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Including Essential Oils in your life: 8 enriching ways

Yes, we have all heard the buzz around essential oils. They have been a hot favourite in the self-care world for quite some time now and rightfully so. Essential oils have essentially only been used for purposes of aromatherapy, but were you aware that they could be used in a variety of different ways? Open yourself up to the multifaceted personality of essential oils!

What are Essential Oils and their benefits?

To put it simply, essential oils are highly concentrated essences of different plants. These plants have extraordinary abilities to provide many benefits that could be crucial for one’s skin, body, hair and general wellbeing. Truly a solution-provider for every problem out there!

Whether it's soothing your mind and getting rid of incessant feelings of stress and anxiety or helping your body battle inflammation and congestion - essential oils can really do it all! Relieving you from persistent headaches and migraines and also bidding pesky insects goodbye.

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One product- Multiple usages!

1. Care care skincare: Clay Essentials Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

With multiple essential oils being made a part of the cosmetic industry everywhere, no one does skincare like Tea Tree essential oil does. Widely loved by skincare enthusiasts everywhere, this essential oil works no less like magic with the most feared concern of acne.

Since it is brimming with antibacterial properties, Tea Tree essential oil works effectively to reduce and prevent acne and get rid of blemishes too! Famously used as a spot-treatment, this potent essential oil can really be the answer to your acne woes.

How to use? Combine Tea Tree oil with a carrier oil since it is highly potent. Gently dab it on blemishes or moderate acne.

Works well for? Oily and acne-prone skin. 

Fragrance? Woody and spicy fragrance.

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2. Buff away the dandruff: Clay Essentials Pure Vetiver Essential Oil

Not commonly used, the Vetiver Essential Oil is an underrated gem that is meticulously created utilising the root of the Vetiver plant. This essential oil has proven to be highly beneficial for your hair due to the antimicrobial properties it possesses.

So many of us deal with incessant dandruff that refuses to budge! Vetiver Essential Oil works to seep deep into your hair follicles and provide them with intense moisturisation, hence preventing the formation of dry flakes and dandruff! Buffed it away, did you not?

How to use? Mix Vetiver Essential Oil with a carrier oil to dilute it further. Heat this oil slightly and dab it on your scalp ensuring an even application everywhere. 

Works well for? Dry scalp.

Fragrance? Earthy and smoky.

If you wish to read our in-depth guide on battling dandruff, you can read our blog on it here.

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3. Inhale the goodness: Clay Essentials Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

An age-old favourite that is Eucalyptus Essential Oil is loved by all equally. Famously known for its ability to fight off infections like the common cold and flu. Eucalyptus Essential Oil battles all kinds of respiratory infections by killing viruses and bacteria.

Inhaling this essential oil also permits the tiny hair-like filaments present in your lungs that are responsible for sweeping out all the mucus to move faster. Eucalyptus Essential Oil provides you with instant refreshing relief if you have a congested nose that will not stop troubling you!

How to use? Boil some water in a vessel and add a few drops of the Clay Essentials Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil to it. Inhale the vapours from this mixture deeply and ensure it reaches your chest too.

Works well for? Individuals dealing with constant nasal congestion.

Fragrance? Herbal and minty.

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4. For that feeling of calm and better sleep: Clay Essentials Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Whether we like to admit it or not, a lot of us face some trouble falling asleep. It could be due to any reason - professional, academic or even personal! Getting in less hours of sleep could prove to be highly detrimental to your wellbeing. Enter - Lavender Essential Oil! 

It is a highly versatile essential oil which is celebrated for its intensely soothing and calming effects. Not only is Lavender Essential Oil extremely helpful with reducing bouts and feelings of anxiety but it also works efficiently to promote healthy sleep and have you up the next day with vibrant energy!

How to use it? Add a few drops of the Clay Essentials Pure Lavender Essential Oil to your diffuser and ensure to activate it only at night. You can also sprinkle some drops of this on your pillowcase. A few whiffs of this will give you the dreamiest sleep.

Works well for? Individuals who are not able to achieve sound sleep.

Fragrance? Floral and delicate.

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5. Adieu to tired muscles: Clay Essentials Pure Bergamot Essential Oil

Nothing says ultimate relaxation like a soothing body massage that will offer some much-needed relief to your tired muscles and joints. Bergamot Essential Oil is carefully extracted from the citrus fruit giving it an energetic scent.

