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Do I really need to transition my skin routine from winter to summer ?

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Just as we revamp our wardrobe to suit the climate conditions by pushing in our summer dresses and pulling out our winter socks, similarly our skin needs to be modified to provide us with climate-specific skincare! We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you transition your skincare routine from summer to winter. 


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Weather is a major factor that directly affects your skin. The extent of influence is highly subjective depending on your skin type, genes, sun exposure, age and other factors. Skin tends to get oily during the summer and flaky during the winter. Sudden change can lead to visible differences in the skin’s texture, elasticity or pigmentation. To keep your skin healthy, you must modify your skin routine to adjust to the drastic switch. But, before you do so, it is important to understand the reason behind it.

1. Humidity

This will increase the water contents in the air that makes the pores susceptible to dirt, oil and environmental pollutants. This is often the case in summer when warmer air has a higher capacity to hold moisture. Those with acne prone skin can easily break out with a spike in humidity which can cause moisture to get trapped within the skin.

2.  Cold Temperature

 Dryness in the air and lack of moisture during the winter can slow down cell renewal. It causes itchiness and flaking, making our skin and lips feel chapped. This can also lead to bleeding and be extremely painful.  Using internal heating can make you feel all cosy and toasty but it can worsen your skin conditions by drawing moisture out from our skin.

3. Heat

Our bodies have a naturally occurring stimulus against extreme conditions. Heat activates our sweat glands to cool down the body by excreting water and salt through pores. Excess sweat can accumulate into our skin, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. It is common to face acne breakouts and sweat pimples during this stage.

4Sun Exposure

There is a higher risk of UVA rays during the summer while the winters call for a higher risk of UVB. Though they both cause irreversible skin damage throughout the year, UVB has shorter wavelengths can cause sun burns especially near higher altitudes and reflective surfaces such as ice while UVA can cause premature ageing with its longer wavelengths.  


Our skin loves consistency, however things like weather are bound to change beyond your control. To ensure that your skin reacts positively to the change you must use products that are acceptable by it. Your skin is your best friend - it will tell you the most blatant truth, no matter how hard it might be to digest. Those are the times it will start acting up and it is for you to look out for those signs.

The summer - winter onset is a big change, pay attention to how your skin looks and feels at the brim of each season. But, how do you know when to change your skincare routine?

The most obvious sign that call for change are:

  •   Irritation, burning or stinging
  •   Redness
  •   Flaking
  •   Severe acne breakouts
  •   Dry and dehydrated skin
  •   Tightness after washing your face
  •   Excessive greasiness
  •   Makeup cracks after application
  •   Lack of result

Using the same skincare throughout the year regardless of the season, environmental stressors and temperature can impact the functionality of our skin. Our skin acts as a defence mechanism, protecting us from harmful pollutants. Failure in providing it with the necessary nourishment can deprive it from the tools it required to perform optimally.


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Common concern areas: Redness, irritated skin, acne breakouts, folliculitis, heat rash 

Skincare Routine:

a) Cleanser

 Regardless of the weather cleansing is always the first step to achieving radiant looking skin. It is especially important during the summer when our face tends to be the greasiest due to excess sweat and oil secretion. Double cleansing might be a great method to follow as oil based cleansers will attract sebum while water based will get rid of sweat.  We recommend Coccoon Silk Appeal Cleansing Oil to gently wipe off impurities while nourishing and brightening the skin. It contains Squalene and various Oils that helps protect the skin and prevent moisture loss without stripping away the essential oils. Followed by First Water Solutions Clear 7 Face Wash especially great for acne prone and sensitive skin with its Eucalyptus and Fenugreek contents.

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b) Mist

 During the summer it is essential to stay hydrated inside out. Rose water is an instant hydration boost with cooling effects that make it indispensable during the summer. Vedaearth Rose Water Facial Mist is the purest hydrosol or floral water distilled from nature's purest roses. It acts as a gentle healing toner that soothes and strengthens the skin for a fresh look with its antioxidant and anti - inflammatory properties.

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c) Serum

 Your summer serum should help you repair from sun damage, dark spots and act as an antioxidant against impurities. Dear,  Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop Serum contains Vitamin C at a concentration of 5% — gentle enough for those with sensitive skin to use without irritation but strong enough to even out skin tone, tighten pores, brighten skin, and fade pigmentation.

