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Your Most-Asked Health, Beauty & Nutrition Questions Answered!

Best Plant-Based Superfood For Your Holistic Health Development

When it comes to health, beauty and nutrition; everyone wants to experience and use the best products or supplements. These days plant-based supplements and superfoods are the talk of the town. Being harmless, giving out plant-based nutrients in the forms of herbs, adaptogens and superfoods, these are the vegan mixes which are made without any sugar or preservatives. Cosmix is one such brand which uses the healing power of nature to heal you in every possible way - whether it is related to your gut, your hair, your skin or your nails! With a careful curation by experts in these fields, Cosmix focuses on making you the BEST version of yourself! 

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Why is my hair falling excessively?

It’s never a good feeling when you find hair everywhere you go; whether it’s in the shower, whether it’s stuck in your comb or when you’re blow drying it. While most people get worried about losing hair, it’s normal to lose 50 to 100 strands a day. But the question is why does this happen? Let’s find out! 

Excessive hair fall would signify that something is truly wrong with your hair and needs to be brought under control. It can mean hormonal changes, thyroid issues, stress, excessive workouts, deficiencies related to nutrients and vitamins or even during menopause or childbirth.

How can you prevent this and ensure you have less hair fall? Cosmix is the answer to all your problems. The healthy hair superfood mix will save you the trouble of stressing about your hair. 

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Ashwagandha helps in relieving stress which leads to lesser hair fall. Using the right shampoo and conditioner will also makeC a huge difference. Eating timely meals and watching over your diet as well as consulting an expert will also be beneficial. 

How can I boost my mental health?

Another question which we get a lot is related to mental health. While many used to consider mental health as a taboo before, now things have changed. People are talking about it more freely; at work and at home. So how can YOU boost your own mental health or help someone who’s down when it comes to a happy mind, achieve it?

There are a few practices which have helped us! Making your bed at night will actually help you get sound sleep. Once you wake up, don't immediately check your phone or consume caffeine. Instead you can practise a few breathing exercises and meditate for a bit. Drinking warm water with a lemon slice in it while soaking yourself under the morning sun will definitely make you see a different perspective on feeling happy and content. 

Instead of being addicted to caffeine, you can try out the Matcha Tea which is sure to help you fight stress and keep you active on energy or go for the Coffee Booster which promotes brain health, improves mood and focus. While you're taking care of yourself, remember that nothing is permanent and the feelings you're going through currently will pass too! 

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I am getting irregular periods. Are they normal?

Anyone is worried when they skip a period or constantly have an irregular cycle. Visiting a gynaecologist is your best bet at this time but you can also make some changes to your consumption of foods and superfoods. Irregular periods can take place due to PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Thyroid, Stress, Eating Disorders or even age. 

What is your role in this? You can consume the right product with the perfect nutritional requirements, What Women Want for your body which will treat your system internally. Instead of being overweight or looking malnourished, have the right body weight which is according to your height. When you over worry about your late periods, you stress out more and this is worse. So DONT STRESS and just believe that everything is fine and you have nothing to worry about! Do take a medical opinion since sometimes there might be underlying issues and you would want to get them checked out ASAP! 

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Can I improve my sleep’s quality?

Sound sleep is important for every human. Without quality sleep, the mind and body feel uncomfortable and groggy. The power of rest is so UNDERRATED! After the excessive usage of mobile phones and scrolling through Instagram reels mindlessly, people have forgotten about 7 to 8 hours of sleep, hence this question! 

We’re here to help you out with tips which will give you back your power naps and beauty sleep. Your gut needs to be well-balanced if you want to be in good health. A healthy and happy gut leads to sound sleep! If you’re one of those who is struggling with quality sleep, try out our Happy Gut Mix which promotes the balance of gut microbes. 

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Your gut produces serotonin and this “Serotonin” is equally important for your sleep. Ensure that you take care of your gut and sleep will take care of everything else! 

Can superfoods really help my acne?

Yes, they can! Superfoods reduce inflammation from within, which does not allow the acne to pop up. Superfoods are known to improve the overall health of the skin and have multiple benefits. In order to have an anti-acne skincare and diet plan, you need to consume the following foods:

Antioxidants: Natural minerals and vitamins which you can find in certain foods! These are known to fight free radical damage from within. Add Vitamin A into your diet - consisting of oranges, carrots, apricots and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C, E & K are equally important for you against the “acne battle”. 

You can also add an acne-healing herb such as Brahmi to your routine. Brahmi being rich in anti-inflammatory benefits, lends collagen support and helps in repairing and healing your skin. If you want one go-to-product for your acne, we’d definitely recommend that you try the Cosmix’s Feel Good Skin Formula which is a blend of all the superfoods you need to combat acne. Believe us, we’ve seen a lot of examples where superfoods have actually put the issues related to acne to rest! 

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There are questions related to your body and then there are solutions such as Cosmix which come to your rescue. If you're facing either of these problems today, try out either of these tips which we have suggested. You never know what will click for you! Do let us know if this helps!

- Harshita Shah

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