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Easy Hairstyling Hacks You Didn't Know!

Can't spend more than 10 minutes for you hair? Read this blog for fun hacks!

Best hairstyling tips, tricks & hacks for gorgeous hair

To some of us, hair styling really does feel like a tough task and we keep going back to the usual hairstyles that we generally sport. But with so many things that one can do with hair, why stick to one hairstyle? Hairstyling is fun and super versatile! You just need to be playful with your hair but, of course with the right kind of hairstyling tips, tricks and hacks up your sleeve.

We’ll help you elevate your hairstyling game with the best list of things that you can do to flaunt gorgeous looking hair. Here are a few suggestions that would make your locks turn heads, from the greatest hair products and style equipment to the best how-tos. 

Some quick hair styling tips that will be your best friend!

1. Fun play with hair pins

    While making a bun or trying to wear your hair up, it’s natural that your hair might fall out. Take a hair pin and try the "locking" method. All you got to do is stick the open end of the pin into your hair in the direction your hair is being tugged. Slightly rotate the pin just before it's totally placed so the open end is facing the same direction as your hair, and then fully insert it to secure your hair. If you ace it and learn this trick, your hairpin will pull your hair nicely tucked and won’t even be visible.

    2. Brush your hair the right way

      Who would have thought that there are tricks to even brush your hair right! Yes, there are different brushes and techniques for even brushing your hair. Paddle brushes are best to use for everyday grooming. For blow drying your hair, use a circular brush to effortlessly capture each strand. You may want to avoid using a rounded brush as that can lead to overheating and burning your hair. We’d suggest you stick to a timber one for the well-being of your hair!

      You might be aware that not all brushes are created equal. Different bristles work for different hair structure and yes, a brush may make or break your hair! The best brushes for fine hair are those that include just natural boar bristles. Without pulling or straining your hair, they smooth and increase shine.

      Post using a hairstyling combo, preferably Arata Hair Styling Combo, use a brush with boar and nylon bristles in combination to untangle regular to thick hair; This also provides your hair a smooth feel and a healthy sheen.

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      Do you have thick hair? Nylon bristle brushes are tough enough to disentangle nasty knots.

      3. Elevate your ponytail game

        If you really like making ponytails and want to up the glamour on it, just take out some bobby pins and try this technique out! Gently hold and lift your ponytail and insert two to three bobby pins into the base. Then fluff your ponytail to hide the bobby pins on the other side. You can also seal this hairstyle by adding a hairstyling gel such as thBest Life Style Gel It results in providing a great definition and easy hairstyling! The end result would be a stunning and fuller looking ponytail that’s perky, and doesn’t sag or droop!

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        4. Flat-iron your braids for waves 

          All hail the hair straighteners! We all know the saviour that a hair straightener is. You might want to use the flat-iron method to create an undone texture in your hair. A hair straightener can totally come in handy if you want to create some flawless curls and beachy waves. What you have to do is just begin by braiding your locks gently. The more the braids, the more beautiful texture your hair will have. Once done, slowly run a flat iron along each braid's length. At the end, untangle the braids after your hair has cooled. Voila! Flaunt a new and super fabulous hairstyle!

          5. Straight hair, don’t care

            People who love straight hair, this one’s for you! Every now & then, you’d have this urge to sand off the rough edges! Grab a hair straightener from your hair styling arsenal, keep the heat setting on slightly low if you have fine hair or hair that get heat damaged easily. Start pressing gently along the length where you want to smoothen the hair. For heavy, coarse strands, raise the temperature slightly and always apply a heat protector at the end, post hair pressing.

            One more thing to remember is - Speed matters. Your hair will not straighten if you go too fast, and if you go too slowly, your hair might definitely burn and suffer damage. Work your way through the hair gently, starting from the roots, work your way to the tips, piece by section, until it's smooth and straight. Finish with a moisturising and nourishing serum that adds shine from the mid-length to the ends. Our recommendation would be The Switch Fix Shielding Gaga Over Moringa Hair SerumUse a light hairspray at the top to keep frizz at bay.

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            6. Swirl your curls

              A curl care routine is super important if you’re looking at stirring up some fancy hairstyles for your curls! If you're having trouble keeping your curls defined, you might want to change the order in which you're doing the curling. It’s not always the process but the order that can make or break a hairstyle. Try combing your hair after you've applied your curly hair products. Definitely add a moisture retaining curl care product to your routine such as the Fix My Curls Hydrating Conditioner. It gives your curls a boost of moisture that allows a far better hold on the curls.

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              We’d suggest you do it the other way around and comb through your damp hair first. This can cause hair to be disentangled and any knots that your hair might have will come undone. But it still maintains the natural form and definition of your curls. A great way, right?

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              Things to keep in mind

              - Always spray a heat protectant on your hair before you use any hairstyling product

              - Avoid ironing your hair at home 

              - Use a dry shampoo before you style your hair as oily hair will tend to be limp 

              - Always go for a haircut that will suit your face shape

              - Avoid wearing too many hairclips

              - Too much usage of hair gel is not advised

              The Takeaway

              Hairstyling is super fun if done right, with the best hair care and hairstyling products. With the right kind of information and hacks, you need to worry at all about your hair. Play with your hair, choose your styles and techniques according to your hair type and don’t hesitate to up the 

              hairstyling game even a wee bit. It’s best to start with understanding your scalp and hair type before picking your style. We’d suggest you maintain a good hair care routine, use the right shampoos and conditioners, and experiment around with multiple styling products and tools but always take necessary precautions  when using heat treatment for your hair! With our hairstyling guide at your service, get set to do any hairdo!

              -Ashi Bansal

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