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The 5 Beauty Trends to try this Women’s Day

Trends are like the tide; they come and go with time. The trends and products that were on the rise in 2022 have not necessarily been done and dusted with, but they have certainly undergone a revamp this year. With the ever-changing nature of the fashion and the beauty industry, it is only natural for people to adopt new styles and trends with the passage of time. Keeping in mind the products that have been loved and then forgotten over the years, let’s take a plunge this Women’s Day to indulge in some of the trends of the past.  

Let’s take a look at the most loved and celebrated beauty trends and products of 2023 and of the past, that you might want to sport this Women’s Day. 

1. Thinner yet glossy brows 

One extremely out-of-the-box yet appealing look that has been popularised by prominent runway shows like that of Marc Jacobs and Givenchy is that of slim eyebrows. This is a look that can be a bit hard to get used to at first, but once accepted, you wouldn’t need another aspect of your makeup to make you stand out among a crowd. If you are looking for an effective mode of self-expression, simply roll out your brows with a brow gel and you are good to go! Ruby's Organic Smoked Kohl + Brow Filler is a great tool to exemplify your brows and give them a little bit of definition in this case.

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2. Reverse your age with Retinol

Retinol has been all the craze since 2022, and rightfully so! Once wrinkles and fine lines set in, it can be difficult to eliminate them. It is thus advisable to incorporate anti-aging serums from a young age to remove the possible onset of those unwanted features. Retinol (vitamin A) is the star ingredient of this category of serums. The Deconstruct Retinol and Peptide Serum works wonders to help fight the symptoms of ageing skin, and the peptide boosts collagen production, making your skin firmer. 
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3. Skincare-infused makeup 

Over the last couple of years, and mainly as a result of the pandemic, there has been a substantial shift in the focus of consumers towards skincare. People focus more on trying to get their natural skin to look as impeccable as possible with a myriad of products available at their disposal, rather than investing a lump sum in makeup. This has led leading brands to produce a new range of products under the category of skin care-infused makeup which not only imparts a sense of jazz to your look, but also nourishes and boosts your skin to achieve its best self. Looking for a natural blush that will not only give you a vibrant look, but also nourish your skin in the process? The tint from Daughter Earth is your answer! The vitamin E and vanilla components protect your skin against free radical damage and, shea butter, moringa and almond oil provide intense hydration by preventing transepidermal water loss from your skin. Ruby's Organic Foundation contains Rosehip oil that is rich in vitamin A and C, that brightens skin and also promotes collagen promotion. Coco caprylate aids in skin hydration and Shorea Robusta resin helps fight bacteria.
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4. Lined with Liner

Want to establish dominance? Do it with the help of your eyes. When it comes to eyes, more is more, if you can sport it a certain way. Be it siren eyes, smoky eyes or double winged, if you want to overdo it and make it even bolder than the desired look is in the tutorial or the article, go ahead. You cannot possibly go wrong with a bold eye makeup look! Opt for the BlushBee Organic Beauty Eye Kajal to achieve a clean and smooth eye look. Packed with hydrating oils and vitamins, this kajal makes achieving dramatic eye looks easy peasy.
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5. Y2K back in action  

Who would have thought that late 1900s and early 2000s’ fashion and makeup would make a comeback in 2023? Well, we kid you not, but the flashy, sparkly and eye-catching beauty trend is back in action and with a lot of pomp! Glossy lips, shimmery eyes, rosy cheeks, all are the trademark elements of a classic Y2K look, and we are here for it! Achieve the look with the Fae Beauty Glaws Gloss and Ruby's Organics Liquid Eyeshadow
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Some trends, no matter how ancient, always will hold a special place in our hearts, like some mentioned in this blog. Indulge in one of these looks this Women’s Day and feel powerful in your skin!   

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1. What is Y2K fashion?

Y2K refers to the fashion of the early 2000s and late 1900s era that was specifically characterised by thin eyebrows, glossy lips, bright colours and lots of glitter.

2. What is the trendiest eye makeup look in 2023?

Siren eyes have become widely viral, courtesy of TikTok. It might take a few attempts to perfect the look, but once you master it, there’s no going back to any other eye makeup!

3. How can I implement a trendy makeup look?

There are countless makeup tutorials on YouTube as well as Instagram for you to resort to and learn from. It may be difficult to achieve the final look in one go, but practice will definitely make perfect.

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