Making Cleaner Choices for Your Skin, Beyond Products

Making Cleaner Choices for Your Skin, Beyond Products

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The first step in making clean beauty choices isn't ingredients, products or brands. It is you!

We do tend to look at skin care from the outside in. If it's dry, we reach for a moisturiser, oily, for a toner, combination skin...erm...actually what do you do with combination skin? That's always been a tricky one!

What if we reversed it? What if skincare was inside out instead?

Experts say that our skin is talking to us. Just like eyes are a window into our soul, the skin shows us if we are sleeping enough, drinking enough water, getting enough exercise and if we are then our glowing skin receives glowing praise. 

What is a beauty routine, really? It’s an exercise in self-care.

Sweat, green leafy vegetables and laughter are a truly pure, clean way to achieve that natural glow. That being said, a few equally clean supplements can help your skin shift gently into a shinier, cleaner, sparkling version of itself. So that pollution, heat and the varying weather doesn't get in the way of your self-care. 

The good news is, there's some really effective stuff out there. Formulated from the cleanest ingredients, usually, a mix of plant extracts, vitamins, herbs and oils that would fit right in with a clean, green, less-is-more kind of gentle lifestyle. 

We'll shed some light on types of skin, weather-related routines, environment aggressors and how to fight them and getting to know (no reallyyy getting to know) your skin type.  As always, a little self-awareness goes a long way. 

Hop on board and we’ll bring you weekly updates of how to have not just a clean beauty routine, but a successful one. 
It's easy because it's all about you. 

                                                                                             - By Uttara Krishnadas

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