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50 shades of dark circles and how to manage them!

Haven’t we all experienced that one time when we forget to put on some concealer or just roll out of bed without any under eye make up and your friends ask you if you are doing alright and keeping well? If yes, then continue reading cause then this article is just what you need! Dark circles have been troubling women throughout history. However with our modern-day living habits, an increasing number of individuals are looking for a solution to this problem regardless of age or gender. Today, we are going to give you the whole picture of how they are formed, the different types of dark circles and the various solutions to solve this problem.

What are dark circles and other common eye area concerns?

We can determine a lot about our sleeping habits, diet, lifestyle and other factors that are not working right in our body as the signs start to show up though our eyes. Dark circles, puffy under eyes, fine lines, dryness are common concerns we all face. Let us start off by understanding the eye area around the eyes.

The skin under our eyes is called the periorbital skin and is significantly thinner. It does not have many oil glands leading to lower Collagen or elastin production compared to the rest of our face. This makes the skin under our eye more prone to moisture loss and dryness leading to fine lines, wrinkles.

The pooling of capillaries and blood vessels cause dark circles. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that lie right under the skin. These vessels expand to carry blood throughout the body making the pigment underneath the skin show. When this happens, it seems as though you have dark circles as the blood is showing through the thin skin. The intensity of the darkness under our eye bags is related to the capillaries expanding and contracting. If you lack nutrients overall in your body, blood vessels tend to dilate to allow more nutrient flow making the skin appear bluish purple.

The skin under our eye is only ½ mm thick compared to 2 to 3 mm thick on the rest of our body. Those with thicker skin might not be prone to dark circles despite the amount of sleep they get. Nervousness and anxiety make the blood rush to different parts of our body causing adrenal fatigue. When our adrenal glands are underperforming and our body releases cortisol which then makes it harder to sleep.

This is an image of what are dark circles and other common eye area concerns

What are the different types of dark circles and what are their causes? 

Most people think dark circles are caused due to tiredness, fatigue and lack of sleep but there is no one specific cause. There can be various other reasons that are linked to parts of your body, genetics, allergies or sinus problems.  Here we will take you through the different types of dark circles, its causes and how to prevent them -

Type 1: Bluish tone

Cause: Stressful lifestyle, sleep deprivation, prone to allergies and nasal congestion.


  • Get enough rest. Sleep affects hormones and other parts of your body. Our body does not function at its best. Doctors hence recommend sleep as the cure of many illnesses we might face. 
  • Do not rub your eyes and minimise irritation. If your eyes feel itchy, use an eyedrop or apply a soothing cream and gently massage it onto your eye area.

Type 2: Brownish black tone

Cause: Ageing, genetics, thinning of skin under eye area, sun damage, darker skin tone


  • Do not forget to apply SPF all over your face without leaving out the eyes. Sun damage increases melanin production that can worsen dark circles. 
  • To take care of the darkening under your eye use products with Vitamin C that have brightening properties.

Type 3: Purplish tone

Cause: Ageing, visible blood vessels. fairer skin tone


  • Look for products with anti-ageing properties such as the Ilana Organic Lush Eyes (Eye cream & Mask) that boosts collagen and unveils brighter youthful looking skin. 
  • Try a Retinol-based eye cream that stimulated cell turnover, increased elastin and makes the skin plumper. Oceglow Luminous Bright Eyes consists of natural retinol that gives an instant glow with a youthful look.

    Type 4: Shadowed dark circles

    Cause: Weight loss, facial structure (deep valley between your eyes and cheekbones)


    • When you lose a lot of weight, the fat loss comes from all areas of the body, including the face. Eating a balanced diet and staying healthy while maintaining a fitness routine will slowly help to reverse sunken dark circles.  
    • Since this is not caused due to discoloration, you can consult with a professional to seek advice on the various dermatological treatments available to address this concern. 
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      How to get rid of dark circles and what are the ingredients you must use?

