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Tooling your way to glowing skin : 8 facial tools for every skin concern

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If there is a trend that has made its place in the skincare and beauty world, it is the unique yet highly effective trend of facial tools. We can guarantee that almost everyone has been charmed by their extraordinary benefits. How many of you have seen your favourite tool in action and immediately tried to read up some on it? Worry not, because we at Sublime Life have compiled an intensive guide to all things facial tools just for you!


The whole category of facial massage tools has proven itself to be a shining star. These skincare tools are meticulously designed keeping in mind the multitude of skin care concerns we face on a daily basis. Each tool has a different function that caters to a particular issue and aids in tackling it. 

We often use serums and facial oils as a part of our extensive skincare routines, introducing a facial massage tool does not only enhance the effects of your skincare but also gives you a wide array of benefits.



What is it? The House of Beauty Jade Mushroom is a fascinating tool that gets its name due to its different mushroom-like shape. This shape is specifically designed to focus on your eyes - a body part that we often tend to neglect. 

What are the benefits of this? Jade as a stone has calming properties which aids in soothing the delicate eye area, offering you relief. These Jade Mushrooms work around your tired eyes to reduce puffiness and bags, brightening them instantly. Application and effectiveness of your eye creams or serums is much easier with it. Watch your eyes look rejuvenated and wide awake with Jade Mushrooms. 

How do you use this? Once you have applied your eye creams or eye serums - begin by gently sliding the Jade Mushroom on the under eye area, starting from your inner corner and slowly moving to your temples. Keep repeating this movement for a few times and follow it up by sliding the tool above the eyelids for a full effect. 

Who is this for? This works well for oily, combination or dry skin types.

This is an image of how to use the House of Beauty Jade Mushrooms


What is it? The Dromen and Co Jade Spiked Roller is a textured facial roller made from the Jade stone. The chic textured spikes on the roller are crucial for some extra care for your skin. 

What are the benefits of this? The Jade Spiked Roller is an ideal pick for those who require an intensive facial and body massage. Areas like our lymph nodes, clogged nerves and acupuncture points require a stronger boost of simulation. Those formative fine lines and wrinkles bid a goodbye to your skin with the usage of this. The creative spiked texture boosts blood circulation by copious amounts.

How do you use this? Ensure an appropriate amount of facial oil is applied on a cleansed face. Begin from the edge of your lips and move the Jade Spiked Roller in an upward direction towards your nose. Slowly shift the roller to your eyelids and move the roller to the under eye area. Next, work in an upward motion for any fine lines and wrinkles. Watch your skin glow!

Who is this for? This works well for all skin types

This is an image of how to use the Dromen & Co Jade Spiked Roller


What is it? The Derma Roller by House of Beauty is specially created to give you the advantages of dermarolling at the comfort of your house. It is crafted using only the most premium grade of Titanium which does not rust, bend or cause any allergic reactions. 

What are the benefits of this? This Derma Roller works highly effectively to aid in the removal of scarring left behind by acne and light freckles too. The needles safely work to penetrate your skin and cause spots to fade away. Production of elastin below the surface of your skin boosts elasticity, making your skin appear radiant instantly. 

How do you use this? Always ensure that the Derma Roller is sterilised and disinfected before each use. Begin by rolling it upward from the base of your neck - start with vertical movements and gradually shift to horizontal and diagonal movements. Move towards your face and roll it in an upward motion, specifically on your acne scars and spots. 

Who is it for? This works well for all skin types. Individuals battling active acne should steer clear of this.

This is an image of how to use the House of Beauty Derma Roller


What is it? The House of Beauty Ice Globe is a cooling wand that needs to be refrigerated for optimum usage. This futuristic tool is made of glass which is designed to cool down your face and offer relief.

What are its benefits? Ice Globes are your saviours for combatting facial puffiness and shrinking those pores. These globes stimulate high levels of oxygenation and blood circulation that works for renewing and healing skin. The soothing properties of these cool globes bid adieu to early morning puffiness or even jetlagged skin. Restoring the plumpness and bounce of your skin has never looked easier.

How do you use this? Ice Globes are to be refrigerated and not freezed for just 10 minutes. Make sure your facial creams and serums are appropriately applied and layered. Glide and move the globe over your face in gentle movements, always in upward motions. Take your time to focus on the eye areas as well as areas that are puffy and inflamed. Repeat each movement 3 to 5 times. Do not forget to clean the globes with soap once you are done using them. 

Who is it for? This works well for individuals with dry, combination and oily skin.

