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How to celebrate women’s day with your gal pals?

Women’s day acknowledges women’s empowerment across the globe. The day glorifies the goals of their lives. A woman bears a strong personality in the heart of society. She possesses a manifestation of beauty inside out. This beauty gets enhanced when a woman starts to nurture her elegance from the surface level of her skin.

What can be better than celebrating a self-care routine with your girlfriends to establish your grace? This women’s day engross yourselves with your gal pals in an intensive self-care routine to radiate your personality.

A few fun things to do with your gal pals this international women’s day are shared below:

1. Cleanse off the negativity

One of the most difficult tasks for a woman is to confront the negativity around them. Nevertheless, the divas of our society make it through every hurdle of negativity. Likewise, your skin needs to declutter the dirt, pollution and germs from the face and the body. We have two recommendations for you to create a clean canvas for the next steps in your skincare routine:

For your face- 

The Put Simply Get Your Greens cleanser is a pH-balanced face wash that removes dirt and grime from your face without stripping off the natural moisture level of your skin. The product is formulated with ingredients like Centella, green tea and Japanese mugwort that have antioxidant properties to fight against free radicals, heal the skin, and strengthen your skin’s barrier. 

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For your body-

The Plum BodyLovin' Trippin' Mimosas Shower Gel will make you and your pals feel refreshed with its fruity smell. The orange extract infused in the formulation of this product makes the skin vibrant and the olive oil helps to keep the moisture level of the skin intact.

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2. Tone up your and your girlfriends' energies

The sweetest gesture you can make to your female friends is to encourage their energies. This will give them more power to put forward their opinions and be receptive to others’ opinions as well. On a similar note, a toner gives your face the right amount of hydration that prepares the pores of your skin to welcome the next layer of product.

You can use The Pink Foundry Hydrating Toner to boost the inner strength of your skin. The red clover flower extract used in this formulation acts as an all-rounder ingredient that helps in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and smoothens the skin.         

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3. Support and provide moisture to your Girlfriends’ manifestations

Your gal pals always look forward to your support and so do you. Moral support makes it easier for women to make it through any stage of their lives. Hence, furnish them with your support, water their manifestations, and be open to receiving yours from their ends. By the same token, your skin, as well, needs moisture from the right ingredients that support its barrier health.

We would like to recommend the Put Simply Waterdamn face moisturiser to you as it contains ceramides and niacinamide that keep your skin barrier intact. Along with these ingredients, it also has Cica and panthenol to help in calming any inflammation on the skin. This product is again, suitable for all skin types.  

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4. Protect your gal pals from adversities

You always feel safe when surrounded by your girlfriends. Your presence gives them a perception of protection. You perceive the same when they make the move. Similarly, you need to protect your skin from the adverse effects of sun damage. Sunscreens act as your protective girlfriends in providing defence to your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The SunScoop Invisible Sunscreen SPF 40 is the quintessential match to this category as it delivers board spectrum along with blue light protections. It is a great pick if you are looking for a lightweight sunscreen with water-resistant properties. 

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5. Give inner strength to your girlfriends

You can inject strength into your girlfriends that help them to stabilise their lives. Similarly, you can provide strength to your system from the inside with a blend of superfoods. 

The Cosmix What Women Want is a blend of super herbs especially made for women to take care of their every possible issue from the inside as the name of the product itself suggests. The product is a concoction of Shatavari, Maca Root, and Nettle Leaf along with other ingredients that help in taming bloating issues, improving menstrual health, combating fatigue, boosting energy levels & more. 

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6.  Plan for a women’s day brunch

After following a simple yet effective skincare routine, it’s time for you and your gal pals to go for a women’s day brunch. It will elevate your mood because food never disappoints. If you are not willing to step out then just get into the kitchen and cook some food together. It is always fun to prepare food items along with your girlfriends. If you don’t like to cook, you can order as well. In conclusion, the idea is to follow what your hearts desire.

You can celebrate women’s day according to your preferences. However, a women’s day celebration never goes wrong with a women’s daily skincare routine. It might sound so simple but every minute spent on putting the products on your skin adds up to your relaxation. When the routine draws to a close, it will seemingly contribute to your feel-good mood. You will certainly feel good about taking care of yourself through a pamper session.

The most favourable factor of this women’s day skincare routine is that all of the recommended products are suitable for all skin types. Hence, all of your girlfriends can share the same products. So, this international women’s day, observe an international women’s skincare routine with your gal pals.

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1. Can I follow this skincare routine every day? 

This skincare routine is what a women’s daily skincare routine should look like. So, you can definitely follow this simple yet powerful skincare routine every day.

2. Can me and my gal pals use the same products? 

All of the products mentioned in the particular skincare routine cater to people with any skin type. Hence, feel free to pass on those products to your gal pals and enjoy a self-care time.

3. How can a skincare routine help foster international women’s day?

Women are known for their epitome of elegance. Women of these times are on par with men. So, to put their performance a notch above, an effective skincare routine will ascertain their relaxation time and prepare them to emerge better.

Sneha Das

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