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9 Reasons Why Using SPF Is Important During Winters

During winters, let sunscreen be there for your skin. Even though the days are short and the sun hides behind the clouds, UV rays are still beaming down upon your skin. Most people think whether SPF is important in winter since the sun's not shining too brightly and doesn't feel too hot on their skin, so they can let go when it comes to being regular at applying sunscreen. However, this is a misconception since you are still at a risk of other side effects from sun exposure. Upto 80% of UVB and UVA rays are responsible for skin cancer and ageing. It is a must to apply sunscreen all year round, to avoid wrinkles and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. Let us take a look at the reasons why sunscreen is so important for our skin. 

9 Reasons To Wear Sunscreen In Winters

There are plenty of serious reasons why we all should be using spf in winter skincare routines. These are mostly focused on prevention and protection against the harmful UV rays. Below are some of the reasons why it is important to wear sunscreens in the winters! 

1. You can't escape UV Rays

UVA and UVB Rays penetrate skin deeply. They are responsible for premature ageing signs such as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. These rays are here all the year-round and it's definitely a must for you to wear sunscreen every day, regardless of what the weather is like, so you can escape these rays. Use the Rovectin Skin Essentials Deep Moisture UV Protector SPF50+ which is specially made as a sunscreen for winter, for dry skin.  

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2. Sunscreen Products Have Useful Skincare Properties

Sunscreen products provide more useful benefits for the skin than just simply saving you from the sun. Winters lead to extremely dry skin. Sunscreen products such as the Natural Vibes Sunscreen Lotion With SPF 30 help calm and protect your skin which is prone to dryness. Sunscreen products with Vitamin C like the Rustic Art Mineral Sunscreen With Vitamin C SPF 30+ also provide anti-ageing benefits to your skin. 

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3. Winter Conditions Can Remove Sunscreen Faster

Winter conditions include snow and strong winds. These are known to wear away your sunscreen and its effects faster than ever before. Therefore, applying one layer of sunscreen is never enough. You need to re-apply your sunscreen every 2 hours after sweating or while you are outdoors. 

4. Winter Sports Put You At A Higher Risk Of UV Exposure

For all of you who are vacationing as skiers, snowboarders and ski touring fanatics; you must take extra care of your skin by applying sunscreen when you are in the mountains. This is because UV radiation increases by 5% with every thousand feet you rise above the sea level. Make sure you keep reapplying your sunscreen and wear protective clothing while you're in the mountains. 

5. Prevents Premature Ageing

No one ever wants to age willingly and sunscreen is one product which can leave you looking youthful and young. If you don't take preventive measures to take care of your skin, then you will be left with damaged skin. That's why it is recommended that you wear sunscreen everyday; no matter the cloud cover or the weather. You need to wear sunscreen in winter, fall , spring and summer - all 365 days! 

6. Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

Winter winds and cooler temperatures often lead to dry skin. It can be uncomfortable and you can look dull in family holiday photos. To avoid this, wear a sunscreen like the Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ which is useful in locking in moisture and hydrates your skin. 

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7. Avoids Painful Sunburns

A sunburn is very itchy, inconvenient and uncomfortable. It leads to damaged skin. Make sure that you keep sunscreen with you at all times; whether you're visiting your friends or shopping for the holidays. It will definitely help with the protection against sunburns and other signs of ageing. 

8. The Dangers Are Even Indoors

People sitting near windows have more wrinkles as compared to a person who doesn't sit near a window. This is because glass is unable to block UVA rays. Blue light from computers and screens is also a concern for most. Applying sunscreen in winter is a must, it definitely helps with protection against harmful UVA rays. 

9. Harsh Winds & Low Moisture

People have dry skin in the winters because there is low moisture in the atmosphere and the cold winter winds are harsh too. This leads to drainage when it comes to your skin’s moisture, increasing the risk of wrinkles, cracks and infections. Using a moisturising sunscreen like the Put Simply Beat The Sun Sunscreen is a good way to restore the moisture levels of your skin. 

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Winter Sun Protection Tips

When you apply sunscreen during winters, ensure that you apply sunscreen in the morning or before getting dressed and then head out for the day. Make sure to apply sunscreen to all the exposed areas such as your forehead, nose, back of your neck, hands, etc. You spf winter skin care routine should include:

1. Wear sunscreen everyday.

2. Try to avoid the sun during peak hours.

3. Use water-resistant sunscreen when you are skiing or snowboarding on a vacation. 

4. Wear protective clothing wherever possible to avoid the rays of the sun.

5. The answer to - “what spf should I use in winter” & “how much spf should I use in winter” is this. Your winter sunscreen checklist & winter skincare routine should include - 

  1. SPF 30 or higher
  2. Mineral ingredients
  3. Broad spectrum
  4. Moisturizing
  5. Water-resistant
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1. How many times in a day should I apply sunscreen?

You should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours during the day.

2. Is it possible that one can get skin cancer in winters?

Yes, which is why it is very important to wear sunscreen during winters. Even if it doesn't feel warm outside, UV rays can still penetrate your skin and cause skin cancer. 

3. Can UV rays affect me at home as well?

The answer is yes and no, both. If you are near the windows, then UV rays can penetrate through the glass and cause skin ageing effects such as wrinkles and dark spots. This increases your chances of getting skin cancer. 

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If you follow the winter sun protection tips, you're on your way to a winter of happy, healthy and moisturised skin. Be sure that you pick a sunscreen which has SPF 30 or higher and is broad-spectrum, water-resistant and mineral-based; to help you protect your skin all year round. Do let us know which sunscreen has worked for you the best! We’d love for you to share your experiences with us.

- Harshita Shah

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