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9 skincare & beauty trends that will captivate you in 2021

We have all been influenced by numerous skincare and beauty trends through the years. And why would we not be? Some of these trends are so chic, while others are a need of the hour. These trends shape all of it - our routines, our way of life and our very being. 

With the bumpy ride that 2020 has been, we have been taken on a rollercoaster with it! Along that we have come across a major shift in the beauty and skincare universe. Right from staying at home to grooming yourself and to making mindful decisions. We have done it all. Saying goodbye to 2020, we are so excited to see what 2021 holds for us. Embracing new skincare and beauty trends with open arms, but while staying at home!


A trend essentially means anything that is under the spotlight and gaining popularity at a certain point in time. Growing up, we have witnessed a majority of trends - some absurd and some quite trendy. It is extremely crucial to remember that trends hold a lot of power.

They have the power to shape industries, inspire movements and create magic. A trend can make or break it all. Since any particular trend becomes a mass movement with thousands of people following it - it truly is very inspirational.

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After spending the whole year at home, we have really had the time to make a drastic change in our beauty and skincare habits! It is undeniable that 2020 has inspired us to walk on a different path in terms of beauty and skincare. 

We have some wonderful trends that we think are going to transform 2021! Take a seat because we are taking you on a ride, do not worry - it is not as bumpy as 2020 was.


One of the biggest and most prominent trends of 2021 is going to be copious amounts of skincare and self care in the sweet confines of your home. With not being able to step out and make our regular visits at the salon, we all managed to pamper ourselves at home and unwind in a rather comfortable way. 

Our pick would be a soothing evening with our face tools and facial oils along with some soothing essential oils and bath salts. Sounds like the perfect way to unwind, right?

Paired with the right facial oil, a facial tool can harness the power to give you a radiance like never before. Facial massage with these tools promote blood circulation and increased lymphatic drainage, hence making that face glow! Essential oils and bath salts need no introduction with their extra calming properties that can put you at ease and take all the worries away.

The Jade Facial Roller by Dromen & Co is an ideal choice with properties that aid in the removal of toxins from your skin, boost skin elasticity and even banish acne! Paired with the Certified Organic Brightening Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C by Akin which gently repairs your skin and reduces the first signs of aging. Add the Pure Lavender Essential Oil by Clay along with Lavender Levitate Bath Salts by Bare Necessities to the mix and you will be at your most relaxed self. with we would say “Self care done right”

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With the advent of a pandemic, we have had a lot of time to be mindful and choose to make conscious choices. There is no denying that the beauty industry took a massive hit with this pandemic. This in turn prompted a lot of individuals and brands to walk on the sustainable path. Sustainable beauty is nothing more than beauty and skincare that is carefully created with safe, clean and toxic free ingredients. And most often, even packaged with love for the environment.

In 2021, clean and sustainable beauty is going to hold the reins with all its might. This is solely because of the Clean Beauty movement that has gripped the world by storm. Caring and giving back to the environment has become a priority now, and will continue to be one. With recycling gaining more and more importance, we are just a beginning to become mindful. You can read more about our recycling program at Sublime Recycles here.

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While being cooped up at home does not really permit us to go on a skincare shopping spree at the mall and try a variety of new products out - what can we really do about this? How exactly can we get an expert to tell us what our skin is like and what our skin needs? Not all of us are comfortable enough to step outside and get an in-depth analysis.

Worry not, we at Sublime Life have got you covered. We have a special skin analysis, which you can check out here. You must be wondering what exactly a skin analysis is. Through a list of carefully compiled questions - based on your skin type and skin concerns, we give you a premium recommendation of clean skincare products that you can opt for! 

With everything turning virtual in 2021, from work to weddings - we turned this into something virtual too! This trend has made itself at home since we all love lounging on the couch too!

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A little devil that has troubled us all more than we would like it to - MASKNE! Our masks have been our best friends and go-to companions this year. While they shield us from the rampant virus out there, they also lead to something known as “maskne”. This is nothing but acne caused by wearing the mask at all hours, or even frequently.

With the accumulation of sweat and bacteria under our masks, our skin is more susceptible to bacteria and causes breakouts. Since masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future way into even 2021, maskne takes the top place in the growing list of skincare concerns.

But we have a perfect solution for you. We have curated a clean and effective guide along with a skincare regimen, keeping in mind the problems maskne causes. You can read more about it here

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Confused about this new term that sounds super cool? A hip and rad combination of the words skin and minimalism gave birth to - skinimalism! Wondering what it really is? Think of makeup and skincare getting together to give you the skin of your dreams! 

