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Do You Have A Metabolism-Boosting Morning Skincare Routine?

Top tips to develop a metabolism-boosting skincare routine


Not only does our body have its own metabolism, but so does our skin. This metabolism is known to measure how efficiently and quickly our skin cells convert nutrients into energy. This energy is then used to repair damaged skin and produce collagen to keep skin toned and firm. 

What is known to slow down the skin's metabolism? Poor eating habits, hormones, not keeping your body hydrated are a few causes the metabolism of your skin is slower. Skin dullness and wrinkles can be caused by ageing and poor lifestyle choices. It is possible to ensure the health of skin cells and a higher metabolism rate through a proper skincare order, resulting in bright and flawless, healthy skin.

Age confidence is all about taking control of your skin's health, so keep these tips in mind when you envision yourself with radiant, bright, and healthy skin. Please keep in mind that this is applicable to all age groups, as skin metabolism can begin at any age!

5 Tips To Kickstart Your Skin’s Metabolism! 

When it comes to your morning skincare routine, here are a few skincare steps on how to boost metabolism to achieve the best skin of your dreams. 

1. Tune Into Your Skin’s Needs

Based on the type of skin you have, you will have to choose the products for your skincare routine. If you have dry skin, you will need products which can give you more hydration and act as a protective barrier like the Bye To Dry Skincare Set. If you've got balanced skin, not too oily, not too dry, then you can go in for the Fixderma Moisturising Lotion which will keep your skin balanced with a blend of minerals.

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2. Street Clear Of Pollution

Pollution is known to cause ageing, darkening of skin, acne-prone skin. It damages cell function therefore you need to use a cleanser such as the Foxtale The Daily Duet which preps the skin, balances the pH levels and removes all the dirt from the skin. Always ensure you wash your face at night and don't allow pollution based impurities to stay overnight on your skin. 

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3. Send In the Communicators

When the communication between cells is lacking, peptides actually help in re-establishing the communication again. These little proteins produce more collagen and elastin, and boost the cell activity. Using products which are rich in peptides, Vitamin A and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) like the Suganda Hydrating Face Mist Cica and Peptide will definitely stimulate collagen. 

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4. Don't Forget The Sunscreen

This is a must, whether you're at home or leaving for work or walking in the sun. You can't leave out on sunscreen since it is the most essential form of skincare, whether you live in a chilly climate or in a hot, dry, humid climate. Using the Fixderma Shadow SPF 30 Transparent Silicon Gel will ensure that your skin is not getting damaged and your cells are functioning as usual, keeping your metabolism well. 

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5. Antioxidants For The Win

When it comes to products with antioxidants, you should apply them without any delay since they will prevent harmful agents in the environment from harming your skin. These work the best against free radicals and one such product we would recommend to you is the Detoxie Fatigue and Stress Repair Vitamin C Face Serum. It definitely has caused wonders on the skin of those who have used it! 

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Morning Routine For Your Skin

Apart from the usual anti-ageing creams that you should use at night, sleeping on silk sheets, and washing your face before sleeping, here are a few tips that you should incorporate into your daily morning routine if you want to have the best skin metabolism. 

1. Wash your face the minute you wake up.
2. After having a shower, give yourself a face massage.
3. Post this, you will apply a cleanser to your face. 
4. Moisturise your skin and apply sunscreen on top.
5. Eat a breakfast rich in green leafy vegetables and ensure you have a balanced diet. 

Additional Tips

Certain tips, such as those listed below, will undoubtedly be important steps in maintaining healthy skin metabolism and providing you with skincare for high metabolism.

1. Exercising regularly has been shown to increase metabolism and muscle tone. The sweat produced definitely removes all of the dirt particles that are clogging the pores.

2. Antioxidants and omega-fat-rich foods, such as green vegetables, dark berries, and tomatoes, as well as protein sources, have been shown to repair skin cell damage.

3. Smoking slows the metabolism, causing wrinkles on the skin. Because it harms the mitochondria, we recommend that you refrain from smoking.

4. Look for skincare products with ingredients like Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and SPF that will always nourish and energise your skin.

5. Drinking a few extra glasses of water on a daily basis will definitely help. Water-induced thermogenesis is known to increase metabolism.

6. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night is a must for those interested in good skin metabolism and overall health.

7. Use ingredients that prevent moisture from escaping from the skin, known as  transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, sorbitol help to strengthen the skin's barrier, keeping irritants at bay and ensuring the retention of a good skin metabolism. 



When you begin to care for your skin by incorporating ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamin C, peptides, and hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine, the results will definitely be visible. Being actively involved in boosting your own skin's metabolism is a lot of fun, especially when there are no lemon water cleanses involved. You should definitely be on the lookout for natural or even man-made packaged products that can rev up your metabolism, keeping your skin young and glowing.

Hydrating the skin, protecting it from environmental barriers, and using anti-ageing products are all essential pointers which must be followed by all skin types! Always consult a doctor before trying a new product or perform a patch test to see if the product is suitable for your skin. In the comments section, tell us about some of your favourite and best products for skin that you would recommend to boost skin metabolism. 

- Harshita Shah

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