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Struggling With Smelly Feet? Here Are 8 Tips To Keep Them Sweat & Odour Free!

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Advice on how to get rid of the stink & keep your feet fresh

Your feet, which transport you from point A to point B, require special attention. Along the way, everyone's feet experience aches, pains, and unpleasant odour. People who have smelly feet do not remove their shoes. Bromodosis is the medical term for stinky feet. The bad news is that it occurs as a result of bacteria buildup on the feet, which causes bad odour. The good news is that there are quick, simple, and low-cost treatments available to reduce the occurrence of the condition.

Here are a few helpful tips for getting rid of stinky feet. Remember to follow these on a regular basis.

What Causes Smelly Feet?

Our feet have relatively more sweat glands than any other part of the human body. These continue to sweat throughout the day, keeping the skin moist and aiding in body cooling.

Bacteria naturally occur on the feet, breaking down the sweat on the feet. Bad odour is caused by a combination of bacteria and sweat. When someone sweats in their shoes, takes them off, but then puts them back on without letting them dry, bacteria grows and the feet begin to stink.

Poor hygiene, infrequent foot washing, and not changing socks frequently are all causes of bromodosis. Teenagers and pregnant women are prone to stinky feet because their bodies produce hormones that cause them to sweat excessively.

Home Treatments For Smelly Feet

Unless you take proper care of your feet, they can become a source of terrible odour. Follow these foot care home remedies for smelly feet!

1. To keep your feet clean, use a mild soap and a foot scrub at least once a day. It is necessary to completely dry your feet after a shower and to ensure that no moisture has accumulated between your toes. 

Sublime recommends: Bliscent Peppermint Foot Soak that eliminates toxins, softens rough skin and relaxes your feet. 

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2. When it comes to toe nail care, make sure you clip them short and get a pedicure at least once every two weeks. Make sure that the hard skin on your feet does not become soggy and wet, as this provides a home for bacteria. Instead, use a foot file to remove the hard skin and avoid foot smelling.Massaging your feet with a nourishing foot oil such as the Shankara Nourishing Foot Oil also aids in energising your feet, relaxing them and also softening the skin. 


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3. While cycling, going to the gym, or exercising in a hot and humid environment, remember to change your socks and wear new socks every time. Wet shoes allow bacteria to grow, so alternate between two pairs of shoes for daily wear. This prevents moisture from settling in and completely dries the footwear, eliminating the possibility of foot odour.

4. When the weather is hot and humid, such as in India, wear open-toed shoes and socks to absorb moisture and keep it from lingering on your feet.

5. Using a foot cream will undoubtedly assist you in taking care of your feet in a sanitary manner. Make use of foot care products such as Fixderma Foot Cream, which will aid in moisturising dry feet and healing cracks. This not only exfoliates dark skin but also soothes and cleans it thoroughly. 

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6. You can treat your feet with medicated powder or deodorant. At the same time, you can use rubbing alcohol to thoroughly dry your feet. Antifungal and antibacterial soaps will significantly reduce foot odour. Because we spend so much time in tight office shoes, the key is to walk barefoot in open spaces, allowing your feet to breathe whenever possible.

7. You can replace your shoe insoles with antibacterial insoles, which will aid in moisture absorption. Ensure you don't wear tight shoes and plastic shoes to avoid excessive sweating. Using a scrub or a pumice stone to prevent bacteria from feeding on dead skin cells will also be beneficial. 

8. Soaks are an important part of skin exfoliation for the feet.

a) Make a bowl of warm water with one cup of epsom salt in it. Soak your feet in it for 15-20 minutes after it dissolves, then thoroughly dry them.

b) A vinegar soak would consist of 2 parts warm water and 1 part vinegar - apple cider or white vinegar is fine. Fill a tub halfway with this mixture and soak your feet in it. If you have wounds or cuts, do not use this mixture because it will create a burning sensation.

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Fast Facts On Smelly Feet

When it comes to stinky feet, here are a few key points to remember as smelly feet causes:

1. Smelly feet are caused by bacteria and moisture.

2. Smelly feet are not a medical or alarming concern, but they can make a person feel self-conscious. 

3. Bacteria naturally live on human feet.

4. Smelly feet can also have an impact on relationships because the other person may complain about his or her partner's smelly feet.

5. After bacteria excrete waste from dead skin cells and break down oils, feet stink.

When To Consult A Doctor?

You may have smelly feet if you have cuts or sores on your feet that are infected, so always keep an eye out. Place a mirror on the floor and examine your feet for any irregularities.

Consult a doctor if you have wounds or cuts on your feet. Swelling and redness are warning signs that should not be ignored. Consult a medical professional right away if you have these symptoms, especially if you have diabetes, as this can lead to complications.

If there are no signs of wounds on your feet, you can buy products at the pharmacy or try home remedies to combat stinky feet. Don't be self-conscious or insecure because of smelly feet; get rid of smelly feet by seeking medical attention.

The Takeaway

Most of us do not properly care for our feet and ignore the odour that develops after being enclosed in socks and shoes. However, people around us are aware of the odour so we must be careful. Take good care of your feet and try some of these inexpensive home remedies as a  smelly feet fix.  These can help to reduce the occurrence of your condition and the key is to incorporate foot care into your daily hygiene routine. When it comes to stinky feet, listen to your doctor's advice and accept the treatment he recommends. 

- Harshita Shah

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