How to Transition your Skincare Routine from Summer to Winter

How to Transition your Skincare Routine from Summer to Winter

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As the weather turns cooler, you may find that there are certain changes in your skin and the way it feels. Maybe it is more dry or more sensitive than it usually is. But how should you modify your skincare routine to keep up with these changes in your skin? Read on for our handy guide on transitioning your skincare routine from warmer weather to cooler weather!

Why do you need to change your skincare routine?

You might be asking yourself this question - do I really need to change my skincare routine? Yes, you do! As the weather turns cooler, our bodies try to hold in heat by narrowing blood vessels. As a result, the outer layers of the skin tend to become dull and dry and may even lead to flakiness and cracks. 

While you do not have to make too many substantial changes, you do need to look after your skin a bit differently. It is along the same lines of how our bodies are most susceptible to colds and flus during the transitioning weather and later in the winter as well. The skin behaves a similar way. 

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At what point should you change your routine?

Now there is not a particular date you can mark in your calendar for when you might want to change up your skincare routine. You just have to pay attention to what your skin feels like and how it behaves to certain products. Does it feel a little dry and tight when you wake up in the morning? Do you find that it gets dry throughout the day too? If you have experienced any of this, it is time to switch up your skincare routine!

How should you modify your skincare routine?

As compared to warmer months, our skin’s needs tend to change a bit. Even if you have oily skin, you might find that your skin is producing less oil during the cooler months.

  • Cleansing: In this transition weather, it is important to not overdry your skin as it is already deprived of moisture, to an extent. You do not want to make that worse. Opt for gentle cleansers that do the job and nourish your skin at the same time.
    The Swisse’s Manuka Honey Daily Glow Foaming Cleanser is a good choice. 
  • Moisturiser: If you use a gel moisturiser and find that it is not enough, switch to a cream based one. You can also opt for ceramide-based products that strengthen your skin barrier too. 
    Put Simply WaterDam(n) Moisturiser is a great option.

    Find the right type of moisturiser for your skin type here.
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  • Face Oils: Face oils work wonders for your skin. Especially during the winter. Nourishing plant oils effectively lock in moisture and strengthen the skin barrier. Some oils are also rich in antioxidants.
    Natural Vibes’ Ayurvedic Beauty Oil is a great option.  
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  • Sun Protection: It does not matter whether you are indoors or outdoors, whether it is cloudy or sunny, whether it is summer or winter, sun protection is important! We tend to get a little lazy about it in the winter but the truth is you still need to apply your sunscreen.

  • Exfoliation: Getting rid of those dead flaky cells really helps your skin’s health. Make sure to exfoliate 1 to 2 times a week. Do not go overboard with exfoliating. Our skin tends to be on the drier side during the winter and over-exfoliating can make the skin irritable and cause inflammation. So, be gentle with your skin! 
    Myra Veda’s Hawaaian Mud & Seaweed Scrub is a good choice for a gentle scrub.
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  • Eye Cream: Getting into eye care is a good idea during the cooler months. Our under-eye area is delicate and requires extra care. Invest in a good hydrating eye cream! You can read more about eye cream here.
    is a good eye cream.
    Ilana Organics Lush Eyes works well as an eye cream and mask.
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  • Lip Balm: The secret to soft and plush lips? A great lip balm or lip oil. Our lips tend to get quite dry during the colder months. Take some extra care of your lips this winter and indulge in a few lip products: The Bare Necessities Busy Bee Lip Balm is a nourishing and moisturising lip balm with ingredients such as Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Beeswax, and Coconut Oil. You can even opt for a lip scrub such as the Juicy Chemistry Blood Orange & Rosehip Lip Scrub to gently exfoliate your lips.
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  • Face Masks: Swap out your detoxifying masks for some hydrating and moisturising ones. The Swisse Hyaluro Natural Intensive Hydrating Mask is a great hydrating option for all skin types. Use it 1-2 times a week for some nourishment. This mask can even be used as a sleeping mask.
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  • Hand & Foot Creams: Courtesy the pandemic, we are all washing our hands more than usual, drying them out. Give your hands and feet some much needed TLC. Juicy Chemistry’s Kokum, Myrrh, & Hazelnut Hand & Foot Cream is a great option.
    This is an image of Juicy Chemistry’s Kokum, Myrrh, & Hazelnut Hand & Foot Cream on

