We believe in a world where beauty shouldn’t come at the price of your health. So, we screen and curate products that are free of toxins that are known health hazards. we believe in beauty that is gentle, kind and effective.

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Screening Process

Note: While all our products are completely devoid of toxins and harmful chemicals, we aren’t chemical free. We use chemicals that are derived naturally from plant extracts (like coco betaine from coconut oil). These are safe synthetics, unlike the ingredients created in labs. Safe synthetics are clean, non-toxic and in some cases provide even more effective results than their chemical cousins. 

Curious? Send us your questions at contact@sublimelife.in


None of the products we house have been tested on animals.
Our furry friends have not been harmed in any stage of creating any of our products, either.

We plant as many trees as we can.
We even send you seed paper along with our products because we believe in a clean, green world!
We package our products in recycled boxes.
That you can give a second life to by using them as planter’s for storage.


We accept Debit/Credit cards,Net Banking, and COD.
It takes 2-7 business days for an order to reach you. Our return policy is only for damaged products.
All you need to do is, let us know and send us a picture within 2 days of delivery.
When it comes to beauty, it is important to know what works for you and what doesn’t.
Which is why we, with Sublime Stories,seek to educate,
inform and 
inspire you to make better choices in beauty.