we replenished through hydration, and does the heavy lifting of skin regeneration and revival. Any repair that happens, it happens through this. Made up of 16 exotic and hardworking oils, Ekavi's Adya is going to leave your skin glowing and healthy after a consistent use.


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4. Protect

We can’t stress enough on how important it is to protect the skin of sun exposure. “Prevention is better than cure” and this phrase holds true when it comes to sunscreens. Not only do they prevent the damage that sun rays can cause but it is also necessary for all the essential minerals and antioxidants to work at their best. Maintaining a good barrier of health is essential to build back the balance that skin needs and to avoid the free radical damage, we would say that protecting the skin with a sunscreen is the most important and at the foremost of a good skincare routine. Overall, SPF also helps keep out the external stressors and irritants, which is why we love the Amayra Naturals Ban The Tan Mineral Sunscreen which comes with SPF 50 and PA +++ for the ultimate protection.

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At last, patience and consistency are the pillars that would lead to strengthening this foundation.

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