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    8 Clean Beauty & Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs You Must Follow In 2020

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    Quickly replacing natural and organic, clean beauty is the new buzzword in 2020. And with good reason. Simply put, clean beauty is all about the use of non-toxic and safe ingredients that pose no known threat or risk to our bodies and long-term health. Natural and organic beauty, on the other hand, are often results of ‘greenwashing’—a practice where adjectives and marketing are cleverly used to substantiate a product as more environmentally and skin-friendly than its counterparts.

    Surprised to learn that natural, organic and clean beauty, all don’t actually mean the same thing? Most people are. So, why has everyone suddenly woken up to clean beauty?

    Well, with people moving towards a more conscientious lifestyle that’s ethically sound, good for one’s health, and also the planet, clean beauty finds favour with many who are trying to make better and more informed choices. 

    And that’s also the reason why sustainable living has become quite the trend too. It’s the principle of embracing a lifestyle that reduces the load you put on earth’s natural resources. Everything from reducing carbon footprint, energy consumption and planting more trees to only eating sustainable sources of food, saving water and recycling fall under sustainable living. The idea is to live in harmony with the planet we so heavily depend on without destroying it.

    So if you, too, are hoping to partake in this change, then we recommend following these 8 lifestyle blogs that can help you transition into a lifestyle that’s clean for you, non-toxic for the environment, and sustainable for the planet.

    Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow

    Easily among the front-runners in the clean beauty movement, Goop is a one-stop platform for all beginners looking to get initiated into the lifestyle. They have their own clean beauty fragrances, and skin, body, and hair care products. Goop also has an extensive blog reading listing and many buying guides to help you understand ‘how to read labels’ and recognise toxic ingredients when shopping for clean beauty. And if you’re looking for some in-depth information, then you can always buy the Goop Clean Beauty book for some leisure reading. The platform also focuses on sustainable living with their food recipes and wellness sections being a huge hit.

    Where to follow:, Instagram (@goop)

    This is an image of Gwyneth Paltrow, founder of Goop

    VBeauty by Vasudha Rai

    The former beauty director of leading magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan in India, Vasudha Rai champions clean beauty, zero waste packaging, healthy and sustainable living, and yoga for mindfulness. Her blogs are all about holistic living, her videos are a treat for those looking for product recommendations, and her Instagram feed has a lot of little wellness tips, healthy recipes, and de-stressing advice that ties together, everything that she stands for.

    Where to follow: www.vbeauty.coInstagram (@vasudha.rai)

    This is an image of Vasudha Rai of Vbeauty blog

    The Green Belle by Gabrielle Dubois

    Gabrielle is your clean beauty and sustainable friend on-the-go. The Toronto-based lifestyle blogger has information packaged for you in a variety of formats, and that’s what makes her content such a treat. Based on your preference, you can follow her on Instagram for snapshot updates, on YouTube for product reviews, skincare tips and makeup tutorials, or read her blogs that provide information on sustainable living, fashion, nutrition, and non-toxic home and beauty products. And if you’re looking for some expert insight, she’s always chatting up specialists on her podcasts where they teach you how to immerse yourself in a toxic-free lifestyle through the choices you make every day. 

    Where to follow:, Instagram (@thegreenbelle)

    This is an image of Gabrielle Dubois of The Green Belle Blow

    Beej Living by Neeti Mehra

    Perfect for those who haven’t had time to stop and smell the roses, Beej Living is an innovative platform that journals slow living in India. The purpose is to live mindfully and have complete awareness and appreciation for the things around you. Once you simplify your life to focus on the essentials and get rid of the clutter, sustainability and conscientious living will no longer seem like a mythical dream. Neeti Mehra’s platform serves as a guide to fall back on for choices, both big and small. Whether you’re looking to understand Ayurvedic beauty or learn how to establish a daily routine that will help you stay calm as you go through your busy day, the platform talks about it all. She also has nuggets of wisdom on her Instagram page, but to truly appreciate and take in the philosophy of slow living, we suggest you check out her page.

