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5 Beauty Tips You Must Follow If You Are A Frequent Flyer!

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When travelling long distances, most of us prefer to travel by air. This trip's effects on your skin can be disastrous. You may feel dehydrated, your hands and feet may feel rough, and your eyes and nose may feel dry. What causes this to happen? Because planes are known to have low humidity, dry cabins, and recycled air, such symptoms are likely to occur.

Conditions Experienced By Frequent Flyers

What are the conditions which are faced by those who are flying frequently? Apart from dehydration and roughness of the body parts, these are a few conditions faced by frequent travellers! 

1. Dryness

When it comes to low humidity in the cabins, usually less than 20% - it makes our skin increasingly dry and dehydrated due to the cold, dry, recirculated air going around constantly. At home, the humidity we face is usually over 30%.

2. Sunburn

Your skin definitely gets exposed to the sun while you're in the air. Aeroplane windows, being non UV proof, don't offer sun protection which causes sunburn. 

3. Oiliness

Oil (sebum) is produced by the skin when the skin becomes dry. This oil fights the dryness but extreme sebum production is known to cause acne and pores.

4. Eyebags

Long hours of travelling can actually reduce the blood flow and fluids sometimes accumulate below the eyes. This makes the under-eye area appear extremely puffy and gives out a swollen look. 

How Can You Prepare Your Skin Before A Flight? (5 Tips)

The best part about skincare steps is when the results start to show on your face and people start complimenting you on how great your skin looks! Some skincare hacks to follow in a plane will surely get you compliments from fellow passengers! Keep in mind that a skincare routine with such beauty tips to follow is not the only way to care for your skin. You must also eat the right foods and drink plenty of water!

1. You must adhere to a skincare order that begins with exfoliation the night before your flight. Use a hydrating mask, such as the Light Up Drench Hydrating Jelly Mask, to remove dead skin cells, or apply a night cream to your face. Applying a serum like the Over Dermis Skin Alphabet Vitamin C Serum followed by a moisturiser like the Skinfluence Hydra Logic Moisturiser before boarding will keep your face hydrated and provide the necessary nutrition.

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2. Even if you're on a plane, make sure you apply sunscreen. This is an absolute must because the sun's UV rays can cause sunburn if you are not protected. Always wear the Put Simply Beat The Sun Sunscreen before and during your flight, or apply an SPF-containing moisturiser.

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3. Going makeup-free or using minimal makeup on your face ensures that no sebum is produced and that your skin is oil and blemish-free. If you want to wear makeup, use a tinted moisturiser like The Pink Foundry Matte Moisturising Mineral Sunscreen and a hydrating mist like the A’kin Natural Hydrating Mist Toner on your face every hour. You can also apply makeup right before landing, but try to keep it simple.

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4. When flying for a long time, get up and walk around to prevent eye bags. Drink plenty of water and avoid foods that are high in salt - this will help with eye bags. You can also take supplements for nutrition like the Cosmix Feel Good Skin which helps with strong, supple skin from within. The air conditioner fan is in charge of quickly drying out your nose and skin. To avoid sinus problems and dehydrated skin, keep it away from your face.

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5. When flying, try to avoid touching your face frequently. This will keep bacteria from the plane's surface from clogging your pores and causing skin outbreaks. Make sure to do this if you have sensitive skin. On an aeroplane, there are a lot of germs, so bring sanitizer and wet wipes with you. Avoid transferring bacteria to your skin.

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How To Take Care Of Your Skin After A Flight? (5 Tips)

When it comes to skin care, you must be vigilant whether you are on the road, on a flight, before a flight, after a flight, before someone's wedding, or after your wedding. Some skincare rituals like in-flight self care tips should not be overlooked, no matter how busy you are. Keep these things in mind after you've landed from a flight!

1. Double-cleansing with a product like the Kojo Deep Cleansing Face Wash immediately after landing is a must. Wash off all of the dirt and germs that have landed on your skin during the flight. Unclog your pores and you will drastically reduce your chances of getting dull-looking skin or breakouts.

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2. Applying a moisturiser or night cream like the Neemli Naturals Hibiscus & Saffron Night Cream immediately after your flight will help to hydrate your skin and repair any damage to the skin's barrier.

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3. To reduce puffy eyes, apply an aloe vera eye mask or apply a cold compress. In the meantime, you can use an eye cream to help with this.

4. Even if you are exhausted and jetlagged from your flight, make sure you follow your nighttime skincare routine. Skipping this step will aggravate your skin's condition. Don't forget to massage yourself with facial tools massage items like the Jade Roller.

5. To avoid chapped lips, keep a hydrating lip balm like the One Thing Moisturising Lip Essence on hand at all times. Keep a lip scrub or a lip mask by your bedside so you don't forget to apply it.

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Everyone deserves to look their best while travelling, and the advice in this article will definitely help you get started when it comes to gaining healthy glowing skin. Knowing your beauty needs, staying healthy, and being smart with your makeup and skincare routine will allow you to relax. Simply by following these daily steps, you will look your best while on vacation. If you follow these tips, you will look fantastic every time you hit the road or board a plane. Please let us know what worked out for you and what you could have avoided. We'd love to know everything!

- Harshita Shah

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