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d) Moisturise

Even though our skin is at an all - time high with respect to greasiness, you should not skip moisturiser. The summer heat can dehydrate your skin which can inversely increase oil production. This is resulted when our body tries to naturally combat this dryness by producing more oil. First Water Solutions Pure 21 Day and Night Cream is a light, non - greasy moisturiser combined with 21 plant infusions and extracts. It empowers your skin with a youthful, moisturised, nourished complexion giving you a bright, radiant look by improving microcirculation and texture.

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e) Sunscreen

 The strong UV rays during the summer call for protection even on the cloudiest day. Sunscreens work by absorbing these harmful rays and reflecting then back. We recommend a minimum SPF of 15 but do not forget to reapply every 2 to 3 hours. (Remember the higher the SPF, the fewer times you need to reapply). We recommend Ozone Signature Tinted Sun Protector that seals in moisture for all day hydration, and evens out the skin tone for a flawless complexion.

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Additional tips:

a) Avoid tight and body fitted clothes that can trap the sweat within the skin. They can also cause friction that breaks down the skin's protective barrier leading to acne.

b) Keep your body hydrated by consuming at least 8 glasses of water per day. Doing so will help your skin recover from the harsh summer sun and detoxify toxins from within.

c) Use non comedogenic products and makeup that contain ingredients that will not clog your pores. The best way to find such products is by reading their labels.

d) Use light weight products that do not melt down your skin. 


Common concern areas: Flakiness, dullness, sunburn, redness, chapped lips, bleeding due to excessive dryness

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Skincare Routine

a) Cleanser

 You must avoid foaming or chemical cleansers containing Salicylic Acid that are more drying in nature. Instead, switch to cleansing balms or oils such as  Ilana Organics Lights Out Clean Rinse Makeup Cleansing Balm or cream based cleanser such as Oceglow Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser that removes impurities, looks in moisture and preserves the skin's barriers. 

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b) Exfoliator

 This will help to replenish the dead cells sitting on the surface of your skin. It can obstruct the absorption levels of the following products. Try the Juicy Chemistry Hazelnut, Coffee & Chocolate Organic Hydrating Scrub/Mask that oodles with moisture and perks up dry skin leaving it baby soft.

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c) Ampoules

Our aim here is not to find the serum with the thickest consistency but instead the one with the best hydrating properties. Look out for serums with Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid to plump up and deeply hydrate the skin along with brightening ingredients to lighten up dull complexations. We recommend Martiderm Night Renew Ampoules | Smooth Skin that has a  fresh and non - greasy formula that moisturises, firms and softens the skin’s texture as you get your beauty sleep. It helps to reduce signs of ageing, improve skin tone and texture and boost the power of your entire skin. 

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d) Face Oil

The winter season and hard water can be quite brutal to our skin. While our skin is fighting an uphill battle against dehydration, it is necessary to equip it appropriately. What better than a plant derived Face Oil such as the Herbis Botanicals Superhero Sensorial Face Oil which is  incredibly rich in Omega Fatty Acids and Gamma Linolenic Acids that make it deeply nourishing. It rapidly absorbs into the skin to keep the natural skin barrier hydrated even during the painful winter season.

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e) Moisturiser

Our skin begins to crack due to the exposure to cold air, a great way to fight against dull dry skin caused by dehydrated winters is by using a good moisturiser. Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Cream Moisturiser combines powerful antioxidants to deliver a boost of hydration and radiance to dull, lackluster skin.

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f) Lip Balm

What can be more painful than chapped lips with peeling skin? We have a solution to that problem with the Treewear Beeswax Lip Balm- Orange & Cinnamon that is an inviting blend of orange & cinnamon oils t boost the Vitamin C & collagen producing properties while alleviating dryness; this blend is for those suffering from dryness & aged looking skin.

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g) Sunscreen

No matter how harmlessly pretty a winter morning may feel, direct exposure to the sun can cause more damage than you can imagine. At such times sunscreen is your best friend, try the Paul Penders Herbal Sun Prosperity that contains Botanically emollients derived from cold - pressed plant oils that leaves the skin smooth, soft and moisturised.

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Additional Tips:

a) Avoid long hot water showers that will dry out your skin even further.
b) Switch to moisturising soaps and body washed to add back the moisture.
c) Use a humidifier at home to maintain the humidity level between 30 to 50 percent


    Our skin needs to be pampered regardless of the weather conditions. Our summer skin calls for soothing and cooling ingredients to beat the heat while our winter skin demands hydration and nourishment to overcome the cold. The two different needs may seem similar to those just starting off skincare, but the wrong products in the wrong season is an accident waiting to happen. So why fear, when we are here! We hope this article helps you regardless of how harsh the temperatures get. 

    -Howrah Lookhmanji

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