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Conditioner Crimes: Hair Conditioner Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Glossy, shiny, soft hair - something a lot of us feel we can probably achieve only in our dreams. But hold up; there’s a way to make your dreams a reality. How? Well, by approaching haircare the right way of course! 

For a lot of us, haircare is daunting and confusing. That’s where we come in. The first step to doing what is right is knowing what is wrong. We’ve broken down some shampoo sins that you definitely want to give a miss and today we are talking about some serious conditioning crimes you have been guilty of. 

What is a Conditioner?

First things first. What is a conditioner? Well, a conditioner is like a moisturiser for your hair. It is rich in moisturising and emollient ingredients that nourish and replenish your hair post shampoo. 

Conditioners form a protective layer around your hair cuticles, helping cut down the frizz, protecting against environmental stressors, and making the hair soft to the touch. A conditioner is applied to the lengths and ends of your hair, after you shampoo.

Read more about it here.

Here are Some Common Mistakes made while using a Hair Conditioner:

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1. Using the Wrong Conditioner

You will be surprised to read this but a lot of us are using a conditioner that is ill-suited to our hair types. Why? Because we do not really understand how a conditioner works and what to look for. To know what conditioner you need, you have to get a sound understanding of what your hair type is and what your hair concerns are. 

1. For fine hair, you need a lightweight conditioner that will not be too heavy. Arata’s Nourishing Hair Conditioner is a lightweight and gentle option. It contains Sugarcane and Blueberry extracts that help strengthen and nourish your hair while Castor oil moisturises.

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2. For medium to wavy hair, frizziness is a concern so be on the lookout for products that talk about ‘smoothening’ your hair texture and controlling frizz. Faith in Nature’s Lavender and Geranium Conditioner is a nourishing and smoothing conditioner. Lavender helps soothe and tame frizz while Geranium, rich in antioxidants, nourishes and repairs the hair.

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3. If you have curly or coily hair, you need to go for heavier formulations that will nourish your curls right. Fix My Curls’ Hydrating Deep Conditioner delivers a deep conditioning dose to your tresses. It contains nourishing ingredients such as Honey, Hemp See4.d Oil, and Mango Butter. To learn more about curly hair, head over to our blog.



Still not sure? Head over to our blog to know more about choosing the right conditioner. 

2. Applying Conditioner on the scalp

Do not even think about doing this. Ever. Here are your hair care basics: shampoo goes on the scalp, conditioner on the lengths and ends. Conditioners are very moisturising and are not meant to be used as a cleansing agent. So do not mix your shampoo and conditioner!

3. Applying it Unevenly

If you have curly or coily hair, this is a problem you will not be a stranger to. For certain hair types, it is not easy to evenly apply conditioner using one’s fingers. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute your product.  

4. Not Rinsing it Out Properly

This is something that happens with shampoos too. Sometimes we are not thorough enough and leave residue behind. In the case of shampoo, this adds to scalp buildup and makes the hair greasy. In the case of a conditioner, your hair becomes dull, limp, and greasy because the product is weighing it down.

So be mindful about thoroughly rinsing your hair and getting all the conditioner out. 

5. Rinsing it Off Immediately

Let us be honest: we have all been there, done that. You have to get to college, office, or attend a Zoom meeting and you are running late. So you quickly slather on some conditioner and wash it off in a few seconds. That is a bad idea. 

Think of it this way: Your conditioner is like your moisturiser. It takes time to work its magic. Let your conditioner sit for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes before you wash it off. 

6. Skipping it Altogether

Think you do not need a conditioner? Think again. Just as you do not want to skip using moisturiser for your skin so you do not want to skip a conditioner for your hair. Conditioners add moisture and nourishment back to your hair. They are very important!

7. Using Too much conditioner

With conditioners, you need to be careful about how much product you are applying to your hair. The amount of product you need depends on two things:

  1. Your hair type
  2. Your hair length

Fine hair needs a lot less conditioner than wavy or curly hair. Depending on your hair type and hair concerns, you need to figure out how much conditioner you need. Remember, when in doubt: think less is more. 

8. Not Deep Conditioning or using a Hair Mask

A lot of us do not approach haircare the right way. It is quite similar to skincare. Just as you use face masks to give your skin some TLC so you need to do the same with your locks. A deep conditioning treatment or a mask helps deliver a rich and concentrated dose of nourishment to your tresses. 

1. If you are looking for a deep conditioning treat for your hair, your search ends with the True Frog Deep Conditioning Mask. It is enriched with Tucuma butter, Quinoa protein, and Chia Seed extracts to deeply nourish and moisturise your hair.

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2. If your hair needs some strengthening, the Detoxie Keratin Repair & Shine Restore Strengthening Hair Mask is a good option. It contains Argan and Grapeseed oils that are moisturising and rich in antioxidants. Japanese Matcha is another antioxidant-rich ingredient that repairs the hair and protects against further damage.
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3. Looking to tame your wild mane? The Flawsome Wild Bananas Moisturising and Smoothening Mask can help you. Banana extract and Shea Butter are intensely moisturising. Plant oils such as Argan, Coconut, and Jojoba oils condition and smoothen the hair. Keratin and Provitamin B5 strengthen and repair the hair. 

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 9. Leaving your Hair Down

Let us be real - conditioning can be a messy affair. What you definitely do not want to do, is leave your condition-soaked hair down, letting it rest on your shoulders and back. Why? Because while the conditioner is working its magic on your hair, it could also be potentially irritating the skin and may even lead to backne. You can read more about it on our blog. 

The solution? Put your hair up using a banana clip. Your skin will thank you (and us).

10. Using the Same Conditioner

Who doesn’t love change? Your hair and skin certainly do! Your hair undergoes many changes depending on the weather, environment, your diet etc. The same conditioner may not do much good for your hair over time. So make sure to switch up your conditioner from time to time.


Conditioner is to your hair what a moisturiser is to your skin. The secret to healthy and happy hair is conditioning it well. Understanding your hair type and hair concerns, changing your conditioner from time to time, applying it properly and leaving it on for an adequate amount of time, and rinsing it off properly are a few tips that can make a big difference to your hair. 

- Gauri Sindhu

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