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Everything you need to know to have a happy, healthy vagina

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Are you doing everything in your power to keep yourself healthy down there? Let's get Intimate.

Listen up ladies, we know you’re nourishing your hair, moisturising your skin, and protecting your energy. But are you taking care of your vagina? There we said it, and we think you should too. 

Let’s simplify it, biologically speaking, the urethra in women is shorter than in men, making us more susceptible to Urinary Tract Infections. This infection of the tube that leads the urine out of the bladder is a major cause of discomfort to millions of women across the world, and chances are, you’ve been one of them too. 

UTIs are the most frequent clinical bacterial infection experienced by women with 50-60% of women experiencing them each year! However, the burning sensation, the itchiness, the pain, and the odour aren’t nearly as bad as the stigma around it. So as uncomfortable as a UTI is, talking about it shouldn’t be. And it’s important to combat these issues with the right information or you could end up making your UTI worse while trying to make it better.

Here are a few steps to follow for a healthy happy vagina:

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1. Take Cranberry Supplements 

Cranberries are rich in Proanthocyanidins (PACs) that work to create a lining, preventing bacteria from binding in the urinary tract. However, over the years cranberries harvested for mass consumption don't have the potency that cemented their place in old wives’ tales. Nonetheless, the active compound PACs can now be found in Pacran, a 100% all-natural full spectrum cranberry ingredient supported by eight efficacy and safety studies. This highly potent extract works by preventing bacteria from hooking onto the urinary tract walls. It is literally like a shield against the bad guys. 

Nyumi’s Multivitamin UT Care Gummies are jam-packed with Pacran goodness compounded by the effects of Vitamin C - like a super Cranberry, but better! Just 2 gummies daily can help you hit your required dose of 500 gms to keep those UTIs at bay.  Regular consumption has been shown to help in reducing the recurrence of urinary tract infections, and maintain urinary tract health over time.

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Nyumi’s consulting nutritionist, Niti Desai says, “Sweetened juice or concentrate, can increase intake of sugar in one’s body (one cup/150 ml of sweetened cranberry juice or cocktail packs in a whopping 20 gms/4 teaspoons of sugar). This can increase UTI risk besides giving sugar spikes and coming in the way of weight loss efforts.” Not to mention juices don’t have the added benefit of vitamin C and hibiscus extract, a synergistic pairing that boosts the efficiency of all ingredients. Start loving these gummies already, will you?

2. Good Vaginal Hygiene is Paramount

Before you go out and buy yourself lavender-scented vaginal wash know that vaginas are self-cleaning. And they’re not supposed to smell of lavender. Using a highly scented wash could disturb your vagina’s natural acidity and pH level. Instead, clean yourself with plain water and the outer part with a mild soap. Sometimes, less is more. 

Our pick is the FCL Oatsilk Soap Free Body Wash (200 Ml)- mild, hypoallergenic and fragrance free while doing its true job of effectively cleansing!

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Browse more body washes here.

3. Public Toilet- The Ground Zero of Most Infections

Public toilets make an excellent case for doing your squats. That’s right, infections travel from the seat and from touching too many infected surfaces. You can control this by carrying around sanitising sprays, seat covers, disposable urination cones, wet wipes, and squatting. We love the Saniola Hand Sanitiser Sprays, which are easy to carry and kill 99.9% germs and bacteria.

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Avoid the seat and avoid a UTI. But that doesn’t mean you should dehydrate yourself to do so.  This brings us to our next point.

4. Water is Your Best Friend

Is there anything hydration can’t do? Quench thirst, clear skin, nourish every living organism ever, the list goes on. Water helps flush out toxins via urination along with bacteria and other infection-causing agents. Drink up! 3-4 litres and you’re golden!

5. Practice Safe Sex

Just one of the many reasons we need better sex education. Using a barrier like a condom during sex prevents harmful bacteria and prevents the spread of STDs. If using lubricant, opt for a water-based one over petroleum jelly, this is less likely to cause irritations and allergic reactions. And lastly, many gynecologists recommend urinating post-sex to expel any infectious bacteria in the urethra.

It’s a dangerous, bacteria-filled world out there, ladies. But we do believe with the right precautions you can stay ahead of infections for a healthier and happier vagina.

-Team Nyumi in collaboration with Sublime Life

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