How to recreate the luxury spa experience at home?

How to recreate the luxury spa experience at home?

The right steps to get that brilliant spa feels at home!

It’s always a great idea to get healthy and glowing skin, the best ever nail art and your hair to be silky, soft and shiny at home. What can be better than not having to step out of your comfort zone and get the most amazing spa-like treatment at home? We all would like to save some time and bucks at one point or another, to get the best of both worlds. Having a spa-like treatment at home is pretty much easy! Ofcourse, only if you know the steps and suitable products and if you’re doing it right. You get the desired results and everything just by staying at your place. Let’s just say - a pamper day is all you need. 

A haircare treatment that resolves all your frizzy problems : gets rid of itchy scalp, brings in lustre and shine, reduces dandruff problems and gives your hair a healthy and smooth finish is something all of us want. Getting this at home is quite easy now. The same goes for skincare. A refreshing and rejuvenated feel, glowing and bringing in more radiance as well as relieving stress. Let’s just say, if you’re in need of relaxation, a spa is all that you need. It will cover you up from your head to toe and de-stress you physically and emotionally.

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Refreshing Bath

What better than starting your spa by a cool and stress relieving bath?

1. Hair Mask

Start by lathering up your locks with a hair mask. It’s going to boost and energise your scalp strength and give numerous benefits you’re unknown to. Nourishment, hair growth, healthy scalp, it’s going to give in all of that and suck in hair loss, frizz, damage and dryness. This step will ensure you’re getting manageable hair for the next few weeks. When it comes to deep treatment, the Ashba Botanics Deep Treatment Hair Masque is a great buy. It’s packed with superfoods and gives you intense treatment - needed by hair.

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2. Body Scrub & Shower Gel

Now comes some body pampering. Get rid of every foreign particle that doesnt deserve a place on your skin by scrubbing it off. They make your skin clean and clear. Scrubbing removes dead skin, unclogs pores and removes ingrown hair - resulting in improving the overall health of your skin. It even keeps blemishes at a distance and ensures you’re hydrated. Followed by a shower gel, your skin will never feel dry, flaky or itchy and ensure you’re intensely hydrated at all times. It locks in moisture and relieves your mind and skin, giving you a refreshed feel. And not to forget, it gives you a nice and luxurious feel! When it comes to scrub, the Petal Fresh Smoothing Coconut Body Scrub is what you can pick. Exfoliation and moisturisation, you get both of them. It gently scrubs off excess oil and dirt and reveals a healthy glow, smelling like paradise. While, the Arata Hydrating & Non Drying Body Wash cleanses skin lightly and provides utmost moisture and nourishment to skin, making it supple and soft.

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3. Skincare

Now that you’re fully satisfied with your hair and body care it’s time to give your face some love too! 

4. Sheet Mask

The most convenient way to pamper your face is by applying a sheet mask. Sheet masks are a great way to achieve supple and youthful skin - with no extra efforts. It’s going to soothe your skin, ensure it’s nicely moisturised and can treat skin problems depending on the type of sheet mask you use.

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5. Serums and Facial Tools

These two steps go side by side if you want to achieve flawless skin feels. Facial serums are the right product for rejuvenating your skin and providing deep nourishment and retains skin’s natural moisture level. To brighten up dull skin and uplift your face, followit up with a face tool. It boosts up blood flow, reduces puffiness and inflammation, soothes skin and uplifts your face like nothing else. These two are one fine skincare couple that gives you a parlour like luxurious spa at home - only if you do it the right way. Use the right kind of serum and tool and use it as per needed. When it comes to serum, you gotta use the best one, can be Martiderm Night Renew 5 Ampoules Serum that repairs and renews your skin, improves skin elasticity and tightens skin or the Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum replenishes skin moisture level and lets it stay hydrated and nourished. Follow it up with the Face Rituals Jade Gua Sha that contours and tones skin and gives a youthful glow. 

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6. Hand and Feet Care

If you thought we forgot about this step, you’re wrong. A spa isn’t complete with this step. 

Foot Care - Your feet deserve the same care and effort you give your skin and body. They too need the same amount of nourishment. It makes sure you’re off odour, cracks and peels and prevents dry skin and heels. Most of the time, your feet are most likely to get suntans and sunburns and this makes sure you’re away from all sun issues. The Bliscent Peppermint Foot Soak is the right product to energise your feet, making sure there are no cracks or dryness, rejuvenates and releases muscle tension and pain followed up by a body lotion.

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7. Hand Care

After your face, it’s your hand that shows the fastest signs of ageing. Taking care of your hands ensures you’re always off from infections, dry hands and keeps hygiene close, that being the most important. Although it doesn’t look prominent, hydration for hands is needed. Sublime recommends Dr. Organic Rose Otto Hand & Nail Cream that is blended with bioactive, natural and organic ingredients that gets absorbed easily and hydrates your hands.

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-Aparna Das

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