This is an image of how to use House of Beauty Ice Globes


What is it? The Kansa Wand by Ohria Ayurveda is an ancient facial massage tool designed using metals like copper, tin along with a few other trace metals that are wondrous for the skin. One of the first facial massaging tools to have been created, it has advantages that can help you deal with different skincare concerns.

What are its benefits? The boons that the Kansa Wand has to offer us are so many. Regular usage of this tool ensures that premature signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines are kept at bay and your facial muscles are sculpted and toned. It also works to thoroughly detoxify your body by removing all the pent up acidity. 

How do you use this? Apply the Shankara Kumkumadi Oil on cleansed skin. Take the Kansa Wand and begin by massaging your forehead in circles. Move to the hollows of your eyes and massage a figure 8 pattern with this tool. Shift to your cheekbones and move the Kansa Wand in upward strokes to give you an instant facelift. Repeat these movements on both sides of your face. Additionally, the Kansa Wand can even be utilised on the soles of your feet.

Who is it for? This works well for all skin types.

If you wish to read up more on how great the Kansa Wand is, you can read it here.

This is an image of how to use a Kansa Wand by Ohria Ayurveda


What is it? The Dromen & Co Rose Quartz Gua Sha is a facial massage tool that is flat in shape designed to give you intense facial massages. It is based on an ancient Chinese healing practice known as Gua Sha where “Gua” means to stroke and “Sha” means redness.

What are its benefits? One of the most talked about benefits about the Rose Quartz Gua Sha is how regular usage boosts blood circulation by a massive amount - giving you an inner glow. Sculpting and lifting your facial muscles never looked easier. Healing properties of the Rose Quartz stone combined with the special contours of the Gua Sha tone and firm your skin, giving you a youthful appearance. 

How do you use this? Apply your moisturiser and facial serum. Glide the Rose Quartz Gua Sha gently with 3-6 sweeps on each part of your face. Using it daily for just 3-5 minutes will leave you with toned and gleaming skin.

Who is it for? This works well for all skin types except sensitive skin.

If you wish to get a deeper look into Gua Shas, read our in depth guide on them here.

This is an image of how to use the Dromen & Co Rose Quartz Gua Sha


What is it? The House of Beauty Sculptor 3D Massager is an innovative facial tool that has been created to keep up with the technology of skincare. This has been specially crafted keeping in mind that some massage tools are unable to reach certain points of our face. The massage beads on this turn a full 360 degrees ensuring you a complete massage, both on your face and your body.

What are its benefits? Owing to its stellar shape, this sculptor gives your facial muscles a massage deeper than ever, relieving all of the pent up tension and stress. Facial tissues are massaged more intensely causing the blood circulation to be enhanced. Regular usage results in a sculpted and more contoured face due to the workings of the massage beads.

How do you use this? Ensure your skin is hydrated with a facial serum or oil of your choice. Start by moving the sculptor upwards from your chin towards your jawline. Move towards your cheekbones and stick to the upward motions. Repeat these at least 3-5 times on each side. 

Who is it for? This works well for all skin types.

This is an image of how to use the 3D Face Sculptor by House of Beauty


What is it? The Dromen and Co Amethyst Facial Roller is a facial roller created utilising Amethyst, the infamous precious stone linked to the Crown Chakra. This double sided facial roller manifests positive energy whilst ridding your body of negative energy and emotions. All of this along with helping your skin deal with pressing concerns.

What are its benefits? An Amethyst facial roller is extremely helpful in combating active acne breakouts. It induces oxygen and blood flow to the skin thereby healing it and reducing acne, including emotional breakouts. This facial roller also smoothens the fine lines and wrinkles thus bestowing a glow and preventing the first signs of ageing. Due to the positive energy it possesses, the Amethyst Facial Roller tackles insomnia as well.

How do you use this? Ensure your skin is hydrated with a facial serum or oil of your choice. Begin by using the roller at the base of your neck and moving upwards. Glide from your chin across the jawline for toning it. Slowly move the roller towards your nose and stroke it towards your cheekbones. Repeat this process on both sides of your face at least 4-5 times a week.

Who is it for? This works well for all skin types. Especially acne-prone skin.

This is an image of how to use the Amethyst Facial Roller by Dromen & Co


An array of facial tools ranging from Gua Shas to Face Rollers and Ice Globes - all of which are specially designed to help your skin tackle a multitude of concerns like acne, pigmentation, ageing and puffy eyes. Glowing and radiant skin is just a few massages away.

- Sakshi Rawte

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