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Welcome smooth and dewy skin with magical Moringa

Power up your skin care routine with a dose of Moringa!

What is Moringa?

Moringa is a herb which has been a working wonder for our health for centuries. It is obtained from the trees of Moringa Oleifera, native to Africa and Asia, has edible leaves and fruits and is considered a superfood. Every part of the moringa tree, including stems, seeds, pods, fruits, bark, and root, has precious medicinal values. Therefore, it’s said to be called the ‘Miracle Tree.’ 

Moringa is commonly used as an oil and is found in many skin care products such as moisturisers, perfumes, conditioners and shampoos. This all-natural source of skin care greatness is praised as a superstar wonder oil for great looking skin!

Benefits of Moringa

Moringa is a natural skin care ingredient, the extracts and oils of which have an outstanding ability to penetrate the skin and detoxify it.

1. Wave goodbye to acne and blemishes

Moringa oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that can reduce acne breakouts. Due to the presence of high content of vitamin E, it also has potent antioxidant properties that help  in removing blemishes, dark spots, pimples and blackheads. It helps keep excess sebum at bay and doesn’t let dirt and grime clog the pores.

2. Put  breaks on early signs of ageing

Moringa can help prevent the early onset of wrinkles or age spots. Being  rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it neutralises free radicals that damage our skin cells and accelerate ageing.The oil’s rich in Vitamin C and helps stabilize Collagen, which in turn diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and repairs damaged skin.

3. Get your personal skin guard

Moringa oil is rich in  fatty acids that form and maintain the skin’s barrier to the environment. Our skin is constantly exposed to pollutants, irrespective of where we reside. These pollutants and fine dust particles deplete the skin of nutrients and antioxidants leaving the skin dry. The rich content of Oleic acid in Moringa oil ensures that the skin remains hydrated even when exposed to pollution. Bearing a resemblance to the natural oils produced in the skin, Moringa oil  balances and nourishes skin, and protects it from damage caused by the environment. 

4. A genie for all skin types

Be it dry skin, combination skin or oily skin, Moringa is at your service! Its high-antioxidant content allows our skin to switch from protection mode to repair mode, reducing stress and inflammation that induces oil production. For dry skin,  it helps to soften and maintain moisture in the skin. It contains vitamin B, a natural humectant, which means it attracts water to the skin's outermost layer. It  also is perfect for conditioning dehydrated and chapped lips.

5. Welcome clean and dewy skin

Moringa is famous for its cleansing properties. Moringa oil or Moringa powder can help remove the dirt accumulated on the skin. Moringa oil is a fabulous cleanser that purifies and detoxifies skin. It can reach into the skin pores and cleanse skin deeply. This oil also contains sulfur which helps in building natural keratin in the skin and keeps it firm and toned.

    Ways to Include Moringa in your Everyday Skincare

    The best skin products and skin care routines all include a pinch of Moringa! 

    1. Cleansing oil

    Moringa is a great cleanser and provides rejuvenation to skin. Pollution is one main cause of  pigmentation for Indian skin tones and can result in clogged pores. Moringa and Vitamin C Cleansing oils & cleansers can help break down impurities and give your skin a deep cleanse.

    Our recommendation for you: Dr. Sheth's Moringa & Vitamin C Cleansing Oil

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    2. Moisturiser

    Moringa provides skin with deep hydration by pulling moisture to the epidermis. It gives skin intense nourishment and is suitable for all skin types. Moisturisation is a must for any skin care routine, and it’s best to include a Moringa moisturiser in it.

    Sublime recommends: VedaEarth Anti-Pollution Cream Natural Glow With Shea Butter

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    3. SPF Moisturiser

    Daily-use of sunscreen provides full-spectrum sun protection and a boost of hydration to keep skin healthy and even-toned. Sunscreen forms a skin-loving barrier to provide effective protection from sun damage while moisturising and nourishing skin. Use sunscreen for face & body to stay away from tanning, sun burns & skin burns that may lead to skin inflammation.

    Our best recommended pick for you would be the Amayra Naturals Ban The Tan-Daily Wear Sunscreen | SPF 30 

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    4. Lip balm

    Lip Balm not just soothes and moisturises your lips, it also helps to nourish dry, dehydrated lips! Use it as a base before lipstick or apply all alone. Moringa is known to have moisturising properties that are excellent for your skin. The plant provides key ingredients for lip ointments and lip creams. Moringa assists with keeping your lips delicate and smooth.

    Our recommendation: Asa Lip Balm Opulent Orchid 01

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    5. The Perfect gift

      We have a special gift box curated to fit all your skin care needs and to satisfy your desire for sculpted, young skin. Curated with affection, this regime will help you destress, unwind and radiate a healthy glow.

      We recommend: Natural Vibes Glow Getter Gift Set with Jade Gua Sha, Vitamin C Serum

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      We have some DIYs for you

      1. Moringa powder

      You can easily prepare Moringa powder at home. 

      STEP 1: Start by sun-drying fresh Moringa leaves.

      STEP 2: Once they have completely dried, grind the leaves in a grinder to get the fresh Moringa powder.

      2. Moringa oil

      Preparing Moringa oil can be a bit of an effort but we have simplified it for you.

      STEP 1: You will need the seeds of the Moringa fruit (a drumstick).

      STEP 2: Separate the seeds from the pulp and wash them. 

      STEP 3: Dry roast them in a pan till the seeds turn brown. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

      STEP 4: Blend the seeds to a fine powder in a dry grinder.

      STEP 5: Add the powdered seeds to a pot of boiling water. (Continue to heat up the water for around 20 minutes till you see a layer of oil drifting on top of the water)

      STEP 6: Skim the oil and freeze to separate the oil from the water.

      3.Moringa face mask

      You can make your own fun face masks at home! 


      • ½ tablespoon Moringa powder
      • 1 tablespoon raw honey
      • 1 to 2 teaspoons Witch Hazel (for oily skin) or Rose water (for dry skin).
        Sublime recommends: Myra Veda Pure Rose Water
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      Take a bowl, combine the Moringa powder and Honey. Slowly add either Witch Hazel or Rose water until the mixture looks like a paste and has desired consistency. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Mix well and apply to clean skin.

      A quick tip - Keep for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Follow up with a moisturiser or serum.

      The Takeaway

      Moringa oil or powder is a great addition to your skin care routine, drinks, and food. It provides skin with a healthy glow and promotes collagen production, helps acne, improves wound healing, and more. Moringa is also included in massage oils as it is absorbed easily and gives a relaxing and calming experience. It is a jack of all trades as it is packed with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and moisturising fatty acids. All this makes Moringa extremely  effective when it comes to skin care.

      -Ashi Bansal

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