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Looking to look out of this world on Valentine’s Day? Look no more!

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One of the most exciting days to go out on a date is Valentine’s Day, and it gives every woman a chance to sport some of the best make-up looks she knows. However, if you are not equipped with too many makeup looks, here is your opportunity to find out about more. Putting on makeup is sure to make anyone feel more confident in their own skin and that boost is just what you need to feel your best self on this special day. 

This blog will save you the time to watch a bunch of Youtube videos with detailed makeup looks, and help you find multiple looks in the same place. So, let’s get you in the mood of love!

Here are some of the most iconic looks to create for your date on Valentine’s Day. Be it a cosy indoor movie date, a fancy dinner date at a sophisticated restaurant or an outdoorsy date, we’ve got a look for each event. 

1. The Bold, Red Lip

Not in the mood to do a whole get-up, yet wanting to make an impact? A red lip colour is your answer. No matter how ordinary your outfit might be, there’s nothing that a red lip cannot elevate. Get that perfect pout with the Disguise Satin Matte lipstick. This will not only make your lips the centre of attention, but will moisturise them deeply. Sport this look and leave your date captivated.

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2. Nude and monochrome

If you are someone who is hesitant about using too many bright colours and indulging in heavy makeup, this one’s for you. Pick out a nude lipstick shade, like the Anour Mocha Nude Lip and Cheek Tint, and an eyeshadow of the similar shade, and create a simple look which will not make you feel like you put in too much effort, but also is super effective towards catching your date’s attention.

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3. Rosy and Peachy

If you really want to get in touch with your feminine side, try out a pink and peachy look. You can never go wrong with shades of pink, especially lipstick. Pair the bright lips with a milder peach-based eyeshadow and blush like the Kiro Glow-On Blush Duo, Perfect Pink, Fresh Grapefruit (Natural Blush & Bright Coral) to complement the vibrance of your lips.

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4. The Winged Liner

Do you want to win over your date with the window to your soul? Opt for the winged eyeliner look, in that case. BlushBee Organic Beauty Eye Kajal is the perfect candidate to carry out this look, owing to its smooth formulation consisting of almond oil, avocado oil, vitamin E and triphala oil.

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5. Glossy Lips and siren eyes

Siren eyes have been all the buzz since the emergence of the TikTok days. The aim is to make your eyes look more elongated, thereby holding the other person’s gaze for a longer while. This eye makeup goes hand in hand with glossy lips, which have also resurfaced over the last couple of years. The Klome Essentials Hawaiian Rose Lip Oil comes with the extract of several flowers and oils which contribute to utterly moisturised and glossy-looking lips. 

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6. The No-Makeup Makeup

This is the new trend that has been revolutionising the makeup world lately, with more and more products focusing on yielding a look, as natural as possible. It is essential to use a tinted moisturiser and serum prior to doing this look. Using a light concealer like the Ilana Soft Blur Cream Concealer helps achieve a very natural yet well-finished look, with the necessary dark spots and acne scars hidden, yet not looking overdone.

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By now, you probably must have made up your mind as to which look you want to don this Valentine’s Day. Always remember that no matter what kind of makeup you do, your confidence will be the most attractive ornament that you flaunt at any given occasion. So don’t forget to pack your sass and personality along with these stunning looks!


1. What if I don’t know how to do makeup?

Fret not. The makeup looks that we have listed are extremely beginner-friendly and can be accomplished in little time and with minimal effort. 

2. Do I need to buy expensive products to get these looks?

Absolutely not. There are a bunch of affordable options in the market, some of which have been listed, that won’t prove to be too heavy on your pockets.

3. Will makeup be bad for my skin?

Not if you use the correct brands and products for your skin type. 

Srishti Chakraborty

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