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It’s that time of the year again! We can all agree that we feel extra cheesy and romantic during Valentine’s Week. There are countless ways to shower your love, and giving gifts is one of them! 

Gift-giving is the universal expression of love and affection. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the avid gift giver in you must be excited to make Valentine’s Week more romantic! If you’re looking for a special, one-of-a-kind way to say “I love you” and “I admire you", we think gift sets would be the right choice. 

Gift sets haven’t become a popular thing to give. They are thoughtfully curated collections of items that are more than just a souvenir. The more you personalise them, the more they complement the sentiments you’re trying to convey. The best gift boxes are all about showing that you care and appreciate your loved ones at all times. 

Let this year be the year you add an extra dash of smiles and romance to Valentine’s Day and make your partner believe that “love is in the air!" 

Let’s make your search for a gift set more exciting and less time-consuming. Pick a gift—more like the perfect gift set—that your true love will treasure beyond a fleeting moment! 

Find the ultimate gift-giving guide with these four tips and six budget-friendly gift set recommendations to help you choose the perfect gift set.

1. Know their likes & preferences

As you think about personalising the gift, try to remember their choice of aesthetics and interests. 

Did they recently mention a brand’s products they wish to buy? Are there any skin care products they can't wait to try? Give them those! It shows that you care and remember the little things they tell you! 

Nothing is more romantic than paying attention to the details and expressing your love by providing them with what they want. They are going to be your biggest help in picking the right gift set. 

2. Gift them essentials, not just luxuries

When a partner thinks of what gift they can give during Valentine's Week, don’t limit yourself to just luxuries. They are not the epitome of what gift-giving is. Think of what your loved one can really use, not just something that should be kept as a souvenir. 

Did your boyfriend recently tell you he’s looking for a nice and durable shaving kit? Why not give him that? That’s when you say, “It’s not just the thought but also the effort that counts!”

3. Set a budget 

Setting a budget will make your gift-set hunting process easy. Millions of options in online and offline stores might overwhelm you and make you feel like you’re running short of time. Sticking to a budget can help you think of alternatives as well. Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your gift memorable. 

4. Personalise it more with sentimental keepsakes

The small touches to your gift set will make it more delightful. It'll reflect your intention and genuine admiration for them! For instance, if you’ve found the perfect gift set and wish to add more keepsakes, write a sweet note or add your favourite treats, make a bento cake, create a playlist, and more. 



5 gift sets that keep on giving!

Now that you have the tips, we can help you make this gifting process merrier and easier with our thoughtful recommendations! 

1. Our Lacuna Glow 5 pc gift box is perfect not just for your Valentine, but also for your Galentine! Infused with sea minerals and island superfruits, this gift box contains a Skin Balance Glow Tonic, a Soothing Serum, a Gel Moisturiser, a Clay Mask, and a 3D Moisture Water Sleep Mask.

Get all the hydration you need this season with the Lacuna Glow 5-piece gift box. Thank us later, your better half is going to be on cloud nine.

This is an image of Lacuna Glow 5 pc gift box on

2. Let the Arata Advanced Curl Enhancing Combo  give the right nudge for the curly-haired head in your life to try out products specially tailored for curly hair! 

This combo contains a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner, all formulated with primrose oil, fenugreek, and coconut water, which will help repair damaged hair, moisturise hair, and combat frizz. 

Let them embrace and flaunt their oh-so-shiny natural hair! Don’t forget to personalise it with a sweet note or a keepsake.

This is an image of Arata Advanced Curl Enhancing Combo on

3. Gift items for men do not have to be confusing. There are plenty of things to choose from. Men appreciate gift sets too! Especially if it’s a daily essential kit! And we’ve found the perfect one for your special guy. 

23 Yards Ultimate Shower and Beard Care have everything your boyfriend needs for the best shower and beard care!

This kit includes a beard wash and a body wash, both of which are made with an innovative formula to provide extra attention, nourishment, and care to the beard.

Spark the romance with this gift set and help your partner take his grooming and self-care to the next level. 

This is an image of 23 Yards Ultimate Shower and Beard Care on

4. Our Soulflower Lavender Hexagon Bath Gift Set is curated with the incredible aroma of Lavender which most people dream of in their long self-care sessions in the shower. This kit contains Bath Salt, Massage Oil, Lavender Soap, Aroma Oil, and 2 tea light candles!

Set up a pre-romantic date for your sweetheart. Let them relax and recoup after a long day at work. 

This is an image of Soulflower Lavender Hexagon Bath Gift Set on

5. Natural Vibes Glow Getter Gift Set is perfect for the glow-getter in your life! We can’t think of anything more fancy and aesthetic than this! 

This glow kit contains a Rose Quartz Face Roller, a Vitamin C Serum, a Nirvana Flower Oil, and a Gold Beauty Elixir Oil.

Let them indulge in a regime with this set to unwind, de-stress and bring back the radiating glow! Show your care with this self-care kit for your darling one! It’s a gift to remember you by! 

This is an image of Natural Vibes Glow Getter Gift Set on
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This Valentine's Day, express your love with all your heart, and add a touch of your sentiment to a gift that your partner will remember you by! Remember, any gift you give will be perfect, because it’s coming from you! We hope these tips and suggestions help you find the ideal gift for your true love! Let us know below if you’ve tried or bought any of these gift sets. 


1. What are the factors I should consider while buying a gift set? 

Make sure to see what items are in the gift set. This can determine if it’s worth spending money on. Especially if it’s a gift set that contains self-care products, cross-check the ingredients and fragrances to make sure your partner is not allergic to them. It’s always better to take a look at the return policy so that you have the chance to exchange if such a circumstance arises. 

2. What kind of skincare can be a part of gift sets for men?

This is the best time to introduce different kinds of products that they are unlikely to use regularly. Look for grooming, pampering, and spritzing products that will provide them with a complete skincare routine.

Add a shaving cream, sunscreen, moisturiser, everyday face wash, and more to their gift sets, they’ll love it!

3. How can I personalise my gift sets more? 

Given that you’re already buying gift sets that match their likes and preferences, add more keepsakes that are sentimental to the day or a memorable event. Handwritten notes, chocolates, polaroids, mixtapes, handcrafted gifts, and e-gift cards will add the right touch of personalisation to your gift set.

- Salonee Salian

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