  • Body Butter: Swap out your lotions for some rich and emollient body butters for that extra dose of nourishment. Our tendency to take hot showers often gets the better of us. While they may feel great, these hot showers dry out the skin. Opt for something like Petal Fresh’s Clarifying Mandarin & Mango Body Butter
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What’s the most important part of your skincare in the winter?

You have probably guessed this one: it is moisturiser! Your body, hands, and feet need some extra care too. Take time to really pamper yourself and keep your skin healthy and happy! 

What ingredients should you opt for?

  • Humectants
    Be on the lookout for moisturisers that contain humectants such as Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid. Humectants draw moisture to the outermost layer of the skin.

  • Occlusives
    While humectants draw water to the surface, it is important to make sure you do not lose any of it. Occlusive ingredients, such as oils and waxes, and emollients  help strengthen the skin barrier and prevent water loss. To read more about humectants, emollients, occlusives, and moisturisers, click here.

  • Ceramides
    Ceramides are lipids or fats that form 50% of the outermost layer of the skin. Moisturisers containing ceramides help strengthen the skin barrier.

  • Peptides
    Peptides form the building blocks of proteins such as Elastin, Keratin, and Collagen. Using moisturisers and lotions containing peptides is great for your skin.

  • Antioxidants
    A healthy dose of antioxidants is great for your skin, scalp, and hair. Incorporate antioxidants into your skincare routine - be it through face masks, moisturisers, serums, and lotions. 
  • Vitamin C
    Vitamin C is a popular active and antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, stimulates collagen production, and adds a nice glow to the skin. 
  • Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is a nourishing and replenishing antioxidant that works wonders for your skin. It is moisturising, protects from free radicals, and helps reduce UV damage.
  • Green Tea Extract
    Whether you are drinking green tea or using products that contain green tea, you are doing the right thing! Green tea extracts are rich in antioxidants too.
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Do’s and don’ts for the winter

The Don'ts:

  • No hot showers
    The temptation to take a nice, long, and hot bath is real. Especially when it is cold outside. But this is something you want to avoid. Hot water dehydrates the skin and can make it itchy and red. That is definitely something you do not want. Be it your skin, hair, or scalp, always use lukewarm water.

  • Avoid scratchy fabrics
    Dry skin is more prone to irritations and inflammations. Synthetic fibers and even coarse ones such as wool can brush against your skin, causing it to get irritated. Layer your clothes and opt for softer fabrics.  

The Dos:

  • Drink lots of water
    You need to hydrate and moisturise from the inside and from the outside. If your lips are too dry or your skin is dry, chances are you are not drinking enough water. We tend to skip out on hydrating during the winter but try to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day.

  • Exercise
    Exercising is great because it keeps you fit and gives you an endorphin rush. It also works wonders for your skin. When you work out, your pores tend to open up, your blood circulation improves, and the sweat helps get rid of toxins.

  • Take care of your hands and feet
    Take some extra time out to pamper your hands and feet. Especially your hands. Our hands are frequently washed and come in contact with harsh chemicals and detergents. They tend to become drier during the cooler months.

  • Eat right
    Be sure to eat a lot of seasonal fruits such as berries, which are rich in antioxidants and help your skin to maintain that glow.
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As the weather changes, our skin changes too and we need to switch up our regiment accordingly. It is important to use a non-drying cleanser and a good moisturizer. Exfoliating is still important but you should not overdo it and irritate your skin. Try to drink lots of water, eat good food, and exercise regularly. Drier skin is more prone to irritation so you do not want to make things worse.

- Gauri Sindhu

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