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The Best Plant Protein is Here: Cosmix No-Nonsense Plant Protein Powders

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Protein powders are so complicated to pick. While some opt for Whey protein, some stick to plant-based protein powders. While it may differ from person to person depending on allergy and liking. But we believe plant-based protein powders will always remain to be the superior choice. You may take your greens seriously or you may opt for plant-based protein powders. They both will serve you in the same manner. Here are all the deets on why we choose plants over whey when it comes to our protein shakes!

What is Plant-based Protein?

Plant-based protein is the protein that we can derive from plants and plant products. This includes nuts, seeds, soy, chia, pulses, tofu, tempeh, grains, etc. Protein is made up of 20 amino acids out of which our body can produce only 11 of them. The rest we need to derive from our diet, which is where plant-based protein comes in. Plant-based protein powders can be made from a combination of many plants. Some people are sensitive to peas if they have irritable bowel syndrome and some are sensitive to gluten and soy. It is best to read the ingredient list carefully while picking plant protein. Unlike animal-derived proteins, they are easier to digest and so the risk of cardiovascular events decreases in the long run. Plant-based protein can be obtained directly by eating the veggies or you can simply use the yummy plant-based powders in your smoothie or juice in the morning! If you’re wondering, how would they benefit you? Scroll down!

What are the benefits of Plant-based proteins?

Plant-based proteins have numerous benefits for your skin, body, and even hair. One can simply never go wrong with plant-based protein. Here are some of the key benefits that plant-based protein powders provide-

1. Maintains microbiome

Plant-based protein has fewer carbs and more fibres. This contributes to activating the microbiome of the guts. The gut microbiome must flourish in a healthy number since they contribute to breaking down the food and just aiding digestion. Good gut health always shows on your skin in the form of a glow.

2. Delays ageing

Plant-based protein powders are rich in Antioxidants and contribute to building protein. Proteins are the building blocks for our cells. So if you want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, the only way out is by infusing protein in your cells. This is also one of the key reasons why everybody must take protein powders from their mid-twenties. Because this is when your body starts declining its production scale and so it is upon you to provide the body to keep it healthy and young.

3. Hair growth

Hair growth is all thanks to the protein content in your body. Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. This helps you maintain a structure to the hair along with moisture. A plant-based protein can help you provide all the nutrients and protein that your hair and scalp will need to strengthen the hair follicles and maintain good hair growth. Taking protein in your early 20s when it starts depleting will help you beat the receding hairline.

4. Muscle growth

Muscles are built by protein and energy. As you age, your body produces a lesser amount of protein which loosens the muscle and also reduces the energy that it needs to function voluntary movements. To maintain your body structure as you age, it is very important to intake clean protein supplements.

5. Weight loss

As we said earlier, plants have fewer carbs as compared to animal-derived proteins and plants are also rich in fibres. This can give you the sense of a full tummy and keep your hunger away for a longer time. Due to fewer calories in plants, it further helps to reduce weight.

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What is the difference between Whey and Plant Protein?

Whey protein is quite known amongst the gym rats but well it is time we pick up on plant-based protein too. Is it just as efficient as whey protein? Are there any added advantages with plant proteins? All of it can be answered here by noting the differences.

1. Process of making

Whey protein is derived from whey which is a byproduct of cheese. So the liquid that is left after making cheese is processed to take out carbohydrates, fats, water, etc. Once that is done, all you’re left with is whey protein which may contain traces of lactose- a type of sugar that is found in milk.

    Plant protein is simply made by drying and crushing the plants. It could be hemp, pea, rice, soy, etc. A lot of time the plants are mixed and crushed so that it makes for a wholesome protein powder.

    2. Food sensitivity

    Whey protein does contain little traces of lactose which can upset the guts of some individuals. It is also not a vegan source of protein which is why many don’t prefer whey protein. So if you’re lactose-intolerant or vegan then you must opt for plant-based protein powders.

    3. Muscle growth

    While whey protein has gained its stardom amongst the crowd who wants to build their muscles, we want to talk about how plant-based protein does no less for your muscles. Ideally, your body needs 0.6-0.9 grams of protein per kg of your body weight. So if you weigh 50 kgs, you need 30-45 gms of protein daily. And that is the thumb rule. Period. If you get that amount of protein from plants then it is not going to make any difference except it will not irritate your bowels and it is eco-friendly. So plant-based protein can be used to promote muscle growth.

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    How can you address your concern with Plant-based protein?

    Okay so after all these deets on plant-based protein, you may have made a fair decision to use plant-based protein. So we’re here to help you with picking up the right protein powder for your needs. This instantly reminds us of Cosmix which has a line of protein powders to address your specific need. Why? You might wonder. The answer lies in their formulation. It is so well-formed to aid your gut microbiome to process the food, provide strength and energy to move with the day, slow down ageing, and much more. 

    They are using rice and peas along with plant milk powder to derive proteins for your body. It also has a herbal blend of Ginger, Fennel, Cumin, and Fenugreek that can aid your digestive system to flush out the toxins and process the nutrients. This herbal concoction also ensures that there is no bloating after taking this plant-based protein.

    The reason why we really love Cosmix’ No-Nonsense Plant Protein is that it is India’s cleanest plant protein powder that has zero preservatives or even additives like sugar, stevia, gums etc. Isn’t it just so refreshing when a brand has nothing but good for us and the planet!

    We love their classic blend which is Cosmix No-Nonsense Plant Protein-Classic Unflavoured to kick start our day. For the fussy drinkers, they even have flavours with this- one with the chocolate flavour that has Cacao- one of the rich sources of Antioxidants to nourish your body.

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    It also comes with Vanilla flavour wherein they are real Vanilla beans extract in it. Yum yum for vanilla lovers!

    If you have a very active life and early ageing is one of your concerns about the free radicals present in the environment, then Cosmix No-Nonsense Plant Protein-Japanese Ceremonial Matcha would be perfect for you. It has Japanese Matcha powder which is a powerhouse of Antioxidants and it acts like a superwoman when it comes to rescuing your skin from ageing.

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    If dull skin and low energy is your issue then you can specifically go for Cosmix No-Nonsense Plant Protein-Cocoa Beet. With the lack of proper diet, we face a lot of issues like dull skin, damage from screen time, etc. This powder has Beetroot, Moringa, and Cacao added to it. Beetroot is great to boost haemoglobin production which can help you achieve that pinkish glow from within. Moringa and Cacao act excellent to soothe and nourish your skin. On a dull day, all we do is switch to this drink that tastes just like Red Velvet!

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    Plant-based protein has our attention. It is tasty, easier to digest, glows up your skin, delays ageing, and there is nothing more that we can ask for from a protein powder. We love how Cosmix understood the assignment and formulated some of the best protein powders to kick-start our day

    - Divya Salvi

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