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The multi-benefit plant-based powerhouse that you just can’t sleep on – Squalane!

All that you need to know to build your winter skincare routine Reading The multi-benefit plant-based powerhouse that you just can’t sleep on – Squalane! 10 minutes Next Azelaic Acid might just change your skincare game!

Moisture is essential for beautiful skin, but layering your favourite products is not enough in the winter; you need a regular burst of hydration to keep your face healthy and plump. Our suggestion? Squalane! 

Squalane appears to be popping up all over the skincare world, but what exactly is it?

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Squalane is a store-bought form of Squalene, which is a naturally hydrating lipid (or fat) produced by the sebaceous glands and amounts to 10 to 12 percent of your skin's oil. It is a natural antioxidant that keeps your skin supple, moisturised, and youthful-looking. Our bodies produce less and less Squalane as we age, which is where Squalane comes into play. Simply put, it is an oil that aids in the replenishment of the skin's natural moisture. When you buy Squalane, you are actually buying Squalene that has been hydrogenated. As a result, it is shelf-stable and ready for sale!

Where is it derived from? 

Squalene is traditionally extracted from the livers of sharks, where it is naturally present in massive quantities, and from which it gets its name, as Squalus is a shark genus. However, many big cosmetic businesses have gladly moved away from shark-derived Squalane and instead have turned to other natural sources such as Olive Oil, Rice Bran, Wheat Germ, and Sugar Cane due to ethical and sustainability concerns.

What are the benefits of Squalane?

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Squalane is a natural emollient and antioxidant that is utilised in skincare products. It has traditionally been used in medicine to treat wounds and skin conditions. Using Squalane in skincare over time can help with a variety of skin issues while also fighting free radicals.

Let’s find out more!

1. Excellent moisture boost

Star ingredient for hydration, Squalane locks moisture in, leaving your skin healthy, supple and vibrant. One of the reasons why it is such an effective moisturiser is because our skin recognizes it immediately, as it is something our bodies naturally produce and tends to offer just the right amount of moisture without going overboard and preventing water loss. It is an excellent lightweight addition to your skincare routine as it is never greasy and offers moisture without the additional heaviness that some oils and products contain.

2. Helps reverse ageing

    Squalane helps to nourish the skin, resulting in a more youthful and firmer appearance by improving blood circulation (as a detoxifier), which increases collagen production. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also helping to prevent the appearance of new ones to create a renewed, refreshed look. Refreshed as though you'd had the best night's sleep of your life! When used on a daily basis, the anti-ageing advantages of Squalane are significant since it can fight free radicals and skin damage that only make premature skin ageing worse.

    3. Softens and smoothens skin texture

    Thanks to its hydrating and antioxidant properties, Squalane can help enhance your skin’s texture, and make it smooth, like a baby’s skin! It can level out your complexion over time by fading the look of dark spots and freckles, eliminating scars, reversing UV damage, erasing skin pigmentation and minimising the appearance of pores, giving your skin a luminous, more vibrant look. 

    4. Protects and repair the barrier of your skin

      Squalane aids in the restoration of your skin's barrier with its natural antioxidant properties. When you put it on, you are not only avoiding water loss but you are also building a shield against harsh environmental elements and UV rays (although it is a given that it should not be used in lieu of SPF).

      5. Treats several skin concerns

        Do you recall how we described it as a "powerhouse" ingredient? We were not joking when we said that. Whether you have acne caused by clogged pores or recurrent conflicts with bacteria on your skin, or simply want to enjoy blemishes caused by contaminants on your skin, Squalane's natural anti-bacterial characteristics can be extremely beneficial. It treats a number of other skin concerns such as rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis as Squalane benefits include a soothing quality that can help prevent and cure irritation, discomfort, temporary redness and swelling.

        6. Squalane for hair

        Squalane is a versatile component that not only improves your skin but also your hair. Due to both internal and external causes, such as the weather, heat, and ageing, our hair is prone to dryness, breakage, and poor health. A Squalane solution applied to the hair can frequently restore a healthier shine, strengthen it against breakage, minimise split ends, enhance its overall condition, speed up its growth, and improve its appearance and feel.

        7. Nail strengthening

          Squalane may be a lifesaver for those who suffer from perpetually dry cuticles as it does not leave a layer of oil or a sticky, tacky feel on the nails, it is significantly more effective than traditional cuticle oil.

