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Going back in time: Radiant And Rejuvenated Skin With The Kansa Wand

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With skincare making creative technological advances everyday, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget our roots. We are always on the lookout for new skincare tools that manage to quench our thirst for glowing and radiant skin. How about this time, instead of discovering a new tool, we go back to a tool that is easily more than 5000 years old? 

Wondering what we might be talking about? Worry not, because we are here to transport you back in time and introduce you to the Kansa Wand. Yes, we know you have a gazillion questions about it. Strap on the belts to your time machine and read on!


The word Kansa loosely translates to “healing metal”. A Kansa Wand is a facial massage tool - one that is much older than the infamous gua shas and facial rollers. It is made of copper along with zinc, tin and a few other trace metals.

One of the first facial massaging tools to have ever been created, a Kansa Wand is Ayurveda’s earliest gift to us. 

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The metal Kansa made its entry when India had just entered its Bronze Age. The inhabitants of the Indus Valley, created Kansa just like they created the beautiful and enriching universe of Ayurveda. 

Being the Bronze Age, any metal could have been used for this particular tool? Why only Kansa? Well, the Kansa metal has the powerful ability to balance the pH of the skin as well as the body.This is why citizens of the Indus Valley Civilization primarily dined from plates and glasses made from Kansa - to aid in an easy passage to digestion. 

Using the Kansa metal on the skin has been proven to be highly effective and beneficial. It possesses alkaline properties which worked wonders to balance the pH of the skin. And as a result - the Kansa Wand was born. 

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Facial massage as a whole has a wide array of benefits that can make your skin look as if it has descended from the heavens! However, the Kansa Wand has its own set of miraculous properties. We have to warn you, try not to get too stunned at all the boons the Kansa Wand has to offer! Read on to find out more:

  • Nourishes and revitalises the skin: The Kansa Wand is responsible for instant rejuvenation with its ability to provide your skin with gentle nourishment. Paired with the right facial oil and regular usage, it gives your skin the radiance of dreams and a smoothened complexion.
  • Offers a natural facelift and tones facial muscles: One of the most talked about benefits of the Kansa Wand is its power to offer your face a natural face lift. Regular usage of the Kansa Wand results in deep toning of the facial muscles, firming the jawline and cheekbones all while stimulating Collagen. Hello to an all-natural sculpted face!
  • Boosts circulation: The Kansa Wand, if used in the right way can boost circulation by copious amounts. It also promotes free movement of nutrients into the skin and assists in lymphatic drainage. All of this results in a youthful appearance with an inner glow!
  • Balances the pH of the skin: A unique power possessed by the Kansa Wand is its capability to stabilise the pH of your skin. Skin that is high in acid content can often face issues like acne, inflammation, premature aging and wrinkles. An answer to all of these - the Kansa Wand!
  • Detoxifies your body thoroughly: Due to its famously unique powers, the Kansa Wand performs a complete detoxification with regular usage. It draws out the accumulated acidity and results in a fully cleansed body.
  • Soothes inflammations caused by dosha imbalance: We as individuals can be categorised into 3 doshas. 

Vata Dosha :  One that is dominated by Air and Space elements.

Pitta Dosha : One that is dominated by Fire elements.

Kapha Dosha : One that is dominated by Earth and Water elements.

An imbalance in any one of these doshas can cause internal and external havoc for our body. The Kansa Wand resolves any imbalance hence aiding with soothing any inflammations caused.

  • Slows down the process of ageing: As we are all aware of how the Kansa Wand helps us in toning those facial muscles and stimulating collagen. This in turn, delays the ageing process, keeping the skin firm and tout. 

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Using facial massage tools can appear to be daunting in some occasions. However, the Kansa Wand is a simple tool that is extremely easy to use. We, at Sublime Life have a mini - guide to help you use this facial tool and get the most out of it!

Step 1: Ensure your face is thoroughly cleansed and patted dry.

Step 2: Take a few drops of the Shankara Kumkumadi Oil on your palms and rub your palms together to activate the oil before applying it on cleansed skin.

Step 3: Once the Kumkumadi Oil is applied on your skin, take the Kansa Wand by Shankara and move it across your face.

Step 4:  Begin by massaging the middle of your forehead in circles.

Step 5: Move to the hollows of your eyes and draw the figure 8 pattern as you massage it in. Repeat these movements in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

Step 6: Shift to the cheekbones and move the Kansa Wand in upward strokes to boost circulation.

Step 7: Circle it near the ears as well.

Step 8: Move the Kansa Wand along the tip of your chin to the contours of your jawbone in order to give it a chiseled look.

Step 9: Repeat these movements on the other side of your face as well.

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Another point to consider is that some individuals can experience “greying” of the skin with usage of this facial product. It is absolutely nothing to worry about, since the greying of the skin only indicates how acidic your skin is. Any greyness can be cleansed away with a gentle cleanser.


A Kansa Wand must be used with a facial oil in order to smoothen and amplify its movements. Opting for a facial oil that compliments the benefits of the Kansa Wand would be a miracle come true as the facial oil actively works to enhance the effects of the Kansa Wand.

The Shankara Kumkumadi Oil is the perfect choice of a facial oil to be used with a Kansa Wand. This is a 100% non - comedogenic facial oil that actively works to prevent early signs of ageing and provide your skin with the nourishment it needs. The best feature is - it works miraculously for all skin types!

Brimming with the richness of ingredients like Red Gold Saffron, Red Sandalwood and Manjistha ensures it helps you combat a variety of issues ranging from acne, wrinkles and fine lines.  


Due to the versatility of it, the Kansa Wand can be used by all skin types. Whether it’s normal skin, dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin.

However one crucial thing to be kept in mind here would be carefully picking a facial oil that suits your skincare needs. In case, you find yourself puzzled in the world of facial oils - we have a handy guide to equip you with all you need to know. Read it here.

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Initially to ease your skin into the wonder that is a Kansa Wand, it is best to use it once a week. With time, you can increase the number of usages to two - three times a week. 

Regular usage of the Kansa Wand easily translates into youthful and radiant skin.

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The most pondered question in your mind right now would probably be - How exactly does a Kansa Wand differ from Gua Shas and Face Rollers? Essentially, they must be the same facial tool because they seem to perform similar functions, right?

You are positively mistaken as these 2 facial tools differ in many aspects.

  • Firstly, they both have different origins. The Kansa Wand originates from Ayurveda in the time of the Bronze Age and Gua Shas and Face Rollers originate from traditional Chinese medicine. 
  • The Kansa Wand focuses on pressure points according to the doshas and chakras whereas Gua Shas and Face Roller tend to focus more on acupuncture points of the body.
  • One of the most prominent differences between a Kansa Wand and Gua Shas and Face Rollers is the technique applied to use them. A Kansa Wand works in a variety of motions - circular, zigzag and upward strokes. However a Gua Sha and Face Roller can only be used in upward motions.

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Bid farewell to all your skin care woes with this versatile facial tool that works wonders. The Kansa Wand takes us back to our ancient and rich roots. A skincare tool that treats external issues as well as internal ones? Sign us up! Try the magical Kansa Wand today and treat your skin to the luxury it deserves.

                                                                                                     - Sakshi Rawte


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