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Trust your intuition even when it comes to skin- All about Intuitive skincare

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Call it your 6th sense, psychic powers or just instinctive intelligence; we have allowed our intuitive abilities to shape our lives time and again.  So why do we stop the process when it comes to our skin? Intuitive skincare is a feel good method of honouring the needs of our skin by letting our innate wisdom take over.

What is intuitive skincare and what are its benefits?

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You must be wondering how a method that only relies on addressing how your skin feels with no rational reasoning can thrive? However intuitive skincare is so much more than that! If this question has popped up in your mind - this article is just for you! 

The internet is flooded with content on how to fix your skin regardless of where you are in your skin cycle. Experts selling remedies, companies selling brands and self proclaimed beauty gurus with their universal “secret” to perfect skin can lead you into a maze of self doubt! It is easy to reach a point where you start believing that only with those countless products, treatments and remedies your skin will attain eternal bliss! And while there is no harm in striving for perfection, sometimes all we need is to pause, take a break and listen to what our skin is actually trying to say! 

Intuitive skincare is all about tailoring your skin routine as per the needs of your skin at a specific time. It is a personal approach of recognising and answering your skin by responding to what it is directly trying to convey. 

Our bodies are constantly facing change and adapting to their surroundings. External factors such as climate, humidity, sun exposure, pollution levels as well as internal factors like hormones, menstruation, diet and sleep affect the structure of our skin. Sticking to the same routine all year round without accounting for these factors will leave your skin feeling irritated and agonised by its unanswered needs. 

This is where intuitive skincare comes into play, attending each individual concern and moving closer to attain beautiful and healthy skin. 

Benefits of Intuitive Skincare

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1. Allows the skin to pause and reset

Just as we have no place for toxic habits and people in our life, we must do away with all those products that cause us irritation, agony or fail to show any result at all. Going with your skin allows you to take a break and restart with ingredients needed by you at that particular time or cycle of your life. 

2. Provide clarity

We all have purchased products that have found a forever home on our bathroom shelves. Intrusive skincare helps to declutter all those unnecessary products from our physical and mental space, helping us form a clear picture of our skin goals and limit wasteful spending. It helps us cater to our needs rather than sway towards our wants! 

3. Use skin appropriate products

We all have distinct skin types that are determined by the structure of our skin. Our skincare choices should depend on the current stage of our skin cycles. Following generic skin routines and products without considering your individual needs would be bizarre. Intuitive skincare focuses on customising your ingredients based on the experience of your skin!

What are the basic rules you must follow for an intuitive skincare routine?

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    Though this approach relies heavily on how you feel on a particular day, it is important to follow certain guidelines to keep on track. We have listed a few rules you must keep in mind before you begin your intuitive skincare routine. 

    1. Pay attention to your skin

    Observe the performance of your skin and conduct various skin tests as mentioned in this article down below. Pick those products that feel right for your skin under the present circumstances and its current stage in the skin cycle. Personalise this approach by touching the surface of your skin, feeling its texture, oil contents and moisture levels. However, avoid obsessing over it by constantly touching your face, examining its texture or overthinking the products and ingredients you feel are necessary. 

    2. Sleep well

    Sleep is a cost effective and efficient skincare technique you could easily treat yourself with. It helps to repair the skin and recover from the harmful rays of the sun, acts as an antioxidant, reduces stress lines, and makes you feel rejuvenated - So hold on to your beauty sleep! 

    Learn all about the importance of beauty sleep here

    3. Keep your body hydrated inside out

    Drink water - the tale is as old as time. Keeping your body hydrated is the best way to achieve flawless skin especially during the summer months when our body loses moisture through sweating. Water helps to get rid of toxins, increase elasticity and speed the healing process. Regardless of the routine you follow, water is the key element to beautiful skin. 

    4. Eat healthy

    You are what you eat! Intuitive skincare is all about listening to your body and treating it like a temple. Food does not only impact the skin’s appearance but also affects its internal health. 

    Find out how the food you consume affects your skin here.

    5. Test your skin

    Testing your skin and understanding its needs will help you to provide it with all the essential elements. Choose products based on your specific skin type and the different concerns you want to target. 