          8. Eyes and Lip area

            Squalane is a fantastic performer as a targeted remedy for acute under eye dryness (or even delicate, papery skin). It is non-irritating and helps with the unattractive appearance of crepey skin. It also works better than nearly any commercial lip balm at healing extremely chapped lips.

            A few of our Squalane infused products we think work best!

            True Frog Face Oil With Bakuchiol And Olive Squalane

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            This all-night repair face oil is infused with Bakuchiol and Olive Squalane to smooth, soften, and level out skin tone. It is excellent for all skin types and provides powerful all-night moisturisation.

            Dr. Sheth's Pure Olive Squalane

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            This multi-purpose Pure Olive Squalane oil hydrates skin, nails, and hair while also moisturising and balancing sebum production.

            Suganda Pure Squalane

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            This non-comedogenic oil absorbs quickly and aids collagen formation. Because it does not oxidise when exposed to heat, it is suitable for all skin types and daytime use in tropical countries.

            But how exactly do you differentiate between Squalene and Squalane?

            Squalene (with an "e") is a skin-produced natural oil. After hydrogenation or processing, it forms Squalane with an "a." As previously said, our bodies' synthesis of Squalene, like many other substances, slows with age, thus scientists have discovered a technique to extract Squalene from other sources. For a longer shelf-life and equivalent benefits, the natural version of it must be mixed with Hydrogen (hydrogenated) before being used in skincare and beauty products.

            How does it cater to all skin types?

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            There are different kinds of skin. Here's how Squalane works for each of them:

            1. Sensitive

            Squalane is a fantastic choice for people with sensitive skin because it has a mild effect on the skin and resembles our natural oils. It can truly relieve pain, lessen the look of temporary redness, and create a soothing effect.

            2. Oily

            It can help balance oils, which is one of its numerous advantages. Squalane can really deceive your skin into creating less oil if you have oily skin. It will not clog pores and has a number of other advantages, such as minimising the appearance of pores and rejuvenating the appearance of skin.

            3. Dry

            Squalane can balance oils for dry skin in the same way it does for oily skin. It can assist your skin to retain moisture and stay hydrated and supple while being light.

            4. Combination

            Squalane is especially beneficial for combination skin because it balances whatever your skin needs at any given time — more or less oil. It can assist in maintaining optimum equilibrium in your skin.

            5. Normal skin

            Squalane works best for every skin type but without a doubt for normal skin types.

            Squalane is particularly effective for calming dry skin and inflammatory skin diseases like eczema because of its excellent hydrating and soothing qualities. However, one of the best things about Squalane is that it's safe and good for all skin types, even sensitive and acne-prone skin. However, you should try it for yourself to see how it reacts with your unique skin.

            Is Squalane harmful to you?

            Squalane side effects are rare due to the natural and delicate nature of these chemical components. Even for those with highly sensitive skin, there is really little risk in using this as a skincare product. However, individual results and allergies, like with anything, vary based on the individual.

            Naturally, there is always the possibility of an allergic reaction, especially if the formula is made from shark livers and is not properly sourced. It is advisable to pay close attention to the sourcing information and determine where it originated. After all, you could have a reaction to one of the plant sources if you have an allergy to it. We would recommend starting with a little patch test on your neck or jawline to guarantee that Squalane and your skin are going to get along. Apply the product exclusively to this region and let it sit for a few hours. If there is going to be a reaction, it will happen around this time range, and you will avoid a complete face of irritated skin.

            How to incorporate Squalane in your skincare routine? 

            If you wish to incorporate Squalane into your skincare regime, it is best to contact your dermatologists first, but we recommend the following steps for your AM and PM routine for best results: 

            1. Begin by cleansing your skin and applying any serums you may have.
            2. A few drops of Squalane oil should be massaged into the skin.
            3. Apply a moisturiser at the end (in the morning, apply a moisturiser with SPF 30-60, or apply your sunscreen after moisturiser).

            And for your hair?

            For an added boost, but the same Squalane oil you use on your cheeks on your hair. Apply a few drops of Squalane oil to your hair and scalp. Massage it into your scalp and then comb it through to your ends, or apply a few drops to dry or damp hair once or twice a week. 

            Hopefully, you now know everything there is to know about Squalane for skin and how to incorporate it into your daily regimen!

            -Nishita Tahalramani

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