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Cosmix Superfood Powders: The Nutrition You Didn't Know Your Body Needed!

Several recent studies have shed light on the decreasing nutritional value of food. That’s right, an apple today doesn’t hold the same nutritional value as it did a decade ago. Shocking, but true! The use of chemical fertilizers, increased CO2  levels, soil depletion and modern intensive agricultural methods have sadly depreciated the nutritional value of the food we eat today. Other than that, sedentary lifestyles, processed and adulterated food, fast paced, stress filled lives all contribute to health issues that are only becoming more and more common today. 

Our superfood powders are born from a need to ease individuals into the healthy, wholesome life we all deserve.

What exactly are super powders?

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The powders from Cosmix are a carefully put together line of plant-based mixes that not only nourish, but also encourage you to approach health holistically. The superfoods in these mixes contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and other essential micronutrients that we don’t normally get enough of from our daily diets. 

What are the Cosmix super-powders made of?

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Each mix is carefully crafted using super-herbs, superfoods and adaptogens sourced directly from our farm partners, to cater to a specific issue. These are processed in a way that its effectiveness is intact. 

The mixes are formulated with inputs from doctors and herbalists. Ingredients from different sources are put together in various proportions and tested for maximum efficacy. The best formulation moves forward to production, where it is tested by the team, as well as several customers who are interested in testing our mixes. It is tweaked and adjusted based on feedback, a process that lasts several months. Only then do we introduce a new mix. 

How will these powders help me?

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Our mixes are formulated to address very specific concerns. Our current range focuses on the most common issues faced today, like lack of sleep, unmitigated stress, immunity, gut health, hormonal imbalance among women, hair and skin health. Our mixes are perfectly safe for all ages! However, we do recommend consulting your pediatrician before administering to children. If you are pregnant, consult your gynaecologist before taking these mixes. 

When can I take them and how?

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You can take your Cosmix with almost anything. The best way to have it is to whisk it thoroughly in warm water and then add it to a glass of water. You can also mix it with milks, dals, curries, smoothies or even in dosa/idli batters!

Even though each mix targets a specific issue, it is completely safe to take two or more mixes together. However, our bodies can only absorb so much at a time, so our recommendation would be not to take more than 2 mixes at one time. Space them out across your day instead. 

Which is the right powder for me?

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Each mix caters to a specific concern, covering the spectrum of hair and skin care via mixes such as Healthy Hair and Feel Good Skin respectively, internal care via mixes like What Women for hormonal health, Strong Immunity for immunity boost, Stress Me Not and All Day Energy to combat stress and fatigue, Happy Gut for gut maintenance, and so on. We suggest identifying the concern you want to address, understanding the root of it and pick a mix accordingly!

How long before I see visible change? 

It can take anywhere between one to three months of consistent use to see a visible change. Our mixes are not magical overnight remedies, nor do we promote quick fixes. Cosmix focuses on holistic health and balance. This means, our mixes work at targeting and addressing the root of your health issues - a process that takes time and patience. The key here is consistency. Start by including Cosmix in your daily routine and give your body time to heal. 

How long do you take them for? 

While the timeline of efficacy varies from person to person depending on one's own health, we suggest taking a mix consistently for 1 month at least to see noticeable changes.

Any precautions/things to avoid while taking these powders?

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We suggest either substituting these mixes with tea or coffee, or leaving a gap of one hour between consuming the two. We normally recommend it to individuals between ages 18 and 60. However,  those with pre-existing conditions and medications for the same should consult with their doctor first.

- Guest Authored By Caryn Putman

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