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Top Ways For Men To Repair Damaged Skin (Using Antioxidants!)

Skin damage manifests itself as different skin concerns such as sun damage, acne scars, dark spots, skin irritation and more. Men experience them just as women do hence the need for men to have a proper skincare and body care routine that will help them keep skin damage at bay. Even being out in the sun for work or business does take a toll on your skin, especially when it is for long hours daily. For all men out there, who are facing these problems; the answer to rescuing your damaged skin is ‘antioxidants’. Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that slow down or block the harmful oxidation process. Oxidation happens when the damaging free radicals and pollutants in the environment affect skin and cause tissue damage. Here are a few tips that will help support your skin’s repair process and restore healthy skin again (all using antioxidants)

Physical Signs Of A Damaged Skin Barrier

If you’re seeing these signs, don’t ignore them or take them lightly. These are a few clear signs of a damaged skin with a weak barrier. 

1. Dry skin along with an uneven skin texture
2. Itchy, red & blotchy skin
3. Hyperpigmentation, dark spots/sun spots/age spots, uneven skin tone
4. Skin imbalance such as excess oil production
5. Deep wrinkles, fine lines and dull skin
6. Acne scars, damaged pores or  enlarged pores

Repair Damaged Skin With Natural Antioxidants

There are numerous ingredients that help in repairing a damaged skin barrier! When our skin is damaged, what we apply on our skin and consume internally as food makes a lot of difference, and can be the key to transforming your skin from damaged to healthy.

1. Apply pure aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel has a history of being associated with skin repair. Aloe vera gel is a great ingredient to use if you've spent too much time in the sun or have acne-prone skin. Try out the House Of Beauty Pure Aloe Vera Gel available on Sublime Life which is the perfect antioxidant-rich product that your skin will thank you for! Not only does it boost collagen production but also tackles skin issues like acne, skin ageing, abrasion and dark spots.

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2. Use skincare products with antioxidants

Take an active role in reducing the appearance of damaged skin. Load up on natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients, inside and outside your body! Applying antioxidants has major benefits on our skin. Vitamin C & Vitamin E are great for brightening the appearance of your skin, reducing dark spots & an uneven skin tone. Try out the Plum 15% Vitamin C Face Serum With Mandarin which is specially formulated to repair your damaged skin. 

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3. Incorporate a Facial Oil in your skincare regime

A moisturiser will definitely help to lock-in and restore the moisture levels in your skin. However, using facial and botanical oils will create the ideal environment for your skin to thrive and look hydrated, healthy and supple. Being a source for essential nutrients and skin-supportive properties, antioxidants are considered the key players in repairing damaged skin. Use the True Kind Kumkumadi Radiance Facial Oil which will help in restoring your moisture levels and nourish your skin. 

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4. Use a gentle-oil cleanser to repair damaged skin

Instead of using synthetic foaming agents and drying facial cleansers, try using a gentle-oil cleanser like the Lacuna Light Gentle Face Cleanser with glycerine and sea minerals when it comes to your skincare. It will definitely be a dose of refreshment for your skin, whisking away impurities without stripping away moisture. You can even use raw honey as a face wash if you're into home remedies. 

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5. Increase your consumption of antioxidant & nutrient-rich foods

You should think of food as your internal support system. Your damaged skin can be repaired via skincare and your diet. Make sure you are consuming organic and nutrient-rich food. Eat your leafy greens, healthy fats and add a quality-source of protein to your diet. Eat the right food to pave your way for healthy skin. 

While these are a few ways which will really help you in taking care of your skin,  Sublime Life also recommends The FCL Intensive Serum For Men that’s known to protect your skin’s barrier and give you the desired results. For those men who shave on a day-to-day basis and have super sensitive skin, this is certainly the right product for them!

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- Harshita Shah

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