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7 Tips to keep your nails healthy this winter!

Winter has arrived, & how! It’s that time of year when all we want to do is slip into cosy PJs, cuddle in our blankets, make hot chocolate, and watch rom-coms all day long. 

As much as we love the winter season, it comes with some dreadful cons too. Most of the time, it’s not just your skin that feels dull and dry; your nails experience the same. This weather can yield moisture from your body, leading to brittle nails, damaged cuticles, slow nail growth, and many other issues.  

While you're taking extra care of your skin and hair, don’t forget about your nails since they are craving care too! 

You can have your nails mani-ready at home! 

If you’re iffy about visiting a salon for a manicure, you can relax. This can be done at home, too! The best part is that there’s no room for error; a simple routine is all you need to keep your nails strong and healthy this winter! 

Once you start taking care of your nails during the winter, there’s no going back!

Here are a few steps to have your own manicure session at home! 

1. Apply Cuticle Oil 

Don't give in to the urge to clip your cuticles! Cuticles are usually clipped, pushed back, or attempted to be removed entirely. But they are not your enemy!  In reality, cuticles serve as the nail's inborn shield of protection. Your nails will be protected and strengthened if you moisturise your cuticles with cream or oil. This will help in sealing moisture, protecting the seal of the cuticle, and strengthening the nail structure. 

We’d definitely recommend the Mantra Herbal Gul Cuticle Oil which is rich in Almond and Apricot Kernel Oil and helps moisturise dry nails, keeping cuticles healthy and strong. 

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2. Apply hand cream 

A foolproof solution to seal moisture into your nails is to exfoliate first and then apply hand cream at night. Exfoliating with a scrub helps in removing dead skin cells and replenishes moisture too. 

Try the Plum Body Lovin Caramel Popcorn Hand Cream infused with the goodness of shea butter. This will surely keep your hands nourished and hydrated throughout the night. 

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3. Use an acetone-free nail polish remover

Nail polish removers with either acetone or formaldehyde can be harsh for your nails. Your nails can dry out as a result, making them more brittle. Avoid the urge to peel off your nail paint since a thin layer of your nail lacquer frequently peels off when you do that. Instead, carefully remove it with a non-acetone nail polish remover to have healthy and nourished nails. 

For those who want a budget-friendly remover, you can try the Plum Color Affair Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover which ensures that your nails and cuticles are not dry and dehydrated. 

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4. Add a base coat for protection

If you have never added a base coat, start RIGHT AWAY! Applying a base coat can protect your nails from environmental damage and give them a more natural sheen! Additionally, it also strengthens and moisturises your nails.

Disguise Cosmetic Crystal Clear Nail Polish provides a glossy finish and stronger nails in just one swipe!

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5. File your nails correctly 

Keep your nails at a reasonable length and free of ridges since you don’t want them to get stuck in your sweaters and jackets! Keep your delicate nails from sticking and breaking by using a nail file with a softer grit. Brittle nails have a protein structure that can crack and fracture when they are clipped dry. Before using any nail filing techniques, moisten your nails to soften that structure.    Incorrect nail filing can be quite painful. It's best to file your nails in one direction and not in a back-and-forth motion. 

6. Consume a protein-rich diet 

Healthy skin and nails can be maintained by consuming a diet rich in protein. Consume a variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, which will definitely make you feel better, health-wise and strengthen your nails as well. Taking vitamin supplements that contain biotin will promote nail development too! 

Sublime recommends SwisseMe Biotin Gummies for Healthy Nails, Skin, and Hair—a solution to treat brittle nails. You can take one gummy daily during or after your meals. 

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7. Wear gloves 

Protect your nails by wearing gloves during activities like gardening, cleaning utensils, or dusting around the house. This will protect your hands from the harsh chemicals that are found in the detergents and soaps you use. Additionally, gloves also prevent dryness and seal moisture into your hands and nails. 

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You might consider some activities to be harmless for your nails, but they are actually the ones harming them. It's essential that you keep these tips in mind, especially during this season, to take care of your nails. Avoid biting your nails or putting your hands in water frequently, since these can strip away healthy oils from your nails. Do let us know if you've tried these tips before. We’d love to know about your experience! Follow these steps, and you’ll have strong and healthy nails in no time!

Salonee Salian

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