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Body lotion vs Body Butter vs Body Oil: Which one is right for me?

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Owing to the bizarre amount of products that are entering the skincare industry, it is challenging to weed out the redundant ones that are only temporary fads. How do you pick the correct tube, bottle, or tub of moisturiser for yourself? Are there any real differences between body butter, body oil, and body lotion? If so, what are they and which ones are best for one’s skin type? We have the answers to all of these questions that will help you make conscious decisions the next time you are looking for a moisturiser!

Body Butters

Body butter is a lot like the butter you eat - rich and thick. It provides the perfect moisturising effect with no room for greasiness.


The best butters are made out of natural ingredients that are free from unnecessary toxic and chemical processes.

  • Plant Products - For its base, the body butter needs plants such as Cocoa and Shea to procure the desirable consistency.
  • Oils - Next, the base is paired up with different kinds of oils, such as Coconut oil, Olive oil or Argan oil to make the thick consistency easy to spread and use.
  • Other ingredients - Some body butters may also contain a few drops of essential oils, such as Lavender and Chamomile, for their scent, healing and calming properties. Body butters also contain vitamin E and vitamin C that are extremely beneficial to your skin.


  • The presence of essential fatty acids, namely, Cocoa butter and Shea butter form a protective barrier around your skin.
  • Owing to their extreme moisturising capabilities, body butters reduce premature aging signs.
  • The vitamins and antioxidants make your skin plump and young-looking.
  • It tightens and tones your skin by increasing cell growth and rejuvenation.
  • It is rich and thick in consistency. When applied on your skin, it melts due to the body heat, making it easy to spread. If overapplied, it can feel heavy on the skin. 

Body butters work best on dry skin and in dry climates where your skin is in dire need of regular and long lasting moisturising.

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Our recommendation

We recommend the Petal Fresh’s Guava Nectar Body Butter as it works miraculously on all skin types. The organic Guava is filled with antioxidants and vitamins that will boost your skin’s health and appearance. Apart from that, it contains the goodness of Shea butter, Argan oil, and Coconut oil which will leave your skin glowing.


This is an image of Body butter Guava nector from the brand Petal's Fresh on Sublime Life.


Body Oils

Body oils are decadent and luxurious. They may take a moment to seep in but they leave your skin soft and supple.  


  • Body oils are made of oils alone.
  • There is no added water content.
  • Neither do they need emulsifiers nor preservatives to sustain.
  • However, the presence of some antioxidants such as Vitamin E or Rosemary extract is essential to prevent spoilage and increase its shelf life.
  • Some body oils may contain essential oils for their fragrance.


  • Body oils are more lightweight than body butters and a tad heavier than body lotions.
  • Body oil helps your skin lock in the moisture like never before as it penetrates through the protective barrier of your skin.
  • Consistently using a firm body oil on your stretch marks and other scars will help to reduce their appearance.
  • With body oils, you get more than what you pay for. It is amazing to see how a few drops of oil is enough to moisture your entire body.
  • In addition to your new glow, body oils have a positive effect on your mental health. It relaxes your senses and increases your overall emotional well being.

Body oils are best for those with dry and rough skin. They can also be used for various body and massage treatments. Body oils are ideally used right after a shower or a bath, when your skin is warm and damp. To maximise its efficiency, ensure to wash off any perfume or lotion and exfoliate your skin just before you apply the oil. Give the oil a few minutes to seep into your skin for best results.  

P.S. - If you have acne prone skin that tends to break out quite often, perform a patch test before you apply the oil on your whole body. Additionally avoid applying oil in acne prone areas such as the face, chest and back.

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Our recommendation

We recommend For8 Organic Shea Body Butter Mist - Germanium and Patchouli is a good alternative to body oils. Its non- greasy formula spreads easily and get absorbed faster, keeping the skin nourished and moisturised. It contains Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Aloe vera for maximum benefit. 


This is an image of Shea butter Body butter mist from the brand Fox8 on


Body Lotions

A body lotion’s key task is to bring back hydration to the skin. They are the most lightweight form of moisturisers which not only feels good but makes you look good!


  • Hyaluronic Acid is an integral part of body lotion as it keeps it lightweight, moisturising and non-oily.
  • Essential fatty acids like Avocado oil, Olive oil and Shea butter lock in the moisture.
  • Body lotions also contain Glycerin which helps in drawing in and binding moisture.


  • Body lotions provide our skin with the hydration it direly requires. Our skin is constantly exposed to pollution, chemicals and the ever changing weather among many other things. Thus regular hydration ensures that the skin does not remain dry and thick.
  • It works to make your rough spots in areas such as elbows, knees, soles of the feet, soft and supple.
  • Lotions contain anti aging ingredients which will slow down the formation of wrinkles and other aging signs.
  • It is more lightweight on your skin when compared to body butters and oils.

It works best for people with oily skin in humid or hotter climates because lotions are lightweight. Using it in the night just before you sleep will keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated till the morning.

This is an image showing ingredients and benefits of Body lotions

Our recommendation

We recommend Myra Veda Hand and Body Lotion containing Shea Butter, Almond Oil & Avocado Oil with the goodness of Jasmine, Sage & Cedar wood essential oils. 


This is an image of Hand and body lotion from the brand Myra Veda on

Now you know the key difference between the formulas of body butter, body oils and body lotions.  All three consistencies have a different feel on your skin and a difference of ingredients in terms of water to oil radio. the right pick for your skin type, concerns and needs. Confidently choose the right pick for your skin type, concerns and needs.

This is an image showing the difference between Body Butter, Body oils and body lotions.


All in all, although these products seem wildly similar, each of them have tiny aspects that make all the difference to your skin type. Now that you know the differences between body butters, oils and lotions, go ahead and pick the one that suits your skincare needs the best!!!

- By Tanvi Savani

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