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Top 5 Habits That Trigger Premature Ageing & How To Correct Them

Possible Causes of Premature Ageing and Prevention Measures


Ageing is inevitable, and everyone must go through the "sunken skin, no teeth" phase at some point in their lives. You can't postpone it if you want to look younger for the rest of your life. If you are concerned about premature ageing and want to live a healthy and happy life, here are some of the lifestyle habits you should change to not trigger premature ageing. These are common and unintentional things that we do. We are unaware of the extent to which it affects our skin, body, and overall health.

Signs Of Premature Ageing

Premature ageing can occur as a result of environmental and lifestyle factors. The most common symptoms are wrinkles, age spots, dryness, and a loss of skin tone. A healthy lifestyle will undoubtedly aid in the prevention of premature ageing.

Premature ageing occurs when the effects of ageing begin to manifest themselves early in life. Your body begins to look older than your actual age. Bodies age naturally over time, but the process is accelerated here. Other symptoms include hair loss or greying, sunken cheeks, and hyperpigmentation.

Causes Of Premature Ageing

Here are a few lifestyle habits that can cause you to age faster and the steps you can take to avoid them.

1. Increased Screen Time

Blue light exposure to your skin for extended periods of time causes premature ageing. Because companies are now working in a hybrid mode or entirely from home, it is impossible to avoid the online screen presence. As a result, many people are experiencing premature ageing symptoms. Even sun exposure causes damage due to the UV radiations which are emitted.  

2. Not Sleeping On Time

When you have a messed up sleeping schedule, it takes years off your life and makes your face look old. Are you awake every night until 1 or 2 a.m.? Are you getting enough rest? This is the quickest way to age prematurely. You are not only hastening your ageing process, but you are also inviting cardiovascular disease.

3. Being A Smoker

Tobacco use kills and makes you appear much older than you are. It exhibits signs of ageing and has a significant impact on an individual's health. Smoking inhibits cell regeneration, making the individual appear old and wrinkly. One of the leading causes of premature ageing is smoking.

4. An Unhealthy Diet

Do you lead a sedentary life? Do you follow an unhealthy diet and follow an unhealthy meal plan? Congratulations, you have just lost your youthful skin and the opportunity to get into better shape. You should be cautious when consuming sweets, carbohydrates, and sodas, which are known to cause acne, oiliness, and dullness.

5. Not Taking Care Of Your Skin

Even if you get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, don't smoke, and limit your screen time, you can still age prematurely if you're careless with your skin. You are definitely making a mistake if you do not have a minimalistic skincare order with certain skincare steps. The fundamentals are required in order to halt all of the steps that lead to rapid ageing.

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How To Prevent Premature Ageing?

1. Replace Screen Time With Family Time

You can no longer avoid screen time because everything is now available on online platforms. When it comes to scrolling through social media, however, you can replace it with family time. Instead of watching Netflix, you could pick up a book and read it. This will undoubtedly reduce your screen time and keep it at a minimum during your working hours.

2. Start Getting Into Bed By 11 PM

Make sure you're not staying up late binge-watching TV shows. Make sure you don't jeopardise your health by going to bed by 11 p.m., so you can at least expect to sleep by 12 a.m. and get a good 7 hours of sleep before you have to get up again. Drinking cinnamon milk has helped many people sleep better, so give it a shot!

3. A Big NO To Smoking

Instead of smoking breaks, take walks, chat breaks, or garden breaks where you can converse with others in public places where children are present. Replace your daily cigarette with a nicotine gum and use it fully to resist cravings. Make certain that you do not entertain smokers among your friends. Be a person who follows a “no smoking” policy! 

4. Eat Fruits, Healthy Snacks And Juice Up

Having a healthy balanced diet and eating more fruits like avocados, healthy snacks like Makhanas, and drinking juices will help you live longer. It will give you glowing, youthful skin that shines from within. It will undoubtedly boost your self-esteem, especially if you incorporate exercise into your routine.

5. Cleanse, Moisturise, SPF 

It is not true when people say that you need a multistep routine to take care of your skin. To maintain the health of your skin, you need to cleanse, moisturise and apply SPF. We would recommend that you go in for the Setuveda Clear Face Daily Cleanser which is suitable for all skin types and reduces all your skin irregularities. A moisturiser which would be perfect to add on top will be the Kojo Light Enriching Day Cream. After you have completed the above steps, add this tinted sunscreen Sandiva One & Done Tinted Sunblock With Sandalwood SPF 35+ which will get you ready, set and go for your day ahead! 

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Reversing Premature Ageing

The key to avoiding and reversing premature ageing is to live a healthy lifestyle. If the signs of ageing bother you, you can use this treatment to help reverse the ageing process. You should consider dermal fillers, facelifts, facial resurfacing and rejuvenation, and laser skin resurfacing. These procedures are known to improve your facial appearance, but they do not address the underlying cause.


Maintain control of your unhealthy lifestyle habits while you still have time. "Better late than never," as the saying goes. If signs of ageing appear out of nowhere, or if they are painful and bother you, consult your healthcare provider. Rare syndromes can sometimes cause premature ageing, so exercise extreme caution. An alert and learned human will take advice from any event that occurs.

- Harshita Shah

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