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Here’s Why You Must Buy A Hair Mist This Summer

Summer is here, and it's time to switch up our hair care routines to protect our locks from the harsh sun, humidity, and pollutants. One easy way to do that is by incorporating hair mists into your hair care routine. Hair mists are an often-overlooked hair care product that can provide a wide range of benefits for your hair, making it the perfect addition to your summer hair care routine.

In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of hair mists and why they're particularly beneficial during the summer season.

What are hair mists?

Hair mists are hair care products that come in a spray bottle and are designed to be misted over your hair. They contain a range of ingredients that can provide a variety of benefits, depending on the specific product. Some common ingredients found in hair mists include essential oils, vitamins, and plant extracts.

Benefits of hair mists

1. Hydration

Hair mists can help to hydrate and moisturize your hair, particularly during the summer months when your hair is exposed to the sun, saltwater, and chlorine. Look for hair mists that contain hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid. The Coccoon Polishing Hair Mist soothes and hydrates each strand of your hair with a single spray and ensures that your hair is tamed and remains frizz-free even in the most hot and humid conditions, making it the perfect choice for summers. Besides the benefits, it also makes it much easier to style your hair. It can be applied on wet as well as dry hair. The key ingredients of this product are green tea, which promotes hair growth and maintains a healthy scalp, and apple, which prevents hair breakage and keeps it thick and strong.

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2. Detangling

Hair mists can also help to detangle your hair, making it easier to manage and style them. Look for hair mists that contain ingredients such as panthenol, which can help to smoothen and detangle your hair.

3. Protection

Hair mists can provide a protective barrier for your hair, shielding it from environmental stressors such as the sun, wind, and pollutants. Look for hair mists that contain ingredients such as antioxidants, which can help to protect your hair from damage. Sova Saffron & Kalpavriksha Overnight Hair Repair Mist is a great formulation to tackle damaged and brittle hair. If you want to get rid of split ends without cutting your hair, this will be your holy grail, all the while making your hair softer and smoother. 

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4. Nourishment

Hair mists can provide your hair with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, helping to keep it healthy and strong. Look for hair mists that contain ingredients such as biotin, which can help to promote hair growth and strengthen your hair.

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Why are hair mists particularly beneficial during the summer season?

During the summer season, your hair is exposed to a range of environmental stressors that can cause damage, including the sun, saltwater, chlorine, and humidity. Hair mists can help to protect your hair from these stressors, keeping it healthy and strong. Hair mists with SPF or UV protection helps protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun's rays. Just like your skin, your hair can be damaged by the sun, which can cause dryness, breakage, and fading of hair color.

Additionally, hair mists can help to keep your hair hydrated, which is particularly important during the summer months, when your scalp as well as hair is prone to getting stripped off of the moisture as a result of frequent hair wash days and because of the dryness of the air. 

Overall, hair mists are an easy and convenient way to provide your hair with the nutrients and protection it needs to stay healthy and strong during the summer season. So why not add a hair mist to your summer hair care routine and see the benefits for yourself?


1. Which step of my haircare routine should include the hair mist?

You could use it after a workout if you do not wish to take a shower, or even after a shower so that you can feel refreshed for even longer. 

2. Do I need to apply hair mist regularly?

The more regularly you use a hair mist, the more hydrated your locks will remain. You could thus use them on a daily basis. 

3. Will using a hair mist make my hair oily?

No, hair mists generally do not make your hair greasy.

Srishti Chakraborty

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