In these trying times, gone are the days of a full face of makeup and a more minimalistically dewy look has made its grand entrance. Spending more time at home has made most of us put our makeup away and embrace a rather natural look with a bare face and flushed cheeks. In simple words, the “no - makeup” makeup trend is here to stay for good!

Bare your skin with some of our skinimalistic favourites! The Hybrid Mascara by Rubys Organics is the perfect lift to make your lashes pop. Add some beautiful flush to your cheeks and a tint to your lips with the Ilana Organics Beet Tint and your face is ready to G-L-O-W!

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It is absolutely no secret that all of us have hit a “pass” on our salon trips this year. From letting our roots grow out to trying to chop those bangs ourselves - we have tried to do it all with our hair this year. If your hair was an elite member of the high maintenance category, it has slowly made its way to the low maintenance one - and you secretly love it, do you not?

Bidding adieu to the harsh chemicals and heat was not as tough as we thought it would be! We think this trend is going to make its mark in 2021 because all of us have become utterly comfortable with our natural hair, and to see it flourish without it being subjected to constant chemicals has been a delight.

But natural hair requires some enriching natural care too! The Petal Fresh Ultra Shine Aloe and Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner Duo are the right pick for your natural hair. They deeply cleanse and nourish your hair, leaving it intensely vibrant and healthy. A leap to heaven would be using a hair mask that not only hydrates your hair but also nourishes it deeply. Voila! The Deep Conditioning Hair Mask by True Frog is here for that.

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You must be wondering what on earth is stress-proof skincare? Let us introduce you to this newfound wonder. It is absolutely no secret that all of us have been subjected to the insurmountable stresses of 2020. This stress has not just impacted us mentally and emotionally, but also physically! Those under-eyes have become baggier, fine lines have come more visible and our gorgeous faces have lost their radiance.

Stress-proof skincare or skincare that works to actively reduce the effects of stress is a trend that is going to make its way into 2021 too! We need a quick one stop solution to help us deal with the drastic consequences of stress, what better than skincare that is meticulously created just for that?

A few of our stress-proof favourites that work like a miracle include Detoxie’s Dark Circle Repair & Anti - Fatigue Under Eye Gel that sweeps the stress away and brightens, depuffs your eyes along with minimising those fine lines. Their Fatigue And Stress Repair Vitamin C Serum is power packed with rich ingredients like Japanese Matcha, Retinol and Vitamin E to give you the glowing complexion of your dreams and kiss stress goodbye!

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We’ve washed our hands more times in 2020 than we probably have our whole lives. As we rightfully should! Washing our hands regularly and appropriately is the first step towards protecting ourselves and our loved ones. However, constant washing of our hands tends to dry them out and dehydrate them, making them look lifeless. Hence, our hands require a little more TLC than usual!

We are taking this habit well into 2021 because washing our hands is the simplest thing we can do to effectively shield ourselves from harmful viruses and bacterias. Ensuring our hands remain soft and supple even after subjecting them to thousands of washes will have them looking as moisturised as ever.

Since our hands need the hydrating bests, the Cowpat Moisturising Hand Cream by Cowshed gently restores that suppleness to your hands, making them feel tender again with Shea and Cocoa Butters. It has a boost of a riveting citrus fragrance that will leave you with an aroma.

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With the arrival of minimalism as one of the hottest trends that is here to make its way to our routines - we have become accustomed to carefully choosing products that are versatile. Why get 3 products when you can get 1 that performs the functions of 3? Sounds like a win - win! Multipurpose products enable us to walk on the path of minimalism.

In 2020, all of us embraced skinimalism and chose to showcase our bare skin. This prompted us to use multi-tasking products that work in so many different ways. With 2021 here, we are going to welcome these magical products in with open arms and not end up hoarding excessively!

One of our bestsellers, the Velvet Glow Multistick in Champagne Moonshine by Disguise Cosmetics is a beautiful Rose Gold colour that can compliment everyone - and can be used in multiple ways! The Brash Mascara by Fae Beauty is a volumnising mascara that gives you fluttery lashes AND a brow filler that leaves you with the fluffiest brows. The Multi Shade Lipstick in Choi by Tinge, which is perfectly curated by Natasha Patel - is a versatile nude shade that can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks! One product, more than a gazillion uses we would say.

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All of these trends are ones that we have never seen gain so much popularity before! We are sure that they will continue to inspire and motivate us to change our existing ways of life and adopt a more conscious and minimalist lifestyle. In 2021, these trends are here to dazzle and take us by storm!

                                                                                              - Sakshi Rawte

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