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5 Skincare Trends That Will Dominate In 2022


While 2021's skincare routine looked brilliant, 2022 sure looks more splendid. It isn’t enough to rely on primers and highlighters for a fresh glow, we want efficient actives and hero ingredients to rejuvenate our skin at a more meaningful level. Let’s talk Retinol, fermented ingredients,  DSP-TX Complex , Vitamin C, Ceramides, BHAs and AHA's, etc. Although it can still be fun to experiment with new ingredients or switch up the products in your routine with new formulas from buzzy brands or the ones taking over your social media feeds, but what does the new year have in store for us?

We’re doing the  skincare trend predictions for 2022 and here’s the ultimate list for you to follow!

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1. Simple Skincare: Always remember less is more

    Contrary to the extensive 10+ steps skincare routine, we're seeing a shift towards simpler and time-evasive regimes which will work well for us in 2022. Trust us, we know it's difficult to whittle your stock of skincare products down to just the essentials. But just like with your closet, it's critical to clean out and update your beauty regime every now and then. Knowing the few products that truly work for your skin is paramount in curating an efficient routine.

    2. Cryotherapy: Cool it down, like never before!

    Now, similar to other alternative therapies, like face yoga and acupuncture, cryotherapy is becoming a part of facial treatments, and works specifically on our complexions. Cryotherapy means ‘cold therapy.’ In this facial treatment your skin is exposed to subzero temperatures for a few minutes with freezing pods, giving a cold shock to the skin, which sends fresher blood to the targeted area. Good blood circulation ensures better oxygen delivery, resulting in detoxified skin. You’re finally left with a plumped and refreshed skin, within minutes. 

    Sublime recommends-Isa Ice Therapy- Therapy with Ice

    Isa Ice Therapy on www.sublimelife.in

    Isa Ice Therapy accompanied with cryotherapy takes inspiration from the magical and resourceful nature combined with scientific technology. Rich fixations and best fixings lie behind treatments contrived in view of the advanced ladies.

    Learn more about the newest and coolest treatment Ice Therapy and its benefits here.

    3. Vitamin C : Welcome even toned skin with open arms

    Who doesn’t love some citrus and a chance to say goodbye to those dark spots?! With this unique solution we can not only unify the skin tone but also brighten and illuminate the complexion. The richness of pure Vitamin C, grants a multi-targeted action. It can prevent further melanin production and deposition, reducing the size and intensity of the dark spots. It not only helps reduce but also prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, Vitamin C brightens skin and enhances skin tone, upgrading the general appearance of the skin.

    Sublime recommends- Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop Serum - A game changer!

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    Your hunt for the perfect non-comedogenic Vitamin C serum to say no to hyperpigmentation and spots ends here! Rich in antioxidants and Centella Asiatica extract, it manages enlarged pores, brightens and evens skin tone, and repairs damaged skin. Not only does it combat the early signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, it also helps in the reduction of the melanin index to visibly brighten and clear out your skin.

    4. Fermented Skincare: If you like Kombucha, you’d definitely like this!

    Fermented ingredients offer a magnitude of benefits to your skin. They are currently popular in skincare as they use a natural process to help enhance potency and penetration, without irritating the skin. Fermentation has been linked with a handful of anti-aging benefits, such as reduced inflammation, cell regrowth and repair. Fermented ingredients have active yeast that help in increasing cell turnover. Certain ingredients like fermented rice water and fermented tea are becoming popular ingredients and are super beneficial for skin and hair. 

    Sublime recommends- D’You Hustle - One bottle solution for all skincare woes!

    This is an image of D'you Hustle on www.sublimelife.in

    This innovative bestseller is enriched with micro ferment extracts and is a multipurpose product that triples up as a toner, essence and serum! It shrinks pores, revitalises and nourishes your skin while fading hyperpigmentation and soothing your skin. Formulated with Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Bifida Ferment Lysate along with other antioxidants which penetrate deep into the skin, it replenishes it and pacifies UV damaged skin. Hyaluronic acid and Niacinamide provide an intense burst of hydration while fortifying the skin’s barrier to make the face look livelier and more youthful

    5. Hair care: Love thy scalp

    Scalp care is becoming more and more important than before! Your scalp must be treated like you would treat your face. One of the biggest trends to grow big this year is scalp care! People are focusing more on the quality of hair rather than the usual and  just in-trend hairstyles! Finally, there's a real lessening of taboos around hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp, etc and more focus on what you need to do to take care of your hair and scalp. 

    Sublime recommends- Flawsome Ultimate Scalp Care Duo Hair Mask- For the love your scalp deserves

    This is an image of Flawsome Ultimate Scalp Care Duo Hair Mask on www.sublimelife.in

    Read more about why you need to exfoliate your scalp more often here.

    Dense Intense Scalp Scrub + Mask exfoliates, soothes, and balances through a blend of natural extracts, like charcoal, ginger, kaolin clay, and acai seed powder. This mysterious goo is loaded with a delicate plant-inferred cleaning agent to eliminate develop and molding specialists like shea spread, argan oil, and coconut oil for tingle free perfection.

    Cake Therapy Repairing + Hydrating Mask is a delicious-smelling jar of goodness, just like a piece of cake, only for your hair and without the calories. It’s full of nourishing ingredients that repair damage at the cellular level to improve the health of your hair’s follicles and its creamy texture, courtesy provitamin B5 hydrates and seals in moisture for healthy-looking, voluminous tresses. 


    With these beauty trends we bet your new year will shine just as bright as you!

    While 2021 has been challenging in many ways, one thing that was a constant source of joy has been the beauty trends that have emerged. With 2022 here, it seems there are many more joyous beauty trends coming up. From skincare to hair care, let’s take a deep dive into all the amazing trends we listed out for you and you’ll find a favourite soon! 

    -Ashi Bansal

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