    Where to follow:, Instagram (@beejliving)

    This is an image of Neeti Mehra of Beej Living blog

    Bare Beauty blog by Jessica Morse

    If you’re looking for no-fluff, all information that’s actually honest, useful and broken down in simple terms, then you should definitely bookmark the Bare Beauty blog. Jessica Morse provides detailed reviews of products, right from packaging and ingredients to how it feels after application. She believes that as clean beauty products are usually expensive, it’s only fair to have as much information as possible. Bare Beauty is the result of a miscarriage in 2011, which lead Morse to really evaluate the harmful toxins around her that could have impacted her endocrine system. Today, her followers are empowered with a detailed Toxin List that contains information about harmful ingredients, the beauty products they are most often found in, what is the reason they’ve been added to your products, and what are the negative impacts the ingredients can have on one’s health. She also curates a listing of preferred brands, products and retailers to help you navigate your way through the clean beauty world with ample ease.

    Where to follow:, Instagram (@barebeautyblog)

    This is an image of Jessica Morse of Bare beauty blog

    Anya G by Anya Gupta

    This 24-year old blogger has adopted a sustainable life and is all about creating awareness through her blog and Instagram. Her content talks about low-waste, nature-friendly and sustainable practices when it comes to fashion, beauty, and day-to-day living. It’s also great if you’re looking for Indian brands that can help you embrace a sustainable lifestyle with eco-friendly alternatives and by promoting local craftsmanship, artisans and small businesses in the country. The millennial has recently launched a Zero Waste Bathroom Essentials Box in collaboration with sustainability brand Verth. From artisan soaps and loofahs and natural deodorant to paper stick earbuds, a bamboo toothbrush and neem comb, this box pretty much signifies everything Anya champions through her platform and social media.

    Where to follow:, Instagram (@anya.gupta)

    This is an image of Anya Gupta of Anya G blog

    Gurl Gone Green by Suzi

    This mommy of two beautiful little girls and a boy was once an organic hairstylist, which paved the way for her commitment to clean beauty and non-toxic living. She’s the classic example of a regular mom making conscientious choices, which were further fuelled by having kids. Suzi’s built a library of free downloadable guides that provide in-depth information on a range of topics about clean living. From green smoothie recipes to recommended skincare and baby care products, and even all-natural gifting guides, she has a digital library of free resources that can practically help you transition your lifestyle to clean and green living. Suzi even provides private consulting for the uninitiated who may be feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to get started and truly embrace this lifestyle.

    Where to follow: Instagram (@gurlgonegreen)

    This is an image of Suzi of Gurl Gone Green Blog

    Cosmetics By Caroline by Caroline

    If you prefer videos to written content, then this YouTube clean beauty vlogger is sure to win you over. Caroline has a heart-wrenching backstory and her vlog and regearing towards clean living is a result of a car accident that left her with chronic pain. Soon after, she was informed that she also had an auto-immune disease, and even developed a reaction to the prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. This led her down the path of decluttering her life and really focusing on what she puts both ‘on’ and ‘in’ her body. With a positive attitude and great energy, the California-based blogger captures everything from product and brand reviews to sustainable fashion, lifestyle hacks, affordable makeup dupes, and analysis of ingredients and trends that are gaining attention in the clean beauty space. She uploads a new video on YouTube every Tuesday, and you can catch her for more regular updates on Instagram.

    Where to follow: youtube cosmetics by caroline

    This is an image of Blogger Caroline of Cosmetics by Caroline youtube blog


    With these bloggers, not only will you be able to navigate your way around the world of clean beauty, but you’ll also be empowered with the skills and knowledge to understand the labels on your beauty products, spot toxic ingredients hiding in plain sight, find products and stores that truly advocate clean beauty, and spruce up the other areas of your life to create a toxin-free environment. This 2020, let’s embrace the change and move towards clean living and clean eating for a more sustainable future and healthier lifestyle.

    -By Channel 46

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