    To learn more about skin type and skin concerns click here

    6. Keep track of your hormones

    Hormones are chemical molecules in our body that regulate the body. We face different hormones at different stages in our life. Tracking your hormonal cycle during menstruation, pregnancy, teenage years and choosing appropriate products will prove beneficial in the long run. 

    7. Follow a Clean Beauty routine

    This will help to remove all the harmful toxins and chemicals used in conventional skincare that could be harmful. 

    8. Do not get swayed

    Do not relentlessly follow self proclaimed social media gurus or beauty bloggers that do not rely on facts to back themselves. That does not mean all of them are wrong, we simply advise you not to put all your faith into following everything said without questioning the consequences it could have on your skin. Adding all the recommended products without understanding your skin may leave you with disappointing results. 

    How do you test your skin?

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      Knowing your skin and understanding its nature is the first step to following an intuitive skincare routine. Discover your skin by putting it to test by performing these basic steps: 

      1. Moisture Test

      Moisture is the water content of your skin that is naturally produced to cool down the skin. Dehydrated skin can look dull and patchy with the appearance of fine lines. 


      To find out the moisture levels of your skin, pinch a small area around your cheek and squeeze it lightly. If you notice tiny lines forming or the skin not bouncing back after you let go it means your skin is dehydrated. The best time to conduct this test is in the middle of the day or a while after washing your face when your skin has taken its time to regulate itself.

      We recommend

      If you do feel that your skin lacks moisture, boost the skin with Deconstruct Hydrating Serum-2% Hyaluronic Acid+ 1% Niacinamide in addition to your daily moisturiser. It is a super hydrating formula with 3-molecular weights of  hyaluronic acid to hydrate all the layers of the skin, supported by Niacinamide to soothe & keep skin oil-free.

      This is an image of Deconstruct Hydrating Serum-2% Hyaluronic Acid  1% NiacinamideDeconstruct Hydrating Serum-2% Hyaluronic Acid  1% Niacinamide on

      2. Oil Levels Test

      Sebum is an oily substance produced naturally by the skin to hydrate the skin and protect the lipid barrier and safeguard the skin against harmful bacteria and fungi. 


      This method helps to determine the level of oil the skin is producing. You can perform the test by gently patting blotting paper onto your skin. Then hold the sheet upto the light and determine the level of oil visible. Alternatively, you could use your hands and gently dab it on your face for a second or two. If it feels dry that means you have dehydrated skin, if it feels greasy it means you have oily skin. 

      We recommend

      A) For those with oily skin

       Ciel Oil Control Face Mask is an oil-free formulation that provides essential nourishment and decreases inflammation in only 15 minutes of application.

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      B) For those with dry skin

      Detoxie Calming & Clarifying Ultra Glow Face Oil is a fast-absorbing facial oil packed with antioxidants for rapid hydration and velvety-soft skin with a healthy-looking glow.

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      3. Texture Test

      Textured skin has rough and bumpy surfaces that make the skin look dull and lifeless. It is  mainly caused by an uneven buildup of dead skin cells, large, open pores and skin conditions such as eczema or excessive dryness and ageing. 


      The simplest way to test the smoothness or your skin is by taking your hands and gently moving it in up and down motions through your skin. If you feel bumps or any uneven roughness on the surface, you have textured skin. It is only natural to have some texture on your skin, therefore do not panic if it does not feel “paper sheet” smooth.

      We recommend

      The best way to overcome texture is by using an exfoliator to eliminate dead skin cells and clogged pores and skin unevenness. Deconstruct Exfoliating Serum - 18% AHA + 2% BHA is a must-have exfoliating serum to exfoliate all the layers of your skin to give an even-toned and smooth textured skin.

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      For those facing texture due to acne scars

      We recommend the Neemli Naturals Hydrolyzed Collagen & Peptide Scar Minimising Concentrate that heals scars and wounds while remaining skin cells. 

      This is an image of Neemli Naturals Hydrolyzed Collagen & Peptide Scar Minimising Concentrate on  


      Following a consistent and rigid skincare routine is surely the most important step in attaining beautiful looking skin. However, providing the right ingredients at the right time is just as important. Simply layering your skin with products and following “a one fit for all '' skin routine is going to leave you with despairing results. Now that you know the benefits, let your intuition take over!

      -Howrah Lookmanji

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