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We can’t get enough of the holiday season! The cocktail parties, family get-togethers, cosy dates, house parties, and the magical spirit in the air are all there is to love about this season. While we experience a myriad of emotions about how 2022 has been, good or bad, let’s doll up one last time and kiss 2022 goodbye! 

Makeup trends have changed dramatically over the years, and in a big way! If you’re someone who wants to ace a killer New Year's or holiday look while keeping it low-key, get ready to tick it off your list. We’ll help you pull off a makeup look that will make heads turn like a pro! 

Slip into something comfy or sparkling, and have your brows and hair on fleek. With these 5 fabulous makeup looks for every vibe, you can up your beauty game and shine under the spotlight. 

1. Shimmery Golden Eye Look

Experiment with any liner shapes you like! Pair it with a touch of shimmering gold as a backdrop. Want to make it more dramatic? Add a hint of glitter to your eyelids and move on to a bold and glistening lip colour of your choice. The Disguise Satin Smooth Eyeshadow Shimmer Gold is a satiny, creamy, and pigmented eyeshadow with no fallout. It is also enriched with plant oils that care for your lids as you shine and shimmer!

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In Frame: Gigi Hadid

2. Classic Red  

The power a classic red lipstick holds to elevate your entire look is phenomenal! You can never go wrong with this shade! And trust us, anyone can pull it off. Slip into a black outfit and paint the town red with the Gush Beauty Red Lipstick for an ultra-pigmented finish. Complete the look with the Blushbee Organic Beauty Glow Blush and a classic winged liner.

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In Frame: Selena Gomez

3. Rosy Flush 

Getting a flushed look is quite attainable during the winter. While there’s a fine line between attaining a natural flush and overdoing it with the blush, the right products can help you get a rosy finish on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. 

Monochromatic looks are so in, and a blush with a creamy texture is the way to go. If you don’t have one, we at Sublime Life recommend the Ilana Dream Blush. You can recreate this look by blending the same blush on your lips, cheeks, and eyes. 

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P.S. Blending it upwards will soften the look and lift the colour, giving it a more natural appearance.
The Ilana Dream Blush is a cream blush that has a smooth, creamy matte finish! Apply a contrasting shade like the Diguise Cosmetics Satin Green Eyeshadow, in the corners of your eyes for a finishing touch if you want to add a slight twist.

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In Frame: Hailey Beiber

4. Graphic blue wings 

This look has been making the rounds on Instagram reels and TikTok and is infamously called "Euphoria Eye Makeup." If you want to skip the eyeshadow and make a statement with a bold liner, this is the right choice for you! Pluck up the courage and play with bold colours like blue, and decide if you want a natural flick or a dramatic wing. You can make it as thin or thick as you like; however, we suggest you start with a thin line. 

Achieve a smudge-proof, modern, HD sultry look with the Kiro Blue Sapphire Long Last Eyeliner Pencil. Add a sheer highlight with white eyeliner to complement the wing, and a few coats of mascara to make it more dramatic. 

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5. Wine-Stained Lips 

Wine-stained lips are one of the most trending looks this year. Recreate your love for wine and lipstick with the Ruby Organics Plum Lipstick. This long-lasting, semi-matte lipstick stays on as you sip your favourite wine on a date. Complement the look with a glamorous ensemble and with a hint of shimmer on your eyelids and cheekbones.

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In Frame: Margot Robbie


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With the right products and determination, you can pull off the classic cherry lip or neon eye look like a pro! ‘Tis the season to go bold and end this year with a bang. Recreate looks that you will remember forever and look back on as an inspiration! 

– Salonee Salian 

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