      Dark circles can affect anyone at any age and to make matters worse, they can be difficult to get rid of. But, with maintenance and consistency we believe you can help to reduce its appearance. Read on to learn about the different ways to get rid of dark circles:

      1. Incorporate eye creams in your skincare routine

      Due to the thin and sensitive nature of the skin under your eye, it is recommended to use an eye cream instead of a moisturiser. They contain active ingredients with the right amount of dilution to nourish the eye area without being too harsh. Detoxie Dark Circle Repair & Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Gel is our go - to eye cream to tackle the most common urban menace – dark circles. 

      2. Use products with ingredients such as -

      • Vitamin C: The best ingredient to find in eye creams is Vitamin C known for its brightening properties. It is a naturally sourced antioxidant that helps to balance out uneven skin tone, boost collagen production and increase hydration. It will target the outer layer of the skin. Zyna Under Eye Cream PM: Firming & Brightening is a multivitamin blend of Vitamin C, E and Niacinamide Vitamin B3 along with Olive leaf extracts. Apply this in circular motions or use a cold Face Rituals Mini Jade Roller to cool down the blood flow beneath the skin. You can also try the Rustic Art Invigorating Under Eye Fluid by rolling it on 2-3 times under eye and on eyelids.
      • Vitamin K:  It is a fat - soluble substance that controls blood clotting. Several studies have found that this vitamin can lighten the shade of dark circles. Coffee is a natural source of Vitamin K. Try Zyna Under Eye Gel AM: Refreshing and Tightening known for its encapsulated caffeine boosts circulation to brighten the under eye area. 
      • Hyaluronic Acid: The main function of Hyaluronic Acid is to retain water and prevent dryness. As the area under our eye consists of only a few oil glands, this acid hydrates and plumps up the skin making it radiant and youthful. We recommend Neemli Naturals Caffeine & Cucumber Under Eye Cream with Hyaluronic acid that provides significant, long-lasting hydration at a cellular level.

      3. Improvise your diet

      Try to consume less cold foods during the winter. Raw fruits, salads, smoothies, cold water even though healthy, they are high in potassium and low in calories. Eating too many cold foods is a shock to your body. For instance, instead of eating vegetables raw, lightly sauté or steam them, drink warm water instead of cold, avoid refrigerating your fruits. This will help to maintain a balance between hot and cold food intake.

      4. Destress

      When you are stressed, blood is provided to other parts of your body, barring the face, which makes it look very pale. Before going to bed, filter out all your thoughts. Reading a book, writing a journal, switching off all electronic devices are good habits to follow before bed to ensure uninterrupted sleep.

      5. Cold home remedies

      Natural healers have suggested various remedies such as placing chilled caffeinated tea bags or cucumber on each eye for a few minutes and then rinsing it off. Dilated blood vessels darken the area under your eyes. Massaging your under eye area with a cold House of Beauty Ice Globe is a relaxing and cooling experience that stimulates better blood circulation and oxygenation to the skin. Cold compresses can cause the blood vessels to constrict, which may result in a lessening of the dark circles.

      6. Treatments

      If dark circles are one of your deep concerns, you may consult with a dermatologist who might recommend Laser therapy. Through this therapy, heat is focused on the targeted area to lighten the dark pigment under the eye. These treatments are considered safe and help to rejuvenate skin tissues.

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      Where do you incorporate eye cream in your skin regime?

      An eye cream must be used in this order to ensure maximum results - Cleanser > Toner > Serum > Eye Cream > Moisturiser > Face Oil

      This is an image of where eye cream must be incorporated in your regime


      Take care of your under eye cause only pandas look cute with dark circles! The problems associated with our eyes throw light on our holistic health. Incorporating an eye cream once a day before moisturising or applying serum  and after toning will definitely reap positive results. However, you must remember dark circles are not only an external concern that can be solved with creams and gels but also internally linked to our health so remember to look after your body as well! For many, they are not a major medical concern and treatments for dark circles depend on the underlying cause.

      - Howrah Lookmanji

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