This essential oil can be used whilst massaging muscles that are overworked and tired, targeting areas on the body that need a pick-me-up. Its tangy scent will lift your spirits up after a long and exhausting day- awakening your physical body and your mind too!

How to use it? Add a few drops of the Clay Essentials Pure Bergamot Essential Oil to your favourite carrier oil and use it to massage specific parts or joints. If you wish to amplify its soothing effects, adding a few drops of this to your bath salts could take all the soreness away!

Works well for? Individuals with stiff and sore muscles.

Fragrance? Fruity and warm

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6. Hair strength and growth? All yours!: Clay Essentials Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil

We all have hair woes aplenty! Constantly dealing with pollution, chemical treatments and heat styling can really do a number on your locks and make them appear dull and lifeless. Worry not, because Lemongrass Essential Oil is arriving for your rescue!

This particular essential oil has miraculous effects when used regularly on those tresses. It works to boost hair growth and highly strengthen it by bringing about a contraction in your hair follicles, which prevents any hair shedding. Say goodbye to an itchy scalp plagued with hair fall and embrace vital hair.

How to use it? Mix a few drops of Clay Essentials Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil to your preferred carrier oil and apply it not just all over your scalp, but also to the ends of your hair thoroughly.

Works well for? Individuals dealing with excessive hair fall and an itchy scalp. 

Fragrance? Citrus and invigorating.

If you wish to read more about combatting hair fall, you can check out our extensive blog on it here.

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7. Scented like a flowery field: Clay Essentials Pure Rose Essential Oil 

Rose-scented anything is an absolute delight for your soul. The floral scent is sure to uplift your spirits and leave you feeling fragrant like a bed of roses. The intoxicating aroma of Rose Essential Oil is long-lasting and ethereal.

Not only does it give you an elegant aroma, inhaling Rose Essential oil has been proven to reduce mild effects of stress too, by decreasing cortisol levels. A perfume that acts as a stress-reliever? Sign us up! How could we forget the sensual powers this essential oil holds? The desirable scent is sure to leave anyone wanting more.

How to use it? Mix a few drops of Clay Essentials Pure Rose Essential Oil to your preferred carrier oil and apply it to the inside of your wrists and dab a little behind each earlobe.

Works well for? This essential oil works well for anyone and everyone!

Fragrance? Royal and sweet.

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8. Goodbye PMS: Clay Essentials Pure Peppermint Essential Oil

Severe abdominal cramps, intense back pain and even worse mood swings. Premenstrual Syndromes aka PMS really takes a toll on all of us. Let us admit, we have tried almost everything under the sun to relieve these terrible aches. But did you know, you could even utilise essential oils to make you feel better?

Peppermint Essential Oil is a miracle to aid you in getting rid of menstrual aches. The unique scent it possesses works effectively to minimise feelings of excessive nausea and abdominal pain when applied topically. The fragrance triggers specific areas of your brain to be at ease and a little more relaxed.

How to use it? Apply two drops of the Clay Essentials Pure Peppermint Essential Oil on the back of your neck. If you wish to apply it on your abdomen, dilute it with a carrier oil of your choice and apply it whilst breathing in deeply.

Works well for? Individuals wanting relief from severe PMS symptoms.

Fragrance? Minty and herbal

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Always remember

Essential oils being highly potent, should be only used whilst taking extreme care since they are present in a concentrated formula. One should always conduct a patch test before trying out any new essential oil, in case you want a further guide into patch-testing, check out our blog here. Diluting essential oils when needed is crucial as it could trigger a negative reaction too. 

If you wish to get a deeper idea into the basics of essential oils, read our in-depth guide to them here.

Choosing the best essential oils

With a wide range of essential oils available everywhere, choosing the best and the right essential oils could prove to be a daunting task. Owing to this very reason, the versatile and holistic range of essential oils offered by Clay Essentials is the ideal choice. Born out of love for ancient healing, the sustainable way- Clay Essentials carefully craft pure essential oils that are not only non-toxic but also sustainably sourced from small MSME’s and are organic.


Rightfully named essential oils, these oils are absolutely essential for every inch of you. Whether it's your skin, your body, your tresses or even your soul. So explore the various benefits they have to offer! 

- Sakshi Rawte


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