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6 Coolest Lipsticks To Wear & Flaunt This Winter

The cold has started to seep in, and we can finally say that “Winter is coming." We have no idea what the winter has in store for us, but we do know that spicing up your cool fits with rich lipstick shades is so in! 

If you’re at the phase of figuring out what lipsticks to buy—gloss or no gloss, light or deeper shades, etc.—you've come to the right place. 

We're sure you've made a mental note of what you want: lipstick with a luxurious formula, a long-lasting stay with water, and smudge resistance. No stress, we’ve curated a list of shades to wear and flaunt this season! 

Deeper shades match the winter-y vibe

There is no written rule that certain shades are appropriate for a specific season, but the overall aesthetic of winter encourages you to wear a deeper lipstick shade!

We get that playing it safe with neutrals and bright colours can be pulled off easily with your regular fits, but we are firm believers in experimenting and trying out new things, which includes rocking a deeper shade.

Let’s help you fall in love with these 6 lipstick shades, from matte to glossy and everything in between. Trust us, you won’t wait long to add them to your collection!

6 lipsticks to wear and flaunt this season

1. Kiro Airy Matte Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (Deep Purple) 

The long-lasting, cruelty-free, vegan formula of 

Kiro Airy Matte Liquid Lipstick makes it to the top of our list of favourite shades this season: deep purple. It delivers drama and intense hydration with a soft and creamy comfort that’s loaded with the goodness of Avocado and Apricot Oil. Take your everyday makeup to the next level with zero compromise on healthy and plump-looking lips! 

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2. Gush Beauty Lipstick Play Paint – Paint The Town Red 

Quiet literally, paint the town red with this rich pigment of lipstick! Gush Beauty Lipstick Lip Paint will enhance your complexion with a swipe that’s light as air, non-drying, and has a flawless matte finish. It glides on and stays on with the cosiest sensation by healing, soothing, and nourishing your lips with Mango Butter, Vitamin C & E.

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In the mood for some spontaneity? Feel bold and beautiful with this must-have for the season! 

3. Plum Matte in Heaven Liquid Lipstick – Watermelon Sugar 

It’s matte in heaven for the Indian skin tone gals! Plum Matte in Heaven Liquid Lipstick is flattering, rich, and warm with a subtle shine that’s smudge-proof yet non-drying! Now that’s a win-win in our books. 

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A bold matte lip and a pop of colour will never go out of style. Exude a sense of playfulness and be the centre of attention with this popping shade! 

4. Disguise Cosmetics Velvet Glow Multistick | Golden Daydream

A molten gold hue with notes of copper, Disguise Cosmetics Velvet Glow Multistick is the do-it-all stick you need in your vanity, stat! 

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It’s versatile and works great as a highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and even as a lip topper. With this eye-catching shimmer that makes you glimmer, add flair to any ensemble you dare to rock. Use a single stroke and get the deep, dewy look of your dreams! 

5. Asa Lip & Cheek Tint Refills – Ripe Raspberry 03 

A tint that’s intensely creamy and berry good for your lips is here. Packed with the goodness of Walnut, Moringa Oil and Avocado in one gleaming bullet – its buttery texture creates a barrier of defence and seals the moisture in. 

Get a natural blush on your lips and cheeks to feel luminous and warm with  

Asa Lip and Cheek Tint Refills!

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6. Ruby Organics Lipstick – Burgundy 

No lipstick must-have list is complete without a burgundy shade. Known to give the perfect depth to your look, burgundy is the winter tint you need. 

Ruby Organics Burgundy Lipstick  is sultry, highly pigmented, and carries the benefits of a lip balm. One swipe provides an ultra-soft, semi-matte finish that is soothing and lasts all day. 

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Allow the buttery goodness to envelop your lips in a moody hue that blends with your skin tone. 

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How to wear a deeper lipstick shade 

Once you’ve decided on the colour of lipstick that’s caught your eye, we move on to the simple tips and tricks to fully rock the shade. 

1. Exfoliate your lips 

Winter can make your lips dry and flaky. Exfoliating your lips will help remove the dead skin cells and reveal baby-soft, hydrated skin that’s pouty-worthy. 

Alanna Chocolate Lip Scrub will help the skin’s moisture by making it feel rejuvenated and plump on the go. 

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2. Use a lip balm or a lip liner 

It’s always important to apply lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and prevent them from getting dry with liquid lipstick. 

Use a lip liner to even out the edges of your lips for more volume, firmness, colour, and a smear-proof experience! 

3. Apply translucent powder 

With a loose translucent powder, you can instantly matte your lips without drying them out. Sprinkle some powder over the tissues and gently hold them with your lips. Remove it carefully to reveal a frosty, gorgeous finish! 

Final takeaway 

Investing in lipsticks that are rich, vampy, and dark is totally worth the investment. But eventually, you do what you’re comfortable with. Understand what suits your skin tone. Make the switch to the dark side like a pro with us!

– Salonee Salian

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