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To Prime or not to Prime- That is the Question!

As you venture into the world of skincare or makeup, you may have come across the word “primer”. In fact, you may even be using it in your makeup routine but are unsure of what it does. We are here to break it down for you! 

What is a Primer and what is its purpose?

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It makes your makeup look a million times better – it is that simple!

Primers create an extra layer between your skin and makeup, providing a smooth canvas for you to work with. Priming products are predominantly used to help makeup last longer - they fill in tiny creases and pores, and smooth over flaky patches and bumpy textures to create a smooth surface for your makeup to glide over. 

Primers also even out your skin tone and texture, thereby preventing makeup from settling into creases and caking up around small bumps. 

Is it only to be used while applying makeup?

No, a primer isn’t just for makeup application. While the primary purpose of a primer is to create a smooth, long-lasting base for your favourite face makeup, you will also find that it also comes in handy when you just want to blur imperfections and control shine on your face.

Should I use a primer for light makeup too?

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A makeup primer doesn’t just make your makeup go on smoother, but also helps with its longevity. If you are going for only a light layer of makeup - just a bit of foundation, eyeliner, and lipstick -  you can blend a little primer along with your favourite makeup for sheerer coverage that stays for a longer period of time. 

Just put a little primer on the back of your hand and add foundation, concealer or loose powder till you reach a consistency and colour that works for you.

Do primers come in shades?

Unlike foundations and concealers, most primers do not come in varying shades. They work on any skin type and skin colour, which makes it the most hassle-free product to use.

Can't I just use moisturiser instead?

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You may have heard skincare hacks that suggest using a moisturiser as a substitute for a primer, but we would not recommend that. Moisturisers and primers are two fundamentally different products used for different purposes and cannot be used in place of the other. A moisturiser is an important part of your skincare routine - used to hydrate your skin. A primer is specifically formulated to create a smooth makeup base and instantly minimise fine lines.

It is recommended to use both when applying makeup. After you've applied your moisturiser, wait a few minutes to let it absorb, and then apply that layer of primer all over your face. Be sure to let the primer set for a few minutes before starting with your foundation or concealer.

Read more about moisturisers here.

Do I need a primer even if my routine is super simple?

Even if you are a makeup minimalist who usually dabs on just a bit of powder before heading out, a primer goes a long way in making sure your makeup is as flawless as possible. It makes makeup applications seamless, regardless of how much makeup you use, and helps it last a lot longer.

In addition to being a great base for your makeup, it also helps if your primer contains protective properties and plays an equal role in skin care as it does for your makeup. You can opt for a functional primer like Sandiva One and Done Protective Primer, which combines ingredients such as slow-milled Sandalwood dust, Black Cumin Oil, Moringa Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil to boost skin radiance, fight acne-causing bacteria and pollution, and add a natural glow to your skin, ensuring that your skin doesn’t just look flawless is also completely protected.

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Follow it up with the Ilana Organics Soft Blur Cream Concealer + Foundation  and SPF Top-Up Loose Powder that both come in various shades for a flawless, mattified base that lasts all day long!

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Prime away for that pore-fect skin! 

- Arjun Santhanam

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