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Be a boss woman at work and exude confidence with these tips & hacks!

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Working life can get intimidating at times that can intervene in your daily self-care routine. Taking care of your hair, facial skin, and body always brings forth an aura of beauty for yourself. 

Possessing healthy skin with lustrous hair can amp up your confidence at the workplace. Following these clean beauty tips & hacks will ascertain your confidence which you may ooze out at work. Let’s dive right into the world of clean beauty to discover these quick and easy hacks.

Here are 5 tips & hacks to change the self-care game for a working woman:

1. Pick a multi-tasking moisturiser

Layering multiple products can be an issue for any working woman as the process demands some extra minutes. Under such a circumstance, choose a moisturiser with active ingredients that will deliver moisture and address your certain skin concerns.

We have a recommendation for you:
The Conscious Chemist Vivid C Brightening Gel Cream is the perfect match here. This product contains ethyl-ascorbic acid (the most active derivative of vitamin c) along with baobab extract that takes care of your blemishes. This also contains polyglutamic acid which increases the hydration levels of the skin.

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2. Reapply sunscreen at ease

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of your skincare routine. A liberal amount of sunscreen is required to provide the adequate protection mentioned on the packaging. If your work desk is exposed to sunlight then you ought to reapply your sunscreen every two to three hours. To make the process of reapplication convenient, look out for a sunscreen stick that will not only protect your skin but also will not move the makeup underneath.

We would like to recommend Thank You Farmer Sun Project Silky Calming Sun Stick. This has SPF 50 with the maximum PA rating and some anti-inflammatory ingredients like Centella Asiatica, calamine, and madecassic acid that work in synergy to reverse the effects of sunburns. The stick has a silky texture that glides on smoothly over the face without budging your makeup.

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3. Use a dry shampoo to prevent scalp buildup:

Shampooing your hair means investing some extra minutes to dry it down. On days of early work meetings, keep a dry shampoo at hand to look after your scalp buildup to some extent while keeping the freshness of your hair intact. 

You can use Flawsome Quickie Dry Shampoo when you are on the go yet want to  experience refreshed hair. The lightweight formula of this product does not weigh your hair down. The aloe leaf juice and tea tree leaf oil in the particular formulation take care of your scalp health.

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4.  Use a body mist:

Smelling good at the workplace comes under the category of every girl’s priority but choosing the right fragrance that lasts long becomes a task. Using a body mist keeps your body odour in check and ensures your confidence in raising your hands at work meetings.

The Plum BodyLovin' Orchid You Not Body Mist fits in perfectly with our recommendations as it smells divine to uplift your mood every day at work.

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5.  Prep your lips before wearing lipstick:

The tinge of nude or bold lipstick on your lips amplifies your confidence game at the workplace. In order to make your lipstick long-lasting without feeling dry on your lips, apply a generous amount of lip balm before putting on the lipstick of your choice. This will eliminate the roughness on the surface level of your lips and the lipstick will sit better on top.

The Suganda Calendula Lip Balm has an ideal texture and a great blend of ingredients to heal and moisturise chapped, dry lips for a long period of time.

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These Go-to tips & hacks can bring about an ambience of elegance that you can carry every day at work. Each and every tip in this article aims at saving time in the scenario of a busy working schedule. The mentioned products are devoid of any nasty chemicals sticking to the notion of clean beauty. Get your hands on these products and adopt these tips & hacks right away to express your confidence at work.


1. How to balance work life without compromising personal care?

Some useful and time-saving tips & hacks mentioned in this article will help you to balance your work life on one hand and personal care on the other.

2. Why should I follow tips and hacks in skincare? 

Indulging yourself in a long skincare routine is always a relaxing ritual. However, in the backdrop of the busy working schedule, it gets overwhelming to follow each and every step. Hence, tips & hacks come into play.

3. How to get ready in time for the office without skipping my skin or hair care?

If you are running late for your work, just put on a moisturiser with Spf and spray dry shampoo to diminish the oiliness from your hair.

